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Projects 34 Ford Floor

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by vet57air, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. I am some what of a newbie here and have a 34 Ford 3 window coupe that is a very nice driver. Problem is with the stock floor I can not bring down the rear to where I would like the ride height, due to floor/rear suspension contact. How feasible is it to replace or modify the rear floor area with the body on the car?
  2. It's done every day.
  3. ss34coupe
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    It would help if you could post some pictures of the rear suspension/floor area.
    If you need help with that, contact me via pm - you can email pics to me and I will post them for you.
  4. Thx. Would all I do is order up the rear portion of the floor (from who) and weld in? Anyone have pictures? The car sits on a TCI frame with 4 bar and a 9".

  5. My belief is to correct the actual problem not accommodate the symptoms.
    Without seeing what you have it's hard to say what the best options are.
    Is your rear suspension modified?
    Is your floor pan stock?
  6. It has a nice stock floor which hangs down beside the frame rails and as previously posted has a TCI frame with 4 bar and a 9" rear. The car runs and drives great as is but to bring the ride height down in the rear the floor would hit the suspension/rearend. I believe this is a common problem with these cars which can be seen in a lot of cars running ass high. To get the car down the floor must go up and was just wondering if this could be done with the body on the frame (the car is to nice to redo) and which floor manufacturer someone could recommend.
  7. Pewsplace
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    I would suggest you don't need a new floor but a slight modification. The drop in the 34 floor can be easily cut out to clear the suspension which I suspect is the 9 inch rear axle.
    1. Slide under car and see where the contact needs to be raised.
    2. Cut an opening 1 inch wider than the contact surface.
    3. Weld in new floor section or just tack it for a test.
    4. Drive the car and see what hits after you lower the car to your desired height.
    5. Repeat #2 if required for more clearance.
  8. Well the 4 bar is the problem, and the upper bar.
    I'm not sure how far down you want to go, but the frame and axle housing will be your next contact point.

    If that floor pan is good, I wouldn't cut it. Go back to transverse spring with Pete and jakes style ladder bars.
  9. Thx for your replies. When the car was built the mods you have suggested were done at that time. To get it down low with the exhaust over the rear end I really think replacing the rear portion of the floor is the best solution. Something that follows the frame rails.
    I only want to go down a inch or two, but then when you hit a bump the points of contact will be the four bar, rear and exhaust as it is close to the floor now.
  10. The more you can leave the easier it will be.

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  11. Getting close to replacing floor. Instructions say to cut along that parting line (by bolts) along frame. Then install
    new floor pans and weld in. Acceptable way? A little worried about the frame welting as I am sure some of it will be exposed? Doing this on a finished car so I don't want to take off the frame.

    low res.jpg low res flr.jpg
  12. MAD 034
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    MAD 034
    from Washington

    I used a SAR (Steve's Auto Restorations in Portland,OR) rear floor section in my coupe. It runs level to the top of the frame rails which bought me clearance. Looks like your floor has already been modified at some point.

    My body was off the frame so the job was much more strait forward. If you don't want to take the car apart just remove/replace the sections in question as suggested up above. In other words leave as much in place as possible.

    Cutting. grinding, and welding around gas tanks and fuel lines will also be a consideration.
  13. Thx for your input. Where did you cut ? Does it make sense to cut along the top of the frame where the floor and flange meet as the body is on the frame?

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