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Projects '27 Roadster Build.

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Texas36, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Well this thread will most likely go dormant quickly because I lack anywhere to build my roadster, but I figured Ide start it anyways so I can have a single thread to ask questions.

    EDIT: I turned my little shed into a working shop with power so construction has begun on this car.

    Ever since I got into traditional hotrods, Ive always had a thing for 26-27 ford roadsters. It was my dream hotrod that one day I would build. Well yesterday I finally found a super solid body at the Giddings TX swap meet. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1440903739.392481.jpg the T frame was butchered and the Pinto running gear did no justice for this body. I managed to convince the owner to sell me the body only, and I hauled it home. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1440903857.712250.jpg It is missing the turtle deck but is a mostly cancer free body that came from West Texas. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1440903967.017545.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1440903981.424639.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1440904010.585897.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1440904033.847699.jpg I plan on using the wide 5 37 banjo I took out of my truck with 3.78 gears. Model A frame and flat head v8 powered.
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  2. Does anyone make a reproduction 26-27 turtle deck? Steel or fiberglass
  3. evintho
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    Very nice! I'm building one myself so I'll be following this.
    Found this one on the auction site. They don't come up very often, they are not repo'd in the aftermarket, although they should be!
    '26-'27 roadster turtle deck - complete
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  4. dad-bud
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    Or you could go for a Track T style build
  5. Or a little pickup box
  6. Super rad! Congrats and keep us posted:cool:
  7. Thanks for the replies guys! I should have stated earlier, I plan to build this car as a late 40s dry lake weekend racer. The "lakes pictures PRC" thread really inspired the path I want to take with this. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1440946078.643285.jpg
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  8. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

  9. TexasSpeed
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    You've got a good start here. Where in Texas are you located?
  10. Im right north of Houston in Tomball. Unfortunately I dont have any place to build at the moment. (Im a poor 20 Y/O living in a 1 room apartment). The body and parts are being stored in my parent's apartment garage but I cant make any noise. Good news is my dad has a shop he is leasing out and the lease is ending soon so we will get our shop back. Until then, I will collect parts and ask questions as I go.
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  11. bct
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    The pic you posted is a model A. But i get where you are going. It took me 6 years to find a decent turtle deck. Should be a little easier down there. I bet if you keep at it and show a lot of heart in a build thread here , good things will happen.
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  12. texag09
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    Welcome from the Baytown side of town, and good luck. I might have a few parts you are interested in, a drop axle and possibly a 8ba flathead. PM me if you want to come look at some of my spare stuff or need any help.
  13. I posted that picture just to show the general style im going for. Dont worry, I know thats a model A! Thanks for the encouragement !
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  14. Thanks, I already have a 33-36 axle I picked up at the roundup and at the moment Im still not sure what motor I want to go with. Ill keep you in mind if I go with an 8ba
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  15. Okay, time for a question! I plan on using the parts that we took off my 36. (Banjo rear, spindles and front hubs, etc.) they are wide 5 pattern and unfortunately the front hubs are missing the backing plates and guts. I want to know if the wide 5 hubs use a proprietary backing plate and brakes or can I use brakes from something else? Tried the search function and came up empty handed.. Sorry in advance if this is an ignorant question..
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  16. bct
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    I may be wrong but i think 36 front hubs are 1 year only. Something about snout length.
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  17. Okay, Ill need to figure out what year they are. My truck was a little weird because even though its a 36, it came with a lot of 37 parts on it. I know my front and rear axles are 37 so possibly the hubs are as well. Ill look into that. Thanks!
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  18. Alright, after doing some research I found that speedway sells a new backing plate assembly for 37 ford brake hubs. Since my 36 came from Ford with 37 running gear (Im assuming it was built in late 36) then Im guessing my front hubs are also 37. That solves my brake problem.. For now..
  19. treb11
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    there is a set of 41-47 front drums and backing plates on the Houston Craiglist
  20. orangeamcs
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    Are you planning a frame height step on the model a frame? I just put together my 27 tub on a frame. It went very well with no step. I lined up the rear body mo uh nt holes with the holes on the model a rear crossmember. I just had to make the holes on a crossmember a little bit wider and then it all lined up well. Body mounts were as simple as drilling new holes and lining up body wood. I would suggest going through this process before you step your frame so you have things located before you step it, if that's yur plan.
  21. Thanks for the advice! I never planned to do a frame step but until I have an A frame and do my mock up I wont be sure. Its good to hear that mounting the T body to A frame isnt too hard. Do you know if the rear body mount holes on the Tub are in the same locations as the roadster?
  22. orangeamcs
    Joined: Jun 23, 2007
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    I am not sure if they are the same. But when you get your frame I can walk you through it. I worried about it for months until I finally got my chassis. Even then I didn't figure out how easy it was until I had my body upside down on stands in the shop. I couldn't believe the a rear crossmember and rear body mount holes in body lined up that easily.
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  23. Cool. Very much appreciated!

    Although I already have a hotrod under my belt, majority was built looking over my dad's shoulder. I still have a lot to learn about building hotrods so Im always open to advice and critiques.
  24. woodiemike
    Joined: Jun 19, 2010
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    Hello Trey;
    I know I'm a little late into this thread, but I just came across it. I really love the fact that you are using my thread "lakes pictures PRC" for inspiration on your build. That was one of my main objectives for posting all that history! It is there for all to see, enjoy, and use how ever they see fit. Thank you, and I will be watching your build. Best of luck.
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  25. -Brent-
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    Howell's does. But it's going to need a ton of work to be anywhere close to fitting correctly. Just imagine what the other panels are going to fit like...
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  27. Thanks for the replys guys! Since I have no place to build at the moment, im using this time to collect parts and ask questions. Im thinking right now to just build my roadster without a turtle deck but keep the roadster wheel base. Pretty much a modified with the rear axle a little farther back. I dont think it will look off but I havent done my mock up yet to be sure. I have also decided I want to use a 24 stud flat head
  28. Texas: You should PM Bruce Lancaster here on the Hamb with your brake drum question. You could rapidly go down the wrong path if not careful. You want to use wide fives so ask Bruce. Your '36 drums are for mechanical brakes and I'm not so sure they will work on '39 up backing plates. Tim
  29. The drums I have are '37 Hydraulic brakes

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