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Hot Rods 39 pickup headlights

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by fourspeedwagon, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. I'm getting pretty close on my little pickup. Time to think lights. It has the buckets on the stands- my guess is that they are the same or similar enough to others to find trim rings for? Right now they are just empty.
    Local friend has round, full headlights in an aftermarket style bucket- says that I just need the ring to hold them in. Does that sound right? Thanks- Greg
  2. '38-'39 Ford truck lights are the same as '35 car. The stands are different but everything else is the same. '35-'39 truck uses same reflector, lens and ring as '35 car. You can use the '36 car "bug eye" lenses provided you use the '36 car retainer rings, that's what is on my '38. Bob Drake sells reflectors that have some sort of high tech coating that never needs polishing or replating, has them to take stock bulbs or modern halogen bulbs. The reflectors on my truck have been on it close to 25 years and are as shiny as the day they came out of the box, takes a common halogen bulb you can find at any parts store. My truck has the brightest lights of any vehicle I've ever owned.
  3. Thanks 38fpu- do you know if there's a full size round bulb that won't require a reflector and a separate lens? Or is that something that this other fella dreamed up? Thanks again - Greg
  4. There is a sealed beam version of this headlight on '40-'41 big trucks and '40-'47 cabover that will bolt right on to your truck. The sealed beam version comes with cool headlight stands that have a little oval parking light in the headlight stand that will fit your truck. The parking lights are just '37-'40 car interior lights with a glass lens instead of plastic. The bulb and reflector lights have the parking lights inside the headlight, just a smaller bulb mounted in the reflector with the headlight bulb.

    I would recommend the Drake reflectors and halgogen bulbs with original or repro Ford lenses. I think you will like the look and the results better. Personally, I think '36 car lenses and rings are the best thing you can do for the front end of a '38-'39 Ford truck. The bug eyes go nicely with the curvature of the '38 and '39 grille. The Drake reflectors with halogen bulbs give you a lot more light than sealed beams.
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  5. Great info - thanks again
  6. manyolcars
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    I have always heard that 35-37 pickup used 35 car lights but have you looked at All the 35 cars used 36 lights. Go here, see for yourself
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  7. '35-'37 truck uses the same lens, ring, and reflector as '35 car but not the same bucket. The '35-'37 truck bucket is shallower and it has a ball and stud mount instead of the recessed mount like the '35-'36 car and '38-'39 truck buckets. I remember seeing some hot rodders put '35-'37 truck headlights on '33-'34 cars. '35-'36 car and '38-'39 truck use the same bucket, the '36 car version has a shorter mounting stud than the others. '35 car and '35-'39 truck take the same lens and ring, '36 car has the more convex "bug eye" lens which will fit the others if you use the '36 car ring. I have '36 car bug eyes on my '38 truck.

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