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Hot Rods 35-36 trunk seal and body channel drain holes

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by RICH B, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. What do you do with the body side rubber seal at the drain holes?

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  2. john worden
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    john worden
    from iowa

    Is drain hose supposed to be attached that channels water out of the body? If so, leave a gap in the rubber at the hole.
  3. I put some non-traditional vinyl drain hoses in each corner. Kinda figured I would just leave out a short section of the rubber seal; but thought there would some info on how Henry did it out there somewhere; but didn't have any luck finding it. [​IMG]

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  4. TagMan
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    I've been asking the same question on Ford Barn, but so far no answers I feel are accurate - just answers like "what I did was........". I'd also like to know how Henry did them.
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  5. It seems to me that the seals purpose is to keep water out. Cutting the seal doesn't make sense to me. Besides it would look...interrupted? I can't imagine that they cut it during production, that would seem too time consuming. Like my first sentence theorizes, water is attempted to be kept out of the compartment. Any water that makes it past the seal, hopefully finds its way to the drains. How is the seal attached? Is it glued? I think I would just not glue it 1" on either side of the drain. Interesting subject though.

    Another way to think about it (if you cut the seal) is...why is there a seal at all?
  6. lo-buk
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    from kcmo

    The seal glues to the trunk lid and the body has no seal on it. Their is a channel on the underside of the lid for the seal.
  7. There were a few petrified remains of the old seals in both the lid and body channels; pretty sure they were original stuff; the body was mostly unmolested (other than the frame being used for a farm wagon) when found in a ND field.

    Looks to me like the lower lip on the deck lid opening would hold a lot of water. Ford Barn guys say there no drains when the '35's were first produced and then added later. Maybe that's why?

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