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Hot Rods 31 Model A Victoria Build w/Pics – Miss Vicky

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by D-Russ, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. The37Kid
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    Just wondering what drove you to this drastic body modification? Are there photos or photoshops? I just can't get the picture of the finished product in my head yet. Bob
  2. Every picture I saw of the car since it's been on the road led me to this change Bob. We'll see how it turns out. ;)

    This pic shows clearly why I need to lean the back window forward and soften the radius:

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  3. Yeah :)

    Its all good.

    I just went thru cutting an almost complete car,
  4. Yeah, I know, I've been following your progress. Do it right or don't do it at all, right?
  5. I see in this pic what you are saying. In that view its very pronounce. Also that looks different than mine. My roof looks poofier if that makes sense?
  6. I tried to get the same angle pic for you.
    its been so long since I made the back corner pieces I can't remember if I made them exact as the rotten stuff or winged it so it looked right to my eyes. The radius is clearly much softer on mine but its all in the radius. and poofier roof line if that makes sense. I do remember that The domed corners pieces controlled most of that and the sides from quarter window to rear window are just flat as they follow around the belt line.

    I agree that something needs done after you pointed it out. But in as much as I've looked at and studied pics of your car I have never noticed that, until you pointed that out.

    I know all to well what it's like to have something like that bug me ! Argh !!!!

    Here's a link to a pic out of one my photoshop threads. The rear window panel is leaned forward. Personally would be careful so it didn't wind up looking like this -

    Attached Files:

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  7. Thanks Steve, your pics are helpful. I discovered the problem by studying photos of the car, especially the ones I've taken. The camera lens creates an exaggerated distortion. The pic I posted above is an extreme example of this. When I shoot the car in a 3/4 front view or even a straight side shot, the top back corner looks stretched. When I shoot a side shot centered on the C-Pillar, the distortion goes away. It's an optical illusion that results from perspective, but the squareness of the stock corner radius is still a problem for me. For comparison, take look at this pic:


    The fact that it becomes an issue at certain angles is enough to make me want to correct it.

    I agree that in the PhotoChop pics you shared, the rear window is leaned a little too far. What I've done is not that extreme and I feel good about how it's turning out so far. I should have it all tacked in this weekend, so I post up pics Sunday or Monday.
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  8. Well distorted pics make your studies screwed or help us build really cool stuff.!!! I'm sure you'll get it exactly how you want it to look. I'd just hate to see you chasing the back panel all the way to the front header.

    In this pic above, follow the curve of your top bows back to the rear panel above the window. The bow above the end of the quarter window is much to high to meet the back panel but flows very nicely to the front.

    Here everything looks great till post 21. Compare the first pic in that post to the last.
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  9. I never really noticed the difference in the top bows before Steve, but you're right. I think the rear window section I put in long ago is the origin of the problem.

    My welder crapped out on me this past weekend, so no update. I fixed it Monday night, so we're back in business.
  10. MP&C
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    Weekend pictures?
  11. It's looking a bit Frankensteiney right now Robert. Gotta do some more welding, grinding, bumping and shrinking before I can post any pics for this crowd.
  12. Dave, 'Been following your most excellent build from down here in the Tar Heel state. You're doing a really first class job, wish I had your skills and patience. Are you going to be finished in time for Heavy Rebel in Winston Salem this year? Hope so...I'd love to see it in person and shoot some pics.
  13. Thanks Tom, I'm afraid I won't be finished for Heavy Rebel this year. I'm shooting for sometime in the Fall.

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  14. jackandeuces
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    ....Its not what drove Dave to make a the drastic modification , but how big his balls are. When finished it will look like it's moving...
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  15. Maybe you can be ready in time for the TRJ show at Pimlico this Fall? I hope so. I am looking forward to actually seeing the finished product up close and personal.

  16. Your right Jack, it's a wonder Dave can walk at all with balls that big. I'm pretty sure I would have chickened out on this mod, but I'm sure when he's done, like a lot of the other mods & tech in this thread, it will have all been worth it.

    Dave, not to blow smoke up your arse, but this thread has provided a lot of inspiration for me, as well as a lot of others I'm sure. You build a really nice Hot Rod, can't wait to see the finished product !
  17. Wow, thank you Jack, that really means a lot to me coming from you. You've taught me a ton.

    That's what I'm shooting for.;)

    Thank you very much Mark. You and your pop know a thing or two about building very nice hot rods, so I really appreciate the kind words. :)

    I'm just doing what I think looks right and figuring the details out as I go.
  18. OK, I've got the driver's side pretty close. I've still got a little more bumping and shrinking to do, but it's good enough to share a couple of pics.



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  19. More than good "enough", you have bumped & shrunk to perfection!
  20. nice work Dave!!
  21. Great work Dave. What I want to know is what are you going to do for "entertainment" when you get this car on the road? :rolleyes::D
  22. Thanks Bruce and John! I still have to do the other side. :eek:

    Thanks Ted! It's interesting you used the word "entertainment" – that's exactly what it is to me – I really enjoy doing this stuff. When this one is finished, I'm going to start on another one. I'm already collecting parts for a 48 - 55 shop truck daily driver.
  23. Good choice for a daily driver. Old trucks are very entertaining. Just ask the guy that owns one. :rolleyes:
  24. The Hot Rod Hubcaps thread got me thinking .......

    The second pic also shows what the new rear roof line will look like when it's finished.
    EDIT: I estimated incorrectly in my PhotoChop. It looks way better.


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  25. yankbuilt
    Joined: Jan 28, 2008
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    Great work Dave, you are a talented individual!
  26. All righty, the metal work is just about finished on my rear window mod. I'm pretty happy with it. For comparison's sake, the first pic shows the totally stock profile.






    Oh, and before anyone says anything about it, the jack stands and square tubing are welded to the wheel dollies.
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  27. I thought you were nuts when you first told me about this mod. I couldn't quite picture the difference it would make, but I can see it now.
  28. Very nice, very nice line, subtle!
  29. So I shot a little high build on the rear window section recently. Now I'm on to endless blocking.


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