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'33 Ford frame thing. CDN or Banger?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Flowmeister, May 31, 2013.

  1. On the frame that was under my '33 Ford truck,
    which is a Canadian 4 banger, I noticed
    that the inner X structure pieces of the front horns
    didn't go all the way like the outer rails do.
    The other two frames I have are both American V8 frames and both inner and
    outer pieces are the same length

    So what I am wondering is if this was a Canadian frame thing
    or a B banger frame thing?


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  2. Pewsplace
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    I had a 33 frame like this once and I was told it was an early 33 chassis. All other chassis I have owned, the inner structure ended at the front of the rail. I use to weld them together as they were always bent and looked bad on hiboy chassis. Looks like you could add a piece when your are fixing the front frame horns.
  3. Bruce Lancaster
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    Bruce Lancaster
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    An early '33 will have different spacing between mount pads than regular ' used forged mount brackets on V8 engine, somewhat like '32 but shorter, and I assume a B would have narrower mouny beam in front than general run of '33-4. I don't know if that early span was same as '32. you have the Canadian front axle with '32 heavy center span and light end sections??
  4. Thanks Pewsplace.

    I am going to be using one of my other frames for the final build.
    This one has heavy rust issues at the back where the X structure meets the side rails.
    I just wanted to gain some knowledge about why this one is this way.
    The serial # is quite early '33, so that could very well be.

  5. Bruce Lancaster,
    The front axle I believe is the standard '33-'34
    It is noticeably taller in the middle than the outer
    I wasn't aware there could be a Canadian /American difference.

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  6. alchemy
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    The early '33 had a closer bolt spacing of the front bumper brackets. And coupled with the lack of inner double-wall, it's easy to see how it would get bent/cracked/mangled easily. Probably got revised pretty quickly.

    I notice your crossmember is bolted in instead of rivetted. Might be a replacement and not have the early motor mount spacing any more.
  7. I was wondering about the bolted in cross member too.
    The engine mounts are 19" apart,
    I will measure my other two cross members tonight.
    They are both V8's
    Thanks for the info

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  8. cannuk
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    Yes I think that’s what I have here’s a pic of what we call a 33 wide beam next to a 33/34 normal axle Both these came out of a old farm wagon and I didn’t know what I had IMG_9822.JPG

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