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Projects 36 ford custom build (MISS SCARLET)

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by kippers 34, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Focus on the car ., people who want to follow badly enough will figure it out... It's the least we can do....
  2. 32coop
    Joined: Apr 20, 2009
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    from Australia

    Their is just nothing that's not brilliant on this car. Awesome.
  3. It's a work of art.
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  4. JeffreyJames
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    from SUGAR CITY

    This is totally awesome and inspiring.
  5. Thanks for the compliments. She has taken on a life of her own and has gone much farther than I had ever anticipated.
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  6. Sorry for the long absence. I have been living in the garage when not at work and haven't done anything but work on her. After not making the lone star roundup my goal was to have her mobile by last Saturday for the Unlucky Ones show. I dident quite make it so I took Saturday off went to my grand daughter's program then cleaned the Pontiac and went to the show. When I got there I got asked why I havent posted in weeks and where the hell the 36 was.
    After spending all day sunday and taking today off from work I finaly got her back on the ground and drove her around the block many times! Now to back up a bit.
    I finished the filler housing and then made plywood tops for the storage area. Then I made the patern for the windshield and adjusted the frame, trimmed about an eighth off the height and then made new inner tabs that the bolts thread in to wich gave the frame the right amount of clearance. Then I made patterns for the quarter windows and installed them with the rubber and garnish molding's so that I was sure they would fit when done. After I finished the quarter windows I moved on to the rear window. I trimmed and then installed the felt in the rear window. I had already rebuilt the regulator and powdered the reg and the cover so I made the patern out of mare Masonite and then installed the patern and regulator and made sure that it worked rite then I moved on to the side windows.
    The side glass was a whole different critter. I had never noticed that the side glass was a smoker window. After trimming the felts and installing them I started cleaning up the regulator's and tracks. The Masonite patterns had to bee spot on so that they could rotate back correctly before going down. I installed the garnish to be sure that everything was correct.
    Now I can pull the patterns and send them off to the glass shop.
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  7. With the glass sent off I turned my attention to the seat. I finished up the work on the hump in the center to clear the overdrive. When the pan was complete I drilled the back reinforcement panel with two and a half inch holes for the safty belts to pass through. Now off to work to powder the pan. The plywood bottom was one piece so it needed modified to clear the tunnel So I cut the middle out then I formed two half inch tubes over the hump to connect both sides powdered them and then bolted them to the wood bottoms.
    The seat is now ready to go to the upholstery shop.
    At the upholsterer Justin told me to make a sheet metal cover to bridge the hump to glue the foam to. I ran up to lockheart's and had mark help me roll a piece to bridge the gap. After the panel was formed I went to the shop powdered it bolted the cover to the plywood and tubes together and dropped it back off at the upholstery shop.
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  8. Next came the wireing. I bought a cloth wire kit from Sacramento Vintage Ford to do the job. The kit dident cost any more than most regular kits. The quality is outstanding and I highly recommend this kit to anyone. I dident get pictures of the wiring install but it came out beautifull. I made a sheet metal plate to mount the fuse panel and flasher to and then bolt it to the firewall.
    Then I spent every night after work all week to run the wireing.
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  9. 55Belairretrorod
    Joined: May 2, 2013
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    from Australia

    Nice to see you didn't shortcut the quality to rush the car to either show, there'll be plenty of other car shows but very, very few cars built to this standard.
    Outstanding job!
  10. Thanks. As much as I wanted to drive her there was no sense in pulling her off the stands just to put her back up so I could work underneath.
  11. Along with the Sacramento Vintage wire harness I used retro look switches from So Cal Speed Shop. I used them in my 34 and was very happy with the quality and look.
    I had bought a fourtys signal switch that I thought would work and even though I liked the look I coulden get it to work very good it was just to wore out. So I started to look for another that would look right. Luckily I found one just like the one I had that seems to be NOS. It dosent show any signs of ever being installed in anything The original cloth wireing is still even useable.
    I used Bob Drake halogen headlights and I disassembled a set of high end trailer taillights and installed the internals in the bumper guards and turn signals under the horn covers so I will have good light because she will get driven everywhere.
  12. ronzmtrwrx
    Joined: Sep 9, 2008
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    Beautiful work! I like your color choice. That thing is gonna be killer!
  13. Whewww, withdrawal pains subsiding; carry on!
  14. Glad you mentioned the holes for the seat belts; I'm going to add a steel reinforcing panel to the back lip on my seat shortly and hadn't even thought about the belts.

    Have you posted pictures of your bumper guard tail lights previously? Maybe I missed them, have to look back.

    Sure appreciate that are you are sharing your build with us.
  15. Thanks guys. I have more to post but went out and worked on her tonight instead of posting. I will try to post more tomarrow.
  16. telekenfun
    Joined: Mar 9, 2010
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    Kipp, How is Justin going to build up your seat? Will there be original style springs modified to fit or will he build it up with foam? I'm curious as to interior color and material treatment you're planning as well. I just hope you're on the top of Justin's jobs list. Hopefully, you'll have glass installing to keep things moving while Justin works on your seat. As for mine, I made the big mistake with WAY TO BIG of a cam! Now I have to back track. I just hope I don't have to pull my grill to swap cams! Live and learn.
    Best Regards and good luck with all your endeavors, KB.
  17. ne'erdowell
    Joined: Nov 30, 2005
    Posts: 399


    KB, just a quick detour in the thread, what cam did you not like and how big is the engine?
  18. Hey KB. My seat is a foam laminate at the moment. I may add springs at a later date not sure. My Pontiac seat you just melt into but the seat in the coupe is very similar to the seat in my 07 dodge ram ( about as comfy as a brick with cloth on it) so I am not sure how she will end up. My seat is installed in the car with a blanket cover and there is no way in hell I will remove it until I park it for the winter so the window of opportunity to have it upholstered this summer came and went. its time to work the bugs out not sit and wait for a seat to come back.
  19. I also finished up the wood on the inside. I made and installed panel's in the front and sides of the platform out of the left over Masonite from the window patterns.
    Finished off the package tray. And then I installed the seat frame witch I went to the upholstery shop and picked up with only the foam installed. As much as I wanted to have the seat done I was not waiting any longer to get it back. I also spent a lot of hours finishing little odds and ends from my to do list from gluing the lenses in the bumper guards to making sure all the fluids were added to finishing the cotter pins in all castle nutts to adding tubes to the drains and on and on and on and on and on.........................
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  21. After trying to button up everything underneath I reinstalled the wheels and dropped her back on the ground fired her up and took her for a ride around the block. What a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She moved under her own power for the first time in over thirty years. She was loading up, the timing was off and I had a total blast!
    Now it is time to start working the bugs out. When Hough gets back from the roadster show hopefully he can finish the Stromberg's and she will run better and quit loading up.
  22. Wish there was a way to do multiple likes.... :cool:
  23. wandi harry
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    wandi harry

  24. Now if I could see photos it would be great!
  25. Congrats to you Kipp. Can only imagine the feeling.
  26. Very cool. Love how this progressed, and thanks for the updates.
  27. greaser
    Joined: Apr 30, 2006
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    Love everything about this car. Those lights in the bumper guards just plain kick butt!
    Tremendous job!

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