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Projects 31 Model A Hot Rod restoration

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 1927graham, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Changed the seating, got rid of the single 2" pad that served as the seat bottom, replaced it with two separate cushions, 4" longer with the fronts kicked up 8", the back panel was reworked/recovered and I eliminated 1" of thickness and sculpted the bottom by 1". Model A' PU's didn't have much room, people were a little smaller back then, at 5' 10" and 185 lbs. I'm much better positioned and more comfortable, did a couple of 2 hr. road trips this weekend, so much better.
    mod seat.jpg avatar.jpg
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  2. volvobrynk
    Joined: Jan 30, 2011
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    from Denmark

    Do you have long arms and short legs?
    Or do you have a picture of you in the seat?

    It looks odd, but might be a matter of preference. I like my steering wheel closer and the option to have a little rooms behind the wheel.
    I got a case of long legs and short arms. So I prefer the more old fashioned seating position of a old Stock car, steering closer to my chest so I can man handle it in to position like one of Smokey drivers put it: I want to lean in with my full body, line it up and let "King George" follow me true.

    I'm working on my own seats for a roadster, and your seats look comfy.
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  3. haha .... yep, me too. James Vernon Campbell 1921 - 1982 .... Beckley WV coal miner in love with black polished paint to his very last day. :)
    You know what I think about your A .... but I tell you what, you also have great tastes for Mother's Day adventures Craig. Thats the stuff right there. Stellar !

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  4. Been going to 2-3 shows/cruise ins a week, last week to Fairmont, MN gathering put on by the Borderline Cruisers club, very well organized and very hot that day, 94 degrees, the Buick engine ran 180 degrees for the 3 hours on the road, fun stuff.
    IMG_1138.jpg IMG_1288.jpg
  5. johnod
    Joined: Aug 18, 2009
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    I love this truck, so much in fact it nearly made me forget kidcambell71's avatar
  6. Nobody could forget Campbell's avatar!!
  7. Finally got rid of the clear vinyl fuel lines, though I've used this material for years with no problems, feel more comfortable now!
    nnna.jpg bgswsww.jpg
  8. At a get together in North Mankato, MN last Thursday and a friend remarked, this picture looked like a Norman Rockwell scene, he might be right, thought I'd share!
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  9. Craig that photo looks great. I hope to make the next one!
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  10. Hope to see you Eric, quit that damned drag racing!
  11. If my Chevy was road worthy, I'd be driving it today.:( How's the house situation coming along?
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  12. brg404
    Joined: Nov 10, 2008
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    What a great car and a wonderful build thread. Thank you for sharing. Also just wanted to say you are an inspiration and terrific advocate for the hobby with the right attitude about having fun and sharing with friends and family. We have family in the Waterville area and drive the 1200 miles to visit from Austin, Tx. So nice to see pictures of Tucker's Tavern - we ate there a month ago!
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  13. Sparkswillfly
    Joined: Oct 25, 2006
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    from Colorado

    Nicely done.
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  14. 1lucky1
    Joined: Apr 19, 2009
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    from Morgan NJ

    Any updates?
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  15. Well, sold my lake home in MN and just moved into a home I had built in River Falls, WI., to be closer to my daughter and family, the shop is a little larger and looking forward to finishing it out in the next few months. The Model A is in storage as is a lot of my shop things, gonna be a great summer. I very much appreciate your interest, traditional hot rods are what this sport is all about, at least for me.
  16. Hi Chuck, moved into my new home Jan. 6th, waiting for the guys to finish the knock down ceiling in the garage/shop, then I'll start building the benches, the vertical wood siding on the shop walls is finished, happy with the workmanship, this is the last move for this old guy, wishing you well!
  17. rolltideglin
    Joined: Oct 6, 2014
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    Super NICE HOT rod Truck,really like Nailhead.....
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  18. Thank you for the kind words, I like the Buick as well, this is the first one I've owned, it does real well. When I was a youngster my folks bought a new 55 Buick w/a 322 in it, the first car I ever drove, was nice finding another 322 for this Model A. Wishing you well and hope you have a great year!!
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  19. Blue One
    Joined: Feb 6, 2010
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    Blue One
    from Alberta

    This part of the thread is useless without pictures ;)
    Would love to see pics of the new digs and shop too. :cool:
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  20. Hi Larry, I'll post a few pictures you requested but give me a month or so to get the garage/shop finished, be glad to post a few of the home now. I'm not rich but just downsizing from the lake property I had in MN, always good to hear from you.
    This was a few months ago, the outside in now finished with the exception of the deck.
    new shop.jpg Took this for a friend who was interested in the heater/mounting, the ceiling is now finished, they will paint it in a few days, I'll start trimming it out (cedar) next week, then the floor people will diamond grind the concrete and lay down a thick, penetrating polymer base coat and 2 polyurethane top coats, I'll then build the new benches. Not much to see with this pic, sorry.
    home.jpg Living room wall, the home is now finished inside.
    phono 2.jpg Dinning room table and my antiques, got a house full. Thanks Larry for your interest.
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  21. Blue One
    Joined: Feb 6, 2010
    Posts: 10,800

    Blue One
    from Alberta

    Looks pretty nice. Hope the garage -shop will be big enough for your needs. It's sometimes hard to make them be big enough :)
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  22. Not a large garage but bigger than I had at the lake, I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, my focus is on the garage, it will serve me well, I like doing this stuff!
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  23. Kan Kustom
    Joined: Jul 20, 2009
    Posts: 2,649

    Kan Kustom

    Where did you get the carb velocity stacks ? For some reason I haven't ran across that style with the rolled lip.
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  24. These are from Charlie Price @ Vintage Speed:
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  25. The garage/shop is coming along nicely, the ceiling plaster/paint is finished, as is the hardboard sidewalls and cedar trim, the floor will be finished with a polymer base coat and a polyureathane top coat, scheduled March13, all I'll have left is to build the work benches. I'm very anxious to get my Model A out of storage and bring her home, I miss her!!

    shop 4.jpg shop5.jpg
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  26. The shop floor was finished yesterday,, River Falls, WI. Just amazing, I'll do the baseboard today!
    floor 2.jpg floor 1.jpg
  27. greaser
    Joined: Apr 30, 2006
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    Great looking floor. Must be sloped to the door?
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  28. Yeah, the builder put 4" of fall in the floor, I'll paint that step today and get the baseboard in, this shop, though small, will work well for me!! Thanks for your interest.

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  29. Got the new garage/shop mostly finished! Really like the 46" Milwaukee tool cabinet, recommended.
    mil 1.jpg mil 2.jpg
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  30. Today I got the Model A out of storage and brought her to her new home, happy day!!
    rf3.jpg rf1.jpg rf2.jpg

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