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Hot Rods 32 Ford frame identification

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by lcfman, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. lcfman
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    from tn

    I have a 32 Ford frame I am trying to identify. There is a hand stamped number on the top of the frame left rear around the rear axle location. The stamped number is star I xxxxx star. Of course the x's represent the actual numbers. I think the frame was purchased in the 1980's. Any help appreciated,
  2. squirrel
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    The pictures didn't load
  3. Fordors
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    The I you see is actually a number, a V8 car would have a prefix and number like this *I8-Ixxxxx, and early 4 cylinder cars had *AB-, with those assembled after April 25th, 1932 only using the letter *B-.
    There are serial numbers in three locations, you will find them just forward of the area where the firewall bolts on, then near the B pillar (door jamb) and then over the rear axle which you already saw. Sometimes the 2nd and 3rd locations have the star and sometimes not, and if you are seeing a six digit number that is your serial number, those secondary locations did not normally use the prefix.
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  4. Bruce Lancaster
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    Bruce Lancaster
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    If that's what this is keep looking for the other locations...not only is I used for 1, the 6 and 8 stamps will have a peculiar straight up back. Applies to all Ford from approximately 1931 through 1948. The prefix as in B or 18 is generally missing on the rear two numbers.
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  5. My guess is that you are looking at a V8 serial number. Since the number was under the body the "18" prefix was omitted. The 4 cylinder numbers started with 5000000 so it was not a 4 cylinder car. Go to to find out when it was built. It is a '32 frame, what are you trying to identify? Pictures might help.

    Charlie Stephens
  6. And if you're really lucky, the numbers at the other 2 locations will be the same.:D
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  7. Rramjet1
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    My understanding is the prefix is only on the front number was because the body was already on when the decision as to 8 or 4 cyl Engine was made.

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  8. The frame serial numbers were stamped to match the engine/transmission assembly serial number at the time when the engine was installed. The body was installed farther down the line. As stated above, the 4 cylinder engines had a "B" prefix while the V8's had the "18" prefix. The prefix was normally found on the forward serial number location only. However, examples have been reported to have the prefix in all locations or in none.
    The V8 serial numbers for 1932 ranged from 18-1 to 18-207000 or so.
  9. xix32
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    Every `32 frame I've had omitted the "18" (if it were a v8) and the "B" ( if it was 4 cyl) in the two locations , excluding the front #, on the left frame ( one over the rear axle kick up and the other midway back) The model "B" 4 cylinder cars started with # 5 million. The v8 started with #1. So of course this would have to be known before the body was put on.

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