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Projects 36 ford custom build (MISS SCARLET)

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by kippers 34, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. D.Conrad
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    1. 1940 Ford

    It would be neat if you could make the trip to Indy in June for the Custom Car Revival. We could use some more early style Customs like yours.
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  2. She is definitely a blast to cruse around in.
    The Hill Climb is a very laidback atmosphere with so many early styled hot rods it is imposable to fully express.
    Thanks for the compliments. She was definitely a labor of love! And a test of my skills.
  3. That would be a great event to hit!
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  4. After returning home from the Hill climb I put a few miles on her having a little fun. I powdered my club plaque and installed it on the bottom of my plate. At the Hill Climb Tim Sutton said when I get interior to let him know so we can get photos for Hop UP so I worked on Justin to schedule time to get her in. With his schedule ( Kindig keeps him slamed ) I wasn't seeing him getting to her soon enough so I scheduled her to go to see bill @ Rags to Riches who has done most of my interiors over the years. Even though Bill is semi retired he agreed to get me in around Christmas. In late November I got a day that wasn't stormy so off she went. Bill started in the trunk carpeting inside the under floor storage compartments then on to the top.
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  5. I chose white vinyl with maroon carpet and piping because I figured that a 40's custom wouldn't have anything else. Bill decided the seat was going to get leather so he ordered up a couple hides and started on the seat.
    The seat came along nicely.
    Then he turned his attention to the headliner. After foaming over the dyna mat not much heat should make it through the roof. I think he installed and removed the headliner about a dozen times because something was bugging him. finaly he was happy with the fit and we could move on. I originally powdered the rear window regulator cover black but with the whit headliner it really stood out. I lucked out and found a satin white powder that was a spot on match with the vinyl so it now blends in perfect.
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  6. Bill finished the carpet and boots. I had him carpet the tranny hump separate so it can be removable in case my lead foot breaks something underneath. He stitched up a set of matching floor mats to hide the seam and the heads of the screws. I decided to go with white leather boots so I needed to make a set of stainless rings to go around them.
    With the interior all buttoned up it was time for her to come home. It was a cold day but the roads had dried off so it was a nice winter cruse. I also got to test the heater that worked very well.
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  8. Last week Glover and I went out to get a few more pictures for Sondre @ Kustomrama who is doing a feature on Scarlet for the Customs by the Sea in October. This is going to be quite an event and I am proud to be accepted as one of the participants for the first west coast show.
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  9. Six Ball
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    Six Ball
    from Nevada

  10. You've "nailed" the interior period theme, as well (couldn't resist the pun).
    Look forward to the HopUp feature; well deserved....
  11. LBCD
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    Stunning car!!! Looking forward to seeing it at Pismo!
  12. Thanks! She has come a long way since I pulled her from the attic.
    Thanks. Hopefully Tim likes the Photos. We will see.

    Thank you. I cant wait for Pismo! Like a kid before Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Six Ball
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    Six Ball
    from Nevada

    In 1958 when my brother and I went from Canyon, Texas to Pittsburg, California in his '39 Standard Coupe it was sporting a new white naugahyde interior. The seat was done in a local shop but my mother and brother did the rest. The carpets were black and there was some black piping. The dash and window frames were gloss black. I remember the new smell. He was barely 18 and I was barely 13. His '39 was not this cool but we were young in the correct period. Who'd let their kids do they now? :D
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  14. The world was surely a much simpler place. And even though we did many things looked down on today a few of us still survived.
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  15. Can't see most of these.... My app?

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  16. speedaddict
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    from Austin, Tx

    just went through this entire build....amazing.
  17. Thanks. She was quite an adventure.
  18. telekenfun
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    So Kipp, I have been curious for sometime as to how you would treat your interior, and I suspected it would be done as spectacularly as the rest of the car, but you surprised me, by going with a perfectly period correct white interior and contrasting piping. I was anticipating a maroon interior with maybe white piping. You are definitely locked in the 50's now. VERY, VERY, NICE. Now all your car needs is some of those White padded running board covers to snap on for the car show circuit! Just kidding! Well maybe not! But truthfully, I don't think you're the show circuit type.
    I suspect also that you have all the little things well sorted out by now, I'ld like to know how the radiator/cooling fan stuff worked out to your liking and what's your thinking of the overdrive. And YOUR overall impression of all your efforts.
    So what's next?
    Best regards, and good luck with all your endeavors, KB.
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  19. Kipp, it was great meeting you, Milkweed & your other friend (sorry I can't remember his name, I'm old) at the cruise in at the Hot Dog Place tonight. You guys are a lot of fun and the 36 looks much better sitting in a parking lot than it does on a computer screen, the 34 pickup is sweet as well.
    Hope to see you at some other shows.

  20. Hi Kippers I love the way you have kept this going and the amount of guys that have sent you support, the grill work on this is great and I like how you have peaked the lower panel below the grill I have done the same on my chopped sedan but am making a full custom grill just to be different Cheers IMG_20160316_142901.jpg

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  21. Thanks for stopping by. It was good to see you again. It was so nice to be out on the salt again. What a great week.
    The over drive is so nice on long drives although expensive I am very glad I went that route. We will be driving to the Hot Rod Hillclimb in a couple of weeks so it will come in handy again.
    The white running boards to me say sixties not forty's but look very good on the right car.
    As far as whats next? Hot Rod Hillclimb and then Customs by the sea for now.

    Later Kipp

  22. It was nice to meet you and more of the people from up north. I don't get up that way enough. Loved your 32. It has a nice period feel hope to get up that way to hang out again more often in the future.

  23. Thanks.
    I your sedan is awesome. would love to see more pictures as you make more progress.
  24. It has been a while since I have updated. Been having a blast hitting the Hot Rod Dirt Drags in Monte Vista Colorado, The LA roadster show, Speed Week at Bonneville, the reliability run at Flaming George UT, and just driving the wheels off of her.
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  25. The first outing of the summer was the Hot Rod Dirt Drags in Monte Vista Colorado. Mike Nicholas of Nic's garage has put on a lot of amazing events lately and hit another one out of the park.
    The atmosphere and the people attending are world class! I had to work the day before and headed out on my own and knowing that I may break something I decided to trailer her so I could get her home.

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  26. The weekend was a blast the weather was perfect. The hotel and drag strip are at the same location so with venders set up there was no reason to leave if you dident want to. She was far from the fastest but held her own and ran in style.

    Met lots of great people and had lots of fun. I hope to return next year!
    if anyone has pictures from the event please post them.
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    REALLY enjoyed your post . Thanks for the information.
  28. Six Ball
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    Six Ball
    from Nevada

    Don't wear that thing out before I get to see it! :rolleyes:
  29. 1-SHOT
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