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Event Coverage 2017 IRON INVASION

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by silent rick, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. mtrhd
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  2. Zettle Bros.
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    Zettle Bros.

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  3. mtrhd
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    Sorry I didn't get a pic of the info

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  4. Zettle Bros.
    Joined: Oct 17, 2004
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    Zettle Bros.

    No problem, thought I would ask, looks like a nice car.
  5. weps
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    from auburn,IN

    View attachment 3676968
    Its a shame that he wasted the Auburn grille on this thing. I would gladly trade a WD45 gruille for it.
  6. 2935ford
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    I really like these Edsel/Ranchero conversions and this IS a nice one!
  7. Mike, I got a couple pics of that A sedan, very nice car, priced at $25,000, sorry didn't get the info, it was in the swapmeet. I really liked it. iron invasion 10-7-17 021.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 022.jpg
  8.'s a few more pics...
    iron invasion 10-7-17 002.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 003.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 008.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 011.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 012.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 013.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 044.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 093.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 101.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 107.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 132.jpg
  9. Speed~On
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    The Iron Invasion was a lot of fun. Hands down the warmest weather the show has ever had as temps at one point were in the 70s. Rain held off till about 2pm. It was great seeing many of my friends in this great hobby, also made some new ones.
    I did not take many photos, but I'll share the few I took.













    I bought a year subscription to Hop Up Mag from Marcy. There was a good swap meet as always. I found this cool NOS Stewart Warner gauge mount in it's original package.
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  10. ...Some more.
    mean_32.JPG gm-mob.JPG plymouth_custom.JPG martin.JPG christine_custom.JPG model.JPG minibiker.JPG roth_painting.JPG jimmy_flintstone.JPG artwork.JPG
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  11. Yeah, this one is exceptional.
  12. T&A Flathead
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    T&A Flathead

    Looks like a good show. Need to keep this one on the list to attend.
  13. Man that blue Jag looking Chevy really trips my trigger!
  14. what kinda car 2.jpg What kind of car is this?

    what kinda car.JPG
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  15. Yeah, that radically sectioned '41 Chevy got my attention. I was admiring how nicely everything fit, especially the hood. Sorry, I never took a picture of the sign on the car that had a lot of info. about it.
    Maybe someone has a picture of the sign?
  16. ^^^that 41 was built between 58 and 61, runs a 216 with Jahn's pistons, 2 carbs, dual exhaust,(one pipe temp. not hooked up.) they lengthened the frame as well as the torquetube,...very well put together, it runs/drives.
    iron invasion 10-7-17 131.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 005.jpg
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  17. mtrhd
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  18. silent rick
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    silent rick

    spent 5 hours there and a little over 3 on the road. ran into a lot of old friends. it was a good time.
  19. xix32
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    The Boone Co. Fairgrounds, about 20 miles west, has three paved exits out of it's parking lot right onto state rt.76
    that would eliminate the gridlock of trying to exit out of a single lane while trafffic is still coming in turning across the single lane in front of you. This would also eliminate the traffic jam on rt. 47 through Woodstock and Huntley.
    If you are headed south toward I90.
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  20. LONG
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    great show, swap, vendors, and crowd as always.
  21. LONG
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    this is where the Tin Butchers hold their annual Scrap Drive. great swap and show. but I think too small of grounds for Iron Invasion.
  22. bobwop
    Joined: Jan 13, 2008
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    too small? I am certain it is quite a bit larger than McHenry County.

    And this is where the show should be. IMHO
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  23. LONG
    Joined: Aug 20, 2011
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    well, I looked at their site and it does look big. I was going be memory from being at scrap drive and the relation to the cars to the vendor buildings. there are a ton of factors I'm sure. would Sam want another show at the grounds for their show? another issue could be participant entry areas. each gate entry requires a keeper and the area might not be all fenced off. when these types of shows go toward charity this is a big deal. it is hard to keep the honest people honest. I am no promotor or organizer, just a spectator.
  24. Sam here from the Tin Butchers,...I think the Boone County fairgrounds would be big enuf, the Scrap Drive has never used 1/2 the grounds or buildings, but in the end it'd be up to John Well's decision to move the Iron Invasion,....I know he likes the location in Woodstock as it pulls people from the Chicago area and Wisconsin, etc. ...this year we talked with a guy who drove his Model A from Ohio state.
    I think Boone County would be less of a traffic jam, route 47 at the south edge of Woodstock is a traffic jam any time of any day. I don't mind the McHenry County fairgrounds once I'm there.
    As far as a conflict I don't think either show would suffer both being held at Boone County, they are 4 months apart, but the Boone County grounds are busy virtually every weekend thru the Summer, mite be hard to get an open date.
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  25. LONG
    Joined: Aug 20, 2011
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    This was all because I sent one long body car up there. then THEMERC started grabbing every longblody he saw to park there. this photo is cool, but to see it was awesome. longbody lane. very cool concept. good job Merc. gm-mob.JPG
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  26. Cincinnati Slim
    Joined: Jun 26, 2007
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    Cincinnati Slim
    from Cincy, OH

    My second year and rained both times. This time of the year, you can't count on the weather and September is pretty busy. I think that is why this event (and the Pile-up for that matter back in the day) does so well being in October. Diehards don't care and like that we can extend the season a few more weeks. I drove from Cincinnati (the green '40 pictured above...thanks Rusty1!) and spent half the trip each way in the rain...worth every mile. John hosts a hell of show and I will try to make it again next year.
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  27. OK,..just had a conversation with John Wells, the Iron Invasion will NOT move from Woodstock, Illinois , year's date is October 6th, 2018,..mark your calendars.
  28. ...more stuff...
    iron invasion 10-7-17 004.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 006.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 010.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 015.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 016.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 025.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 032.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 034.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 039.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 041.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 042.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 043.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 060.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 063.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 064.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 068.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 080.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 097.jpg iron invasion 10-7-17 100.jpg
  29. BrewtownPrez
    Joined: Oct 17, 2016
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    John Wells had another great show.

    Iron9.jpg Iron7.jpg
    Iron11.jpg Iron10.jpg
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  30. BrewtownPrez
    Joined: Oct 17, 2016
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    Here it is. sign.jpg

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