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Hot Rods 276 test drive disappointment......need help

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 36tudordeluxe, Mar 22, 2014.

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    Pete ,

    My experience is that the dynos are way more accurate than the engine owner that just read a hot rod and car craft article and followed every direction.
    I owned a chassis dyno shop for quite a few years and checked out a guys car and the rear axle hp was below 200 horse power ( Malibu with small block) the guy went home and brought back the Car Craft magazine where they showed 450 hp at the rubber . He was mad and didnt think he should have to pay us!!
  2. prpmmp
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    Maybe if he put some octane booster in it would get closer to that number he likes:eek: Pete
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    Can you build in enough compression in a flathead to need octane ????:D

    Quote from the Barn:

    " You cant blow up a flathead because they cant suck in enough air to hurt themselfs " Kinda like that one....:D:eek::)

  4. a lot depends on the dyno and dyno operator and what you want to believe. I met with JWL and had him do the break in and dyno on my flathead several years ago.

    all in all I got to spend the entire day with him talking flatheads, I learned more in those hours than I had learned in the years before and since. one thing that I remember from talking with him about his dyno, the best hp number he ever saw for a freshly rebuilt stock flathead was 80 hp, he joked about the mystery 20 hp as Ford had advertised 100 hp.
  5. I know its early, but Just wanted to let you know I'm looking forward to hear an update with bubba's parts
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    Some more information:

    I got the unilite in the mail from 36tudordeluxe and have ran it on a tester loaded for quite a time for two days in a row. Hooked to current probe and lab scope looking for problems etc.
    This distributor is perfect !!!
    Tested again today with the correct Mallory ignition coil and again the system is picture perfect !!! This coil is # 29219 and has 1.4 ohms ressitance....

    Heres the Mallory form that comes with the coil:

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  7. kjvma131
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    from New Jersey

    If it ran good on the test stand, what kind of fuel are you using and is it any good?

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