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32 Ford under dash cross bracing?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by vintageauto, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I have the 32 ford home and starting the fun...LOL

    I want to replace the less than satisfactory (to me, its made of wood!! but it has apparently worked well) cross brace and steering column support that runs side to side behind the dash. (see pics)

    Is it best just to fabricate what I want or is there an aftermarket setup out there? It is a Wescott body, been done for awhile, and I want to make a few basic changes. The body and fenders are very straight...Neat car, but better with some improvements

    The car was built in primer a bunch of years ago and the overall patina that has occurred is pretty cool, so I'm not touching that for now. I'm going to add the 10" headlights and probably change out the wheels and tires, and add a Front Bumper.

    Thanks for any advise.


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  2. A friend of mine was looking at that car,,I told him I thought it was a well built car and having owned a Wescott roadster in the past they are high quality.

    The front bumper missing puzzled me but the price seem fair and the car is presentable.

    As for bracing a piece of tubing with flat ends to screw to the wooden structure would do the trick,,I think you got a very cool looking car for the money that only needs you personal touches to make it perfect. HRP
  3. HRP,

    Yea, the car is pretty neat.The body is really straight. Jim Englese (Weber Carbs) owned the car previously. It is an original boxed 32 frame which looks well done...still got to take a good look at whats there. It needs an FE alignment, seems to run very well. The 283 has a mild Cam...sounds good too.
    Thanks for the tip.

  4. Ole don
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    Ole don

    I did a car like that a few years ago, and I was also worried about cowl shake. I outlined the shape of the bottom of the dash on a 2x6 and formed one inch tubing to conform to the wood. I welded on a three inch piece on each end with a good gusset, and screwed it into the wood on each side, then used that for the column drop and for cowl strength. Worked good.

  5. Thanks Don...sounds like a good way to go. Did you just heat the tubing and bend where needed? Also, The column drop...fabricated or an aftermarket piece?

  6. HRP..Your right, I thought that no front bumper was odd, but I have a nice original coming from another HAMBer...brackets came the other day along with the 10" headlights and some windshield parts. I'm going to keep the wheel/tire setup for now...kinda like the 49-50 caps, but have been looking at some 50 Merc SS caps.
    The body is very straight, although I have my doubts that is is a Wescott (maybe an early version) but it "is what it is" as they say and I like it!

    It looks good sitting in front of the 40 Coupe too...nice garage scene.
    Thanks for the comments.

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