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Hot Rods 32 duce life long dream build whats yours!!!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by gbones32coupe, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. gbones32coupe
    Joined: Jan 1, 2007
    Posts: 733


    I have been dreaming of building my 32 all my life and now that I am older it is time for me to get started well I allready did. so far I have 32 ford frame and body. The frame is in good shape and was at one time a project because it is half way boxed and crossmembers welded in.

    The body is rough and rustd all out at the bottom. no trunk no hood no fenders. the grill is in good shape. so far I have a p38 bomber seat. which by the way I'm now looking for a second bomber seat. I have hemi rocker arms and a block. potvin front mounted blower and hillborn two port injector head lites. A crome tube front end. hemi starter.

    Every thing is rusty and needs to be restored but lots of tlc will get me there. I am starting the project by gathering up parts first and mocking up the body to fit the frame. Then I am going to have to find a quick change rearend and mock up the rear and a mid engine hemi with a front mounted blower. body high boy with a rake rule of thumb in the front. The ass end has to have just the right amount of hight to flow with the front. It will be built to fit into the blown gas coupe class for bonneville and one day I want to run it there. but one catch is it also has to be street leagle because I will not build a car that sits in the garage or gets trailered everywhere. ohh ya and it has to be as period correct as I can get it.

    It will be a challange trying to fit a hemi a clutch a tranz a front mounted blower ,water pump, hillborn fuel pump,genny, radiator ,fuel tank ,passenger ,driver ,roll bar and full belly pan and exsaust pipes all in a 32 chopped coupe but I think with enough engineering custom made parts it can happen. so I will be in the garage for a while scratching my head ,grinding, welding ,drilling, fabbing and mocking. now it is time for me to get to it. lets here what some of your plans and projects post em.
  2. fuel pump
    Joined: Nov 4, 2001
    Posts: 3,620

    fuel pump
    Member Emeritus
    from Caro,MI

    I thought the way we found my 32 was pretty messy:


    Until I saw your's :eek::eek:

  3. Deuce Roadster
    Joined: Sep 8, 2002
    Posts: 9,519

    Deuce Roadster
    Member Emeritus

    Congratulations on getting your dream car. It is always good to see someone finally get what they have wanted for so long.

    I found my Deuce in a old cement block barn/shed with a bunch of other old Fords. It had been sitting since 1958.

  4. SOHC427
    Joined: Apr 5, 2009
    Posts: 1,018


    You 32 guys are lucky ones. There are a couple in CO, but they will never move until the owner passes on.

    That 3 window looks killer, Deuce Roadster! What a dream car!

  5. Pretty amazing what a retired guy with unlimited time can do with a great car to start with and a clear vision of what the finished car will look like! :D

    Remember, a jouney of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

    Good luck to you and "keep us posted".
  6. Your post made me think of a man I met a couple years ago. In his mid 70's and owns a 31 PU. There was a sign in his car that read

    "my finished project, only took 45 years"

    Man did he have a big smile........

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  7. gbones32coupe
    Joined: Jan 1, 2007
    Posts: 733


    thanks guys for the support. it helps a lot.
  8. JeffreyJames
    Joined: Jun 13, 2007
    Posts: 16,613

    from SUGAR CITY

    Gosh that looks like a great start. I hopefully will be starting my '32 in a year or so when I get all the loose end tied up around here. Very nice start, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
  9. Casey
    Joined: Nov 8, 2005
    Posts: 3,293

    Member Emeritus

    great to see another 32 being saved, I like those !
    I`ve had mine for 30 years now
    check out the deuce site

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