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Projects '37 and "38 Chevy tail lights

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by 46international, May 16, 2016.

  1. I have been looking at these '37 and'38 Chevy tail lights for a project and have noticed that some are differant, On the mounting areas (back side) of the light some have a bump and some are flat I would like to use the flat mounting area lights, can someone tell me if they fit differant years, truck/car thing.
  2. mr.chevrolet
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    check chevy pick-up lights up to 54
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  3. buckets are different for the 37-8 lites and the pickup lites,...the lens and trim rings are the same. ...pickup lites have the flat back on the buckets,...the 37-8 buckets have a bulged out area that fits the tailite stand.
    You can get lites from The Filling Station or Speedway but make sure you get the rite ones, ..Speedway doesn't differentiate what theirs are.
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  4. 302GMC
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    from Idaho

    There's a '49 - '52 sedan delivery version as well - are they same as '37-8 pass. or the truck ?
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  5. raymay
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    The 37/38 Chevy taillight assemblies are steel. This part was used on the 37/38 cars and the GM trucks right up until the early 50's. The taillight stands for the cars look similar but are very different in the angle they mount on Coupes and Sedans. The left side stand is cast so that you can mount the license plate. They are made out of potmetal so modifying them can be difficult. I cut the license plate mount off the stand on my Sedan Delivery and reshaped the cut area with JBweld.
    On my Sedan I eliminated the taillight stands and frenched the stock metal taillight assemblies into the body. You should have no problem finding the taillight assemblies in restoration or aftermarket catalogs. Most of the aftermarket ones I have seen have a flat back which is what you said you preferred. If you are doing a 37/38 car and need the taillight stands you will probably have to look for takeoffs (the right side may be harder to find because many of the States only required one taillight in 37 and 38) or possibly see if any of the fiberglass companies are reproducing them.

    IMG_3059.JPG del20.jpg 10-14-2013_009.JPG
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  6. Rusty, Thanks that is what I needed to know,, Like you said speedway does not say what theirs fit but the photos look like they have the bump so I guess they are for the car... I checked Chevy's of the 40's and they look like the car style also. Great tip on the "filling station" I will check them out.
  7. Raymay, thanks for the info. I will not need the stand, it's going on a bike so I just need the light itself.
  8. Mr. chevy, I guess with a handle like yours you should know thanks. I guess you are saying that the ones I want (with the flat back) are the lights that fit the trucks up to 54. Thanks
  9. malcolm1943
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    A good source for the flat back style would be Brothers Truck Parts, or The truck and Car shop both located in so. cal. My 52 pick up uses these same flat back lights.

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