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Projects 32 - 34 Bangers - Anybody Building Them?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Bored&Stroked, May 21, 2019.

  1. Hey Guys - I'm a flathead V8 guy . . . and have seen countless Bangers over the years - in cars, at the Antique Nats, Bonneville, TROG, you get the point.

    Anyway, ran into a bunch of early V8 and Banger stuff - I know all about the V8's, associated values, who wants what, etc.. BUT - I don't know what is going on in the 4 Banger crowd. Given the various vintage trends, would it be wise to pickup some Good Model B engines, counterweighted cranks, etc? It is all stock stuff - but a good foundation for people who build Bangers.

    How hard are Model B (and some say 'C') engines to find these days, what are prices like for cleaned, magged blocks, high-quality reground cranks (counterweighted ones - not pressed on either), etc.

    How about Model B fuel pumps . . . what are they going for (rebuilt with modern diaphragms, etc).

    How about 32-34 transmissions - stock gears, etc..

    I may not use the stuff - but might pick it up, tear apart everything, have everything cleaned and ready for machine work, etc.. BUT - if nobody gives a crap and the stuff isn't worth the effort, then I won't waste my time.

    What say you???
  2. Shutter Speed
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    Shutter Speed

    Try asking this on the Monthly Banger Meet thread. Should get plenty of bites!
  3. Fortunateson
    Joined: Apr 30, 2012
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    About ten years ago it took me about two years to sell a Model C engine that had been rebuilt to stock dimension, sleeve cylinders and welded/ground crank, and tow rebuilt trannys for $2800 CDN. Nobody wanted it until a restorer needed one for his '32 sedan. Kind of wished I kept it but you can't save everything and the money came in handy.
  4. pkhammer
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    I've had a boatload of model A engines (rebuildable cores) and can barely give them away. I've had a couple of B/C engines with the counterweighted cranks and found a good demand for them. These engines are a smoother, more powerful option popular with model A owners that want a good driver and aren't concerned with originality. They are also popular with vintage racers. No need to put a bunch of work/time into them, if you can pick them up at a good price you'll have no trouble finding buyers. Rebuildable non-runners will bring an easy $500-$800. Fuel pumps alone are $100-$150. Cranks, manifolds, etc are all in demand.
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  5. Yo dale, I'm looking for b/c blocks and parts. I'm stacking parts for a reverse flow model b. already have the cam and intake and one complete b motor/chassis. You know how racing gos so keep me inline for parts if you do go ahead and buy the stuff. Thanks bruce.
  6. mdimages
    Joined: Sep 13, 2019
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    Might be interested in some of these parts. I know I could use a fuel pump. Building a B motor now.

    Thanks Matt

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