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32 Ford (Brookville) Roadster, HEMI, Blower, CALL 732-241-4982 $55,000

Discussion in 'Cars For Sale' started by Dangerous Curve, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. City: Palm Beach

    State: Florida
    Price: $55000
    32 Ford 4.jpg
    What's the Story ? One of One, Set up like this

    First ...................This is my personal car, I'm not a dealer, I had it professionally built by FlatLanders in Norfolk (Alan Thornton, has now moved the shop to North Carolina). I built a 5 window, coupe years ago all by hand but, this time around I don't have the time and skill to create something this special so, Alan Thornton worked with me and it came out spectacular. It's Old School with that wonderful old Hemi and Blower. The Black paint is you will see in the VIDEO's so deep, it's like looking in a mirror.

    The first weekend in August would find me packing up for the 700 + mile trip for the NSRA Nationals in Louisville. Car is very fast but, comfortable. It will run at 5 mph in a parade all day long or, 100 mph on the highway all day long.
    Rodding's a billion dollar industry, with too many balloon colored plastic cars sporting the ubiquitous "350/350" engine/trans combo. I wanted something really special, and unique. I had it built for dependability, not racing. a very unique one of a kind, very high end build, using only the very best of components. It has a total of only 2600 miles The drive gears on the blower makes that serious engine whining.sounds, and that HEMI exhaust note is deep and rumbles, real "badass".......... In Triple lollip colors here.


    32 Ford 13.jpg
    Steel Brookville Body
    Built from a new all Steel Brookville Roadster body (highly sought after for its outstanding reproduction qualities). Panels are constructed from the same gauge steel as the original car and each is interchangeable with the original Roadster body.

    Sid Chavers "BOB TOP"
    Perfect condition, Sid Chavers Company,
    BopTop™. a lightweight Convertible Top that can be removed, broken down, and stored in the trunk of the car while using very little space, but what a pain to disassemble, I have never disassembled it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Motor 354 Chrysler Hemi (Completely Rebuilt)
    The 354 Hemi makes it special- Classic Vintage HEMI Power - first American V-8 to be rated at one horsepower per cubic inch. These were available with one or two four-barrel carburetors, and were offered in Dodge's heaviest duty models as the 'Power Giant V-8' from 1957 through 1959 . On top of the motor sits the famed GMC (Roots) 6-71 blower (supercharger, designed to scavenge 6 cylinders of 71 cubic inches) fed by two Holley carburetors.
    32 Ford 1.jpg

    Transmission GM 700R4
    GM 700-R4 one of the most popular overdrive automatic transmissions used in street rods. It has a 3.06:1 First gear for launching from a standstill, a .70:1 overdrive Fourth for low-rpm highway cruising. ( it's built to withstand tremendous amounts of horsepower).

    Ford 9" Rear
    The Ford 9 inch rear axle is known as one of the most popular axles in automotive history. It is a semi-floating, drop-out axle.

    Vega Manuel Steering Box
    The Vega Manual Steering Box is the foundation of a cross steering system, which is the most popular steering system for modern Hot Rods. It's compact, durable (and are getting more scarce every day).

    Four Wheel Wilwood Disc Brakes
    Wilwood Engineering 4 wheel high-performance disc brake system. (Custom engineered brake system using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom components).

    Contact Information and Price. $55,000
    Last August, we were thinking of selling it. We have well over $100,000 (more like $110,000 and have the receipts). You could not build this car today for that amount. We listed it here on HAMB for a few weeks, got tired of "Bumping" it also put it on Bring A Trailer. Got lots and lots of great positive comments but came up a little short on the reserve. Everyone agrees it's real Badass, no excuses. We have a place in Palm Beach Florida and took the car there to enjoy for the winter. We had the carbs. rebuilt and tuned and it runs just perfect. It still down there in Fla. (Palm Beach).
    So, ....we have lowered the price by $10,000 to $55,000. Yes you can build a plastic one with a Chevy small block for less in your backyard...but you will have a plastic one with a Chevy motor, one of about a bazillion out there. It is not "reasonably priced"'s a steal.

    What we originally said......."
    Reasonably priced at $65,000.00 and located in Plainfield NJ. The car has a clear and current New Jersey title and is registered with NJ license plates".

    For more information, additional photos, videos, please call Bob March, 732-241-4982 or email:


    I do not get a chance to check pm's often, so it is best to call or email if you are seriously interested.

    32 Ford 4.jpg 32 Ford 13.jpg 32 Ford 1.jpg
    32 Ford 2.jpg
    32 Ford 9.jpg
    32 Ford 12.jpg
    32 Ford 13.jpg 32 Ford 14.jpg
    32 Ford 15.jpg
    32 Ford 5.jpg 32 Ford 6.jpg
    32 Ford 7.jpg
    32 Ford 21.jpg
    32 Ford 8.jpg
    32 Ford 17.jpg
    32 Ford 3.jpg
    32 Ford 16.jpg
    32 Ford 20.jpg
    32 Ford 18.jpg
    32 Ford 11.jpg
    32 Ford 13.jpg
    32 Ford 15.jpg
    32 Ford 4.jpg
    32 Ford 4.jpg
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  2. "Earth to H.A.M.B" there anyone out there........Alive? We listed this unique 32 roadster a long time ago and have not heard one word......nothing NADA......Zero. Not a good word or a bad word. It's un-natural.....I realize it's the summer and folks are away but? I thought that HAMB was the place for this stuff. I see lots of the plastic cars in bright colors with the crate chevy and auto tranny, stuff that built at home. Maybe that's the problem? Maybe this is too nice a car for this market............
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