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Features 34 Chevy RPU, anybody got one?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by kiwijeff, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Last night, I got fuel tank back in, and messed around with the seat.
    I have to work today, but hope to get some more done later.
  2. Hey Jeff, all sounds good and may 2016 be a great year you.:D JW
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  3. ^^^^^ What he said Jeff!!!
  4. Thanks guys, I wish you both a great year too.
    Had plans to do a little more after work today, but I've got the house to myself, so I'm having a nice peaceful break.
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  5. Ya know, I hope the new owner doesn't notice that you put the steering wheel on the wrong side when you put it back together. :)

    Happy New Year, Jeff.
  6. The photo may be back to front.o_O:rolleyes::D JW
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  7. Happy New Year Darryl.

    Just got a text from a guy who says he wants to buy it, and he will pay by intanet , will use Brent the hot rod hauler to pick it up, and $ be in my account in two hours.
    Dodgy spelling, and after googling both names, buyer and hauler, nothing come up local.
    I think some lowlife wanna scam me. Haha.
    His name is ford.
    I'd like to tx him back, and say, in all fairness, I can't sell a Chev, to a guy named Ford. Hahaha.
    If I get bored later, I'll try ringing him? He mat be for real, but the Chevs mostly sold anyway.
    Gotter go get ready for work, raining here today, so I don't think I'll be working on 35, but I do need to go borrow engine hoist.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2016
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  8. Ask him if he knows any Nigerian princes that need help getting their lottery winnings out of the country!

    Dodgey spelling from a guy named Ford trying to buy a Chevy? You can't make this shit up.
  9. Would make a good movie plot. Jeff, is he North or South Island? JW
    edit; just re read what you said ...he could just as well be on the moon:eek:o_O:rolleyes:
  10. All the classic signs of a scammer, but I decided not to waste money or time ringing. I will tx him with the line I came up with, but will wait a day, as I've got some feelers out, and I'll give him a chance, as he may be real.
    Busy day in studio, so no time to get hoist today, and it hasn't stopped raining.
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  11. Good to hear you are busy:cool: and oh the west coast rain:eek: JW
  12. Inspiration pics. IMG_20160103_115156.JPG IMG_20160103_115427.JPG
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  13. Damn, those are cool. No wonder you hacked up that sedan trying to find that RPU in there!

    Glad to hear that work has found you again.
  14. Its been a busy week.
    I will be posting something in the morning.
    Hope to drop the engine in tomorrow as well.
  15. Sorry to see you are selling this but sometimes it's for the best! Keep on truckin'!

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  16. I finally found time to go grab hoist, and get the engine back in.
    Works gone quite again, so I'll get gearbox and torque tube in today, if the rain holds off.
    Here's a couple of crappy phone pics. I have to tie engine down, as I can't find front engine mounts. IMG_20160111_195657.jpg IMG_20160111_201648.jpg
  17. Ass backwards, I screwed up putting the engine in first, when I should have done torque tube first.:rolleyes:

    So I got the gearbox in, and I'll just tie torque tube and front of rear Axel up under the floor.
    I could unbolt the diff, slide it backward, and get torque tube in, but its only got to come back apart, once it gets to its new home.

    Transport is mostly sorted, but as we have two different people hauling it, we got to figure out when they need to hook up, at the Ferry, that runs between the North and South Islands.
    Tomorrow I should get the car squared away, ready for its trip.
    Here's a pic I took about two hours ago.
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  18. The tape on windscreen pillar, is where there is no wood bracing left, so while wondering how to secure it better, I figured the handbrake lever would act like a splint, and taped it in place. Works, and its one less thing to pack onto car. IMG_20160114_114228.jpg
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  19. That's a trick place for the hand brake.:rolleyes: JW
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  20. So, after several weeks going back and forward getting things sorted, we're mostly ready to roll.
    Money has changed hands, and my buddy Kevin will be trailering the 35 to the top of the South Island tomorrow or Saturday.
    I've just got to throw more rope and tiedowns around to secure it. IMG_20160303_134003.jpg IMG_20160303_134025.jpg
  21. Sad to see it go. Hope it's in good hands.
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  22. Hi Jeff, hope the new owner sends you progress reports so you can post them up here, sure would like to see how it turns out. JW
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  23. I'm sure it is, Rodger the new owner told me he owns a 34 and 35, and has lots of spare parts.

    I hope so too.
    He wants to build a Roadster, and has a Roadster cowl.
    I'll send him a msg to check in here soon.
  24. 35 got Delivered to top of South Island on Friday, then picked up for second half of it's trip, same day.
    Should be at it's new home today, Sunday.

    Moose p shopped this for me, over on the Rustybowtie forum, me crying a river. Haha.
  25. Must really hurt bending your knees forward like that.
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  26. Well Jeff, one door closes and another whats next?????:) JW
    edit; my knees bend like that too but how long did it take you to get up againo_O
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  27. Cripes, most days my knees don't want to bend at all! Getting old sucks.

    I'll bet you already have another orphan project already picked out to drag home. Gotta keep that space in the shed filled up.
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  28. That's what she said...... oops...


    I'm trying to minimize my workload in the toy shop department.
    To many things not getting finished, like my trailer, that I still haven't painted and got legal.
  29. Tell me about it.
    Too many projects and I have 4 trailers needing work.. haha
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