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Projects 29 pickup build

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by BullittB, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. I suppose its long past due to post up some stuff on my model a pickup build. I has been an extremely long and drawn out process. My everchanging life, low budget, and issues with maintaining attention on really anything for long periods of time have really wreaked havoc on this process but I will get it done.
    How it came home the summer of 2013... sittin in the driveway.jpg
  2. IMG_0513.jpg
    I slowly continued to collect parts for a while before I even began to work on it. At that point I had absolutely no idea how to weld, I had never done anything this involved before. All I knew was I wanted a hotrod.
  3. 11157548_852830418123887_1118175516485068378_o.jpg
    I believe this picture was taken in the summer of 2015. This is right when things started to really take shape on the project. I still had a whole pile of parts I needed to acquire, but this is the first time I felt it actually looked like something. I had saved forever to buy that brookville bed.
  4. This pile of parts took a while for me to gain the confidence to put together. I still had no idea what I was doing. 1462140_566771850063080_1783973804_n.jpg

  5. eventually the pile of chassis parts became this. This is an image from this summer. There was obviously tons of work to get it here. There were things that I did, then re-did later because my skills changed or my taste changed. IMG_2298.jpg
  6. my a as of summer 2020.jpg Here is what it looks like all put together... It has a very long way to go. I think about it all the time, but work on it about half as much as I should. I am happy though in a way that it has taken me so long to get to this point. I have gone back and fixed or refined so many things to this point. It's getting there though! It is now chopped 5" and has a 34 Pontiac dash in it. I hand made the floor, firewall, map pockets and many other items. The shocks are all hidden friction shocks. I hope to eventually convert the banjo to a quickchange. I'm not sure when it will be done, but I've enjoyed the experience thus far
  7. trollst
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    BullittB, thats pretty much how most of us put a car together, two steps ahead, one back. THEN, one day you get it on the road, and it all seemed easy, and like it didn't take as long as it did. Keep plugging away, you'll get it, looks good.
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  8. Diggit
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  9. That is a really neat little hot rod. Keep going. It's going to be a ton of fun.
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  10. JB401
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    You are off to a nice start! I will be following along for sure as I just started a 29 pickup build myself. Did you need to purchase a wood kit or did your cab come with a decent one? That is a step I need to make a move on soon in order to assemble my cab and have been checking out my options. Keep it up!
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  11. brady1929
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    Cool hot rod.
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  12. I dig it. Keep the posts coming
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  13. ironandsteele
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    Shaping up to be a bitchin hot rod! Nice job.
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  14. 66gmc
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    You're doing a great job, the stance and proportions are perfect. Nice roadster on the wall too!
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  15. HotRod33
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    How did you do the front end?
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  16. Jason Mitchell
    Joined: Sep 4, 2020
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    Jason Mitchell
    from Memphis TN

    Looks great. Im doing pretty much the same thing with a Tudor, but it's a real mess right now.
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  17. trey32
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    Uhhhhhhh what's up with that three window in pic three??!!!!
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  18. Buddy Palumbo
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    Buddy Palumbo

    It looks great. I've always wanted a 28/29 pick-up. Maybe someday.
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  19. This is a sweet build man. No one builds a closed cab pickup. They are my favorite builds. :cool:
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  20. I’ll try to get some pictures up tonight.

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  21. That’s my dads. It’s getting a Hemi, quickchange, tko600, and a whole slew of other cool parts. It’ll be a good one.

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  22. alchemy
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  23. I guess I should preface this post by saying, I have no clue if any of my ideas here will work. bouncing things up and down in the garage is one thing but going down the road is another... So my front suspension design is heavily inspired by the rolling bones bitchin cars. the spring is mounted to the wishbones behind the axle. Since their cars look bitchin without having exposed shocks, I had to think of a way to hide my friction shocks. With the front end sitting pretty low I also had to raise the engine up a bit to keep the oil pan off of the ground. To do this I went with the 2 birds one stone approach. I designed a motor plate that mounted to the front of the block creating an area to mount my friction shocks. I stripped the necessary hardware off of a pair of offenhauser friction shocks from speedway and burned a set of lever shock arms on my plasma table along with some mounts to weld on the wishbones for some dog bone links.
    friction shock arm.jpg front spring mounts.jpg front suspension front view.jpg
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  24. HotRod33
    Joined: Oct 5, 2008
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    I like how it looks...
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  25. Aaron D.
    Joined: Oct 27, 2015
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    Aaron D.

    I like the way you made the spring perches, much better than putting a regular perch horizontal.
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  26. Thanks. They stick up over and hang below because I plan to add a reinforcement to the outside of the wishbone to try and help the torsional load. When I saw Ben Haag’s beautiful 32 3 window upside down because one of the spring perched had failed I cut those very same spring perches off of my truck and changed them to this design.

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