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Art & Inspiration 3x3 square photo thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Moriarity, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

  2. Americana-

    My father's family moved from upstate to Long Island in 1961.(they moved back in 1965)
    This is the house my grandparents bought.
    My great uncle George's Oldsmobile in the driveway, and my grandparents 57 Chevrolet.
    Great uncle George, great aunt Ruth (my grandmother's sister) and family come down for a visit.
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    1. HAMB Old Farts' Club

  4. do polaroids count?

    4B789F29-CAA9-4ADD-BC6B-0077D5508C34.jpeg 9243003D-E4BA-4147-A58D-B7DD9FB8E24D.jpeg DCFEBA4D-1016-48D5-B16F-40F07BA792E9.jpeg
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  5. Ottomotive
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    from Arkansas

    I spend a lot of time looking at pictures and reading on H.A.M.B. A couple of weeks ago I found this picture on Moriarity’s 3x3 Photo Thread. I took it in 1962 with my Brownie Hawkeye in front of my parents house in Jacksonville, AR. This car and I go way back. I drove it my Junior and Senior high school years ’58 -’60. Moriarity gave the picture back to me and I got it today. The picture on the right is it in my shop today. Thank you Moriarity and Thank you H.A.M.B.

  6. edcodesign
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    image.jpeg image.jpeg My 65 GTO ordered to my specs way back wen .
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  7. Moriarity
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    Staff Member

    As much as I enjoy owning old photos, It was a pleasure for me to send it to you
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  8. Most of theses are Dad’s 57 some are my uncle Jack’s 57 830AE798-DAE4-4302-A20C-AB5F42BEA45F.jpeg 6ED3667B-FBAC-4500-BF16-31F5B5C0A992.jpeg 82EBD366-A7F4-4794-9CFD-46E2C8CE8B0F.jpeg 5DECAA73-3BF5-4CA8-AA9C-F6F1BBFFD957.jpeg 25489823-4B03-43B5-8056-643E44E3139A.jpeg E53D29E5-F85D-4591-A9CC-D61B18FD0DD6.jpeg 42EC1246-6540-4652-8D36-AEA58BFCC933.jpeg FC66838F-5BD2-44D2-B23D-F538040232AA.jpeg 477DEE2C-3701-4A6E-80BE-FFEF1002D10C.jpeg 7F1B6A6E-4C68-4E02-A05B-80975C1D9E5C.jpeg B60D32D9-5E29-4ED1-A444-46107656AE64.jpeg B5DF9ABB-5E26-47F6-B5B9-0BDCD186B455.jpeg
  9. Dad and his buddy bought this wrecked 57 and started on a drag car but never finished it.
    9B3E048C-244F-448C-A1FE-24EBA421F817.jpeg 547AF30B-2DA0-4FAE-A835-892E1BBD3FEB.jpeg
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  10. What the hell is this? I always thought it was one of the “cerv” corvettes but I couldn’t find it on line. I believe the picture was taken at Road America in the 60’s
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  11. enloe
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    from east , tn.

  12. I'm pretty sure that's the 1962 Monza GT car ... had Corvair power. 777 car was the silver one, with a top. There's a red matching roadster version somewhere ... and supposedly John Fitch based his '66 Fitch Phoenix on these two cars.

    Here ya' go >>

  13. 1934coupe
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    Great pictures lothiandon I recognize a lot of those cares although I don't remember the names I was at the first rod show in Rockville MD which then moved to Timonium they where the best shows I ever went to. Met a lot of good people there, my last time was in 79, then in 80 I moved to AZ and NSRA moved to York PA. I've never gone to the show in York.

  14. tubman
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    I am starting to hate this thread. Every time I look at it, I am brought to mind of all of the "3 X 3"'s I have lost. My brand new '67 Corvette coupe and my '66 "Homebuilt" "T"- bucket with an 270" Dodge hemi, I knew that these pictures would be important some day, but Damn, they just got away some how.

    (The two divorces didn't help.)
  15. 1934coupe
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    Searched through to find my 3 x 3 I think they are all B&W.


    Attached Files:

  16. carcruse
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    The day I bought my 62""
    driveway top off.jpg
  17. BINGO!
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  18. Anderson
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    Great thread idea. Same here with the eBay and other online purchases. I’ll post a bunch more later.
    F0E9BDED-ECE3-4494-A004-AB40FA778D85.jpeg 7D0BD8D9-A3FE-426E-A2AD-223A86A4344D.jpeg 3D3ADF49-48BC-41C1-B08C-5E9A0D25D7AC.jpeg 80BBAE76-6207-458E-AF28-4065D2AAA5B9.jpeg

  19. small sample from my collection

    bob-rounthwaite-1-s.jpg bob-rounthwaite-2-s.jpg king-side-01.jpg Les-popo-1.jpg les-popo-2.jpg marquis-2.jpg marquis.jpg Snapshot-(05).jpg T-track-roadster-001.jpg
  20. quick85
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    Scotty, I wanted to see if I could clean this one up...


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  21. ....................Thanks, Pat. Hope you enjoyed the memories..........Don.
  22. 1934coupe
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    MG day one 005.jpg I took this picture of the MG with Dave and Willie and the trophy at Westhampton in 62 or 63 I used a Kodak camera I think Instamatic or Brownie I didn't have anything else. Why is the picture not in the square format? I seem to remember maybe the #120 or 620 film. As a side note looking at this picture makes me happy and sad, everyone in the picture is gone. Dave and Willie at least got to see the car restored and Willie actually came to the track with me and watched it race. Those where good times.

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  23. Anderson
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  24. deadbeat
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    gee willikers this a great thread. Please keep them coming and thank you to all that have posted already,, cheers
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  25. Fordors
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    AC84234A-7A2A-4B86-A9C9-5508C8B99C0A.jpeg 044FA68B-DB35-4414-8C54-DB681F0C6F89.jpeg 4291C212-FB4D-4898-9429-489857E264F3.jpeg

    NSRA Nats, Detroit 1972.
    First photo is Pete Van Iderstein’s (sp?)
    highboy, next is unidentified, last is the Best Roadster pick, it was a Brown Mold body on a Mike Martens frame. Martens was first with repro Deuce frame rails and also built full chassis.
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  26. Fordors
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    93D0FFA6-01CD-4A70-921A-0C2A587C0532.jpeg 02C680F5-0B9A-442D-98E4-8BCA05207631.jpeg 50A4F62C-160A-43DD-89CF-109C783904D7.jpeg 7CA318A9-6DF4-42DF-BA69-1235B5E31F84.jpeg 40CF4F8A-8A9C-40EC-AE0B-44E33583F41E.jpeg 212F566D-22FA-40B9-8BB9-280DA75BF99B.jpeg

    Motown again, ‘72.
    First two photos are Kurt McCormick’s ‘32 with the blown 426 hemi, it had run a nailhead before this. Next two are unknown, but IIRC the channeled 3W in the second to last photo might have crashed in later years on the way home from a show and gotten wrecked.
  27. Fordors
    Joined: Sep 22, 2016
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    5A7B469E-D4F8-4D36-9ECF-4900192A004C.jpeg 67136A09-B08D-4550-B31C-2EA6571419A4.jpeg C27A6FFF-8474-4338-8760-F56CE9B21655.jpeg C8165054-E501-45A2-94D5-C957E259C5A7.jpeg E8756F3B-3C65-44A0-B898-33C50EDA78EB.jpeg F08B8AC9-7396-4EB1-8501-A1BED4D91A4D.jpeg

    ‘72 Nats-
    First four are of a ‘32 that I’m pretty sure was owned by a guy that hung with Jon Wright, the chromer. The chopped and channeled 5’er was really nice, ran an FE and slicks, just had a nice attitude. Last one is unknown.
  28. Fordors
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    Somehow this was the only Tudor I shot, looks like it was a nice one!
  29. Fordors
    Joined: Sep 22, 2016
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    22CACCFC-189C-4BC0-9F6D-B7DF9B963C9A.jpeg 769255A6-4BF7-41C9-A5F1-CD48400FED30.jpeg 2AC5569F-2A22-4E19-8276-6917416AE140.jpeg 52FE39BB-4D48-4C70-BC6A-731246202598.jpeg 8DB9A143-515F-4170-B4AD-3267F14BA829.jpeg 73BE408F-21A3-4256-83B6-F40246503770.jpeg D0AD9DF1-F8AD-49E6-B623-526615E819B0.jpeg 70BCCCA5-0897-42A6-9DA8-0D91877EA684.jpeg

    ‘72 Nats, “T” time-
    Nice fendered T with a well dressed J-2.
    Blown hemi, with Joe Panek’s Roto-Faze Isoport manifold. Blowers were pretty common there, here’s a
    SBC/6-71. Next is Lee Nieman’s wildly painted T bucket with a 4-71, I think he ran a 283. Yellow one is Bill Brutsman’s car, wasn’t he an East Coast NSRA Rep? How about that channeled ‘27 with a Hilborn injected BBC and the right wheels and rubber to complete the racy theme? Last is Jon Wright’s great T.
  30. Fordors
    Joined: Sep 22, 2016
    Posts: 2,160


    D7CD6275-8B9D-4944-AC2D-4824B671BFF4.jpeg 2FE3CCEF-5662-4DE3-A7B9-0052E5785273.jpeg A05E7947-D7D8-41A4-90BD-A67C180563A1.jpeg 6F36D8F7-80FC-4CBB-8A36-39084217C076.jpeg D782A2EE-25DA-4C59-A795-4206AE7638A2.jpeg D71489E6-A315-4E35-AA70-8222F901CDB8.jpeg 6455C88C-9630-405B-9011-DA94D7C2DC19.jpeg 2AF80FC8-701A-43C5-A16A-5352C19DBBFD.jpeg

    ‘72 Nats, Model 40’s-
    A perfect ‘34 Roadster with a beautifully detailed 4-71 blown flathead. All the rest except the last are unknown. I can’t recall the name of the guy that had the low ‘34 sedan but it was a well known Michigan car, still exists too, somewhere.

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