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Technical 39 Ford screen rebuild

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Tedsgoldmine, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. I'm needing a little tech advice as there are a few minor issues with reassembly of the restored windscreen surround on my 39 Ford coupe.

    The side screws, not all will seat and also, the larger single central top screw seems to be threaded.
    1/What drill and tap size will I need to buy to clean out the threads and what ever plating may be in the bottom of side holes?
    2/What tap size should I buy to increase the hole size for the single top screw?

    With thanks

    IMG_2624.JPG IMG_2625.JPG
  2. i'm thinking 10-32 on those side screws, others here will know for sure
  3. 51504bat
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    When I replaced the windshield in my '39 p/u I bought a set of screws from Joe's Antique Auto. It included 9 screws, 8 to hold the windshield together and 1 for the top screw. They were all the same size.
  4. metalman
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    Just built one as well. Yes, 10-32. All the screws in mine, the sides, top and regulator mounts are the same side.

  5. The 39 guy
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    The 39 guy

    10-32 takes a size 21 tap drill. I don't know what that larger center screw is but Ford used a size 12 fine thread screw quite often. They are available here in the US if you look around a little and are willing to cut them to the length you need.

    My 39 Ford experience is limited to convertibles which use a different windshield so I am sorry I can help you any further on this question.
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  6. Thanks guys. All screws are new from Roy and I've now bought some suitable hand taps and gone up a size on the top screw...


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