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Projects '31 Chevy hotrod...and Farmer's daughter....

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Farmer, May 13, 2012.

  1. just thought i'd share this picture my old man in Kansas just sent me few days ago...proof that I can do something right.....I have a beautiful daughter, Tiara. "Farmer's Daughter" if you will....and settle down boys, she's only 16, and loves old cars, and men who work on them. I suppose I did okay. The '31 is my Dad's current hotrod build, which should be finished this summer/fall. It started out as a sedan, and is going to become a woody sedan type of deal....if I know my Dad, it'll be cool, and very Ed Roth inspired. The engine is an old s-10 4 banger, that's been converted to distributer, and carbs...the manifold is home-built. He just used what he had, trying to make chicken soup out of chicken shit...and it is working so far lol.....anyway, i'll post up more pics for all the fellow Chevy guys who may wanna keep tabs on it.

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  2. My daughter loves to help me work on my 33 Chevy. She was the first one to turn the key when it was started for the first time. My dad gets the first ride because he was born in 33 and is as old as the car but my daughter gets the second ride. She's already told me she wants to ride to the church on her wedding day in the rumble seat!
  3. F&J
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    Ok then,:eek:,.. let's move on to those steelies. I really like that whole tire, wheel, and ring. I think it must be the color. I must have seen grey 40 steelies before..but that looks great.
  4. Master of None
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    Master of None

    Looks like your going to spend a ton of time in the future scaring the crap out of 16 year old boy's. Glad to see your involving your daughter with your build.
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  5. Bugsy
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    from Kansas

    That is too cool, man and yes...I'd say you done good!! I'd love to see some more pics of your dad's truck. Sounds like a very slick build.
  6. it is like throwing a rabbit to a wolf and asking him not to eat it, anyway, very cool that your daughter is into cars, my son is 2 and already loves them as well.....
  7. Torchie
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    Some of my favorite memories is of working on cars with my Daughters.
    Every time they would bring a guy home they always say the same thing, "Dad, don't scare the crap out of him" to which I reply "That's part of my job discription"
  8. rgrhoward
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    from Tacoma, WA

    That sounds interesting, i would love to follow this build. I wish my old man built stuff like this, he just does the farming part. God knows he has the tools and the shop for it! Working 30 years at GM he "acquired" a lot of stuff.
  9. getting my Dad to post pics is like pulling teeth, but here's a few i scrounged off of him. Its alot further along, and it's pretty cool. Even though my Dad and I have very different tastes in hotrods, and how we would build them, i love everything He does nonetheless. I mean, not many of us have Dads that are still out in the garage doing this, so I feel lucky....he just turned 59 the other day and celebrated his 40th anniversary with my Mom. Still in love, still a big kid....i love it.

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  10. cool ride! lets get some more info on the engine.
  11. n.z.rodder
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    It's always cool to get your kids involved, I've got 4 boys and they're mostly into (but can't afford) Lambo's and Ferrari's etc but they still dig the rods.
    That girls gonna be a heart breaker alright. :D


  12. Hackerbilt
    Joined: Aug 13, 2001
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    I like where he's going with the "woodie" style and also like his thoughts on the chassis!
    Hats off to Dad...and your girl is a heart breaker! Love the boots! LoL
    She reminds me of mine when she was 16!!!
  13. don't know much info on what he's running other than he yanked it and the tranny out of an s-10 he had then scrapped the beat up old truck. It's a 4 banger and he had his friend Mike Yoder (who is a Bonneville guy and has built cars for the likes of Bruce Springsteen) machine a distributer to fit the block and then my Dad built his own dual carb intake and i believe he's running Rochester 2g's on it. Too bad they dont make an aluminum finned valve cover for it...but it'll zip around nicely in that lightweight chassis...should be reliable and fast, while cheap on the gas and fun.
  14. ....yeah, she already is and it's breaking my heart lol ....actually i have two of them to worry about....Tiara, who's 16, and Emma who's 11 now is equally treacherous. I hate it and love it at the same time. I look at it this way...i could screw up royally in my life, but no matter what, i'll always have at least two beautiful girls who love me. That is about all that matters to me sometimes....the hotrods are just a bonus (when i finally finish one again)

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  15. The distibuter is from a 76 sunbird 4cylinder.....the bottom shaft on the s10 dist was machined to fit the sunbird dist. The block is a rebuilt 89 s10 Chevy 4 banger...174ci I think. The tranny is a t10 5spd. Rearend is 74 Nova unit.....using 5x5.5" adapters.
  16. OoltewahSpeedShop
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    You can get a finned valve cover off a 2.5 Mercruiser boat engine. Cool build. One of our club members is building a '31 Chevy with Ford suspension.

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  17. Ghost28
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    Very cool. I like them old chevys, it looks like a nice quality build.
  18. RayMiller
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    Haha you like them ol Chevys, man you build the most badass old Chevys I have seen. Now to farmer, cool your daughters into cars not many girls like old cars, my little boy loves cars but mine scare the crap out of him because they are so loud!

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  19. What a great project, and a beautiful daughter too. :D
  20. raengines
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    from pa.

    is that front shock link really gonna work?
  21. yeah, it actually works pretty well- if my big ol' dad can jump up and down on it...then i feel confident it'll smooth out what the spring doesn't handle.
  22. so, i was just back in Kansas for thanksgiving and i finally took some of my own he's working on the body- the "woody" panels. it's getting pretty close to being on the road. needs plumbed, wired, drive shaft cut, headers mounted. several weekends for that stuff. The woody body he's building, is going to take the most time, but it will be well worth it. Without being biased, i think its a nice build. The stance is great, the thing is built solid. Some of the mount bolts you may have noticed are pretty minimal....those are temporary, so don't worry. The wood body will be cut to fit the body contour curve, not just flat or straight planks. Then it'll be capped, just like an old Ford woody body...stained and varnished. Here's a few pics i took after i rolled it out from the garage. Figure to see this in and around Hutchinson, Kansas this coming summer.

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  23. i have some other pics i'll upload soon of the modified distributer etc.

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