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Projects 39 Willys Coupe Fiberglass Body

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Duncan G, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Duncan G
    Joined: Feb 14, 2019
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    Duncan G

    I've been doing so digging and can't find anyone who makes a 39 body. I have found a lot of 40 and 41 bodies but I'm not interested in those. Does anybody know if anyone makes 39s?
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  2. alchemy
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    Most of those glass bodies don't have the small details that would separate a 39 body from a 40 (whatever they are, like door handle bumps maybe?). If you can find the 39 front sheetmetal ('glass) somewhere you could just use a regular 40 body for the rest.
  3. Duncan G
    Joined: Feb 14, 2019
    Posts: 2

    Duncan G

    Thanks for the information. Looks like I will have to go the custom route.
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  4. Jack Merkel had 2 1939 glass noses made up for his '39 drag car, many, many years ago. As far as I know those are the only '39 front clips made.
    One is now back on the restored Merkel gasser, and the other belongs to a friend of mine, and has never been for sale.
    I did see a 37-38 glass nose on a street rod at Indy many years ago...don't know who made the front end (maybe the Willys Works) 64NATIONALSINDY-JACKMERKLE-BGS (3).jpg G-willys IMG_20190215_095142666 (1).jpg

  5. As was stated above (most if not all glass bodies) are copies of the '40 , or '41 style body, which are essentially the same from '37 on up, with the exception of drip chanel over the doors, and the dashes, and the '41-42 door handle bumps (''41-'42 tear drop design, and all others circular). '39 dash IS similar to the '40... '41-'42 has a curve to it.
    P.S. Be aware that '39 headlight stuff is not reproduced, and hard to find !
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  6. mgtstumpy
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  7. In one of the old hamb posts in this thread, there is lots of good info on the Willys from '33-'42. One of the posters in that thread was Weasel...he does know his Willys. I hope he is still around, as I have not seen a post from him in a few years. I too, have been around Willys since 1960, and taken over 20 apart, along with building 5 in my lifetime
    33-36 are very similar, and most parts will interchange...wheel bases were 100". (The widths were 6" narrower than the 37-42 models. The frames on the 37- 40's were essentially the same...the wheel base change during those years was mostly the placement of the axle on the rear could change by drilling new hole for the center spring bolt. I have a factory sheet that shows up thru1939 (I know 40 is the same, not sure on 41-42) that the spring length for ALL rear springs was 46" eye to eye. The 41-42 frames were wider in the back, (And stronger in the x-member area) and you have to modify either the frame or the rear inside fender panel. 37-40 coupe bodies can be made to fit the '41 frame. 41-42 coupe bodies will fit the earlier frames (minimal modification.) I have a factory parts book up thru 1942. They do not differenciate between coupes, sedans, or pickups, only in the number of spring leaf for the heavy duty vehicles Pickups, Panel deliverys, etc. . Front springs were between 33", and 36" from '37-441-42.
    If you look at the side view of the 37-38 years the rear wheel is farther forward in the wheel can center the wheel in the opening by re-drilling the spring center bolt and move the axle. The wheel is centered more in-the wheel well in the '39-'40 '41-'42. '37-40 wipers above window..'41-'42 below the window. All the front clips will interchange. The '37 however will need modification due to hood hinge placement (that year only). '37s have no drip rail over the doors, all other years do. Pickups were put on the same frames as coupes and sedans...there was a special bracket on the rear of the pickup frame to hold the spare under the bed. Coupe doors are bigger, all other front and rear doors are mostly the same untill the later years when the sedan rear doors had a different cut near the rear fender.
    All door hinges interchange front to front...rear to rear...they are stamped, and rear has 3 holes ...front 4 holes.
    I tried to cram a lot into this large paragraph...if I missed something you wanted to know, I can do that too, as there are lots of minor, suttle differences. G-Willys P.S. all rear fenders interchange except the 41-42 sedan rears...they only fit those sedan years.
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