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Motion Pictures 1968 - Long Island Drag Racing

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by NITROFC, Oct 1, 2009.

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    1968 Drag racing footage from Islip Drag Strip, Suffolk County/Westhampton Drag Strip and New York National Speedway. Feature event is the 1968 Super Stock Magazine Nationals at NY National including early floppers "Dyno" Don Nicholson, Jungle Jim and many more.

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  2. Doug B
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    Doug B

    WOW! great old movies. lotta stuff going on 1:48 is that a Jaguar?? Saw Hubert Platt coming up the return road. And Jungles Nova...very cool,thanks for posting!
  3. wow! bitchin vid man!
  4. hotrod mike
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    hotrod mike

    Ya gotta love the snow all piled up and they're racing funnys. That's pretty hard core. Thanks.
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  5. Old61
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    from PA

    That was great! thanks!
  6. That is racing as it used to be. Great footage and with sound that was pretty rare in those days.
    Thanks for posting.
    We can always count on you for coverage of events, new and old.
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    from New york

    Spent many sundays at New York National in the late sixties, early seventies. Mom used to drop off me and a friend early in the morning and pick us up late in the afternoon....Normal admission was $3.75 and went up to $6.00 when the AHRA Springnationals rolled in in May....Used to have some snapshots of Garlits there when he was still running front engines....Yes, i remember the show piled along side the track....It was early March....Most weekends were funny car match racing which was advertised ad nauseam for the week prior on all the major radio stations....Remember the "Goody Booth" for souveneirs and the crappy hot dogs and fries they sold...Also was there when Bruce Larson set a new national low et of 7.15 in his '67 Chevelle...These were the days when rails were still push started....Loved the smell of nitro...Remember wheelstanders "Hemi Under Glass" and "'Lil Red Wagon" running against each other..They used to turn around at the end of the track and come back the other way {towards the starting line} wheels up...A few years later that ended when another wheelstander did that and lost control, crashing through a fence behind the starting line killing at least one {maybe more} spectators crossing over to the pit side....Remember loads of muscle cars heading down Sunrise Highway with slicks in the backseats and toolboxes in the trunk heading to the track those sunday mornings....Even got to run my cousins '67 396 Chevelle down the track at 16 without even having a drivers license yet...{nobody checked}...Best times of my life!
  8. cgaswillys
    Joined: Oct 5, 2008
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    from New Jersey

    Eddie, many great memories for me too from that track. My Dad worked there and I was fortunate to be able to watch the races from the walk way around the tower. Was awesome watching the fuelers coming down the fire up road an idling past the tower. Saw lots of cool racing over the years. The guys you mention with the muscle cars with the slicks in the back seat, cool stuff, there were dozens that did that.
  9. wally bell
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    wally bell
    from VA.

    Bee on Video..Good Stuff
  10. Mr.J
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    from NJ

    Boy talk about memories! Great to see "Poff's Super Puffer". I think that was right after "Gerdes (Circus) & Campy", just painted it & I lettered it. Cool to see the "snow" again, "how's that California drag racer's"?

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