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40-41 ford pickup picture thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by flatheadz-forever, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Mart
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  2. BEM
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  3. metalman
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    I've posted pics elsewhere of my 40 I built this year and sold in August, but since this thread popped back up....
    Bottom pic is a 41 I bought a week ago. Super happy with it, 99% rust free and 4 nice fenders, lots of new parts with it including a grill. DSC_0180.JPG Picture 039.jpg . It already has a Mustang II front end installed so I guess I'll live with it but maybe not, I'd rather have a drop axle.
  4. 36couper
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    from ontario

    I am reassembling my 40 pickup. I can't figure out how the rear fender bracket re-attaches
    Does it connect to the box? how is it positioned under the fender?
    I knew I should have taken pictures!
  5. manyolcars
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    some 40 and 41 Ford pickups

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  6. Hamtown Al
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    Hamtown Al
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    1. Virginia HAMB(ers)

    ^^^^^^ I'll take 'em!
  7. exterminator
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    My 40 at El Mirage 40 at El Mirage.jpg
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  8. Pewsplace
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    Here is my friend's 40 with a shave and haircut and a little body work. It is done in his mind.

    Dropped axle, Columbia and late flathead make a sweet daily driver.
    The top is chopped 3" and the stance is perfect on this little 40 pickup.
  9. demmals7ytriht
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    from Speer lane

  10. mgtstumpy
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    40PU2.JPG Seriously thought about pulling the trigger on this one a few years ago. Too late now.
  11. 2935ford
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  12. BTTT for some more
  13. okiedokie
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    from Ok

    Super 41 John, sure be welcome in my place.
  14. Not sure if it counts but I bought one of these the other day. It's a 40 1.5 ton

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  16. Just Jones
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    Just Jones

  17. 36 coupe
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    36 coupe

    Shit photo but here's mine, bought it sight unseen off the HAMB and had it shipped down here to Australia. Drives good and is 100% rust free.
    Member tofords from Thousand Oaks was excellent to deal with and i cant thank him enough for his help.

  18. BreadVan
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    This is my 41 I bought last week here in England. It's got a dropped i-beam in the front and a 9" in the rear. It has the original flathead engine, but as we speak I am buying a 283 to replace this. I hope to have the engine similar to Just Jones' with dual carbs and hope to have as much soul in the pickup as in his. The inside of the door shows the initial colour the previous owner had the pickup, until one day he got so fed up with it he rattle canned it black. Like his style.
    P1070509 (2).JPG P1070506 (2).JPG
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  20. bowie
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    CW: Man those are some GREAT lookn' trucks! Thanks for sharing them.

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