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Technical 354 hemi Back together but still issue

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Fullblast, Jun 11, 2022.

  1. So, I got the motor back together with the new rocker arm {thanks Trendz- money coming soon}, I adjusted the valves using adjustable pushrods, start up and idles good in park, but in drive I get noticeable miss, when I tried driving, or reving the engine, get the popping through the carb, but not as bad as when the rocker was broken. should I readjust the rockers? Maybe I was doing it wrong, I know should be on the heal of the cam, but other than that I kind of guessed- 1 turn after took up slack?
    I think need some schooling....
  2. Sounds like you might have an intake valve that is slightly bent .
    Do a compression test to make sure .

    A broken exhaust rocker should not cause popping through the carb,,,,,,a leaking intake valve will though.

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  3. I will run the valves again tomorrow,
  4. If you don't know where the Lobe is when adjusting the pushrod your wasting time. Here's a Pollock but sure-fire way to get it right. It's the 180-degree method. Pull all plugs and use the Firing order cast into the intake manifold. Run all Exhaust valves only first. Turn the motor by hand until #1 Exhaust valve is full open. Go the Cyl 180 degrees from #1 and adjust that pushrod. Go to next cyl in the firing order and open that exhaust valve fully and then to cyl 180 degrees from it and adjust that exhaust valve. Continue doing all 8 exhaust valves. Once done repeat the process on all intake valves. Yes, there is easier ways, but it sounds like you're struggling to get things right. This is a long but Fail-Safe way to Get-er-done.

  5. Here is a very easy way,,,,it’s fool proof !


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  6. thanks guys, I finally got it! the I think the 1st issue was the lifters were not all at the same level of pumped up, then the access to Intake adjuster, I bent a small wrench 90 degrees, and redid all the valves, I snuck up on the adjustment, by reassembling and testing to make sure I was going in the correct direction.
    Was not much room for adjusting the intakes, and you can't see very well.
    But its running great now. Thanks For all the help.

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