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1964 F100 driveway find- 48 hour transformation

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by Chris, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. Ok I know, not a hotrod or custom. By I do love ford pickups. I sold another truck and delivering it about 300 miles away was part of the deal. So naturally I browse Craigslist to see what’s for sale over in that area. I see this 1964 F-100 and t looked like a very nice, but dirty pickup. I called the owner and he sent me more pics and some videos that confirmed it looked like a rust free truck. It’s got a 292 and 4 speed, and owner told me he put a cam and rams horn manifolds on it with dual exhaust. Pretty bone stock aside from that.
    I head that way, dump the first truck off and head to this truck. It’s kind of raining and I look it over and load it up. Runs good and looks really strait...but covered in moss and such. Honestly, this was a truck that I was thinking I could try a bed shortening on, to make it a SWB. Being a 64 it’s the first year of the “matching bed”, but last year of strait axle and Y block. The perfect combo in my eyes. Dropped axle, some dress up goodies,
    Short bed and maybe some 5 spokes. Done. This was a decent truck but nothing special, right? Price was right, so what the hell.

    I got it Wednesday, got home Wednesday night. Thursday (thanksgiving) I washed it and removed the side boards. Found all the sales literature in the glove box. Looks like I’m the 3rd owner. Drove it to thanksgiving dinner. Runs and drives great. Heater works awesome. No rattles or squeaks. Paint looks mostly original. Holly Green, one of my favorites. Friday, I drive it to my dads heated shop and buff it out. I don’t think there’s a dent in it. Turned out to be a very nice, 69,000 mile truck hiding under the grime. And rust free to boot. Sold new in AZ, came to WA in 80’s and 2nd owner bought it in early 2000’s. He garaged it until a couple years ago. he still used the truck, but wife wanted a truck she could also drive. Plus the old Ford was looking kind of gross. The rest is history...

    So this is my 48 hour transformation.

    A64D1D78-C152-48D1-ADFD-8203A04F8991.jpeg AE5C5473-0975-4D71-910E-47907776D8E7.jpeg 0E8C685B-7DF4-4544-9C0F-5B6BCED6A19C.jpeg 8805231F-1F8B-466D-A9C1-4D996DF9C197.jpeg D8CBA678-E645-4899-A5C9-DB6A66F041C8.jpeg AC9A6D8E-C375-464F-872A-05A4392E2CE3.jpeg BC73BE64-9D2C-48A4-9BE8-8F72D16EA66E.jpeg D98BCDD8-72CD-49DE-9204-0256BF36AD8A.jpeg 99AFF22D-283B-4B56-8DB2-F07227BA77D4.jpeg 0B267580-70CF-40CD-97BE-A211A6C34462.jpeg 1E763875-12F7-4972-AF18-3F86F752F990.jpeg 2B0FC776-F571-4B99-8C61-5A560CA624A5.jpeg BC94738D-B147-4E0A-9983-C405499245D6.jpeg 96DC4DE7-2E75-48B2-8745-99082BF03C70.jpeg 3D96AF08-DF76-4C6A-9860-8CC03B70C0E4.jpeg A4159E1B-954E-48AC-A930-0B89A7F24183.jpeg 761E37D5-C5A9-48A6-9FB8-0DCF38FD7EFB.jpeg 0BF72D2A-F69E-4487-9E18-231E69FA57ED.jpeg 88F62D79-AECD-4314-B591-85810BB3DD98.jpeg 5049BF67-23BD-4B3E-BD6F-E54C3C8718F3.jpeg 7A6A3D0C-5F02-41C0-8ED8-257557448EF3.jpeg 36C2A705-1590-443D-9922-39EA8754895A.jpeg FC96D91F-84C5-48F3-9D68-39F71EA33C54.jpeg
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  2. redzula
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  3. Once again, Chris, you've found more cool stuff.:)
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  4. Wow:D

    you turned a $4000 dollar project into a 20000 buck unmolested original !!!!
    Too cool:cool:

  5. That’s a sweetheart! I love that body style. Super nice work!

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  6. Amazing transformation! If the previous owner had put a little effort into it, he could have tripled the price...
    I want one like that!
  7. quick85
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    Now that's the way to document your purchase. I wonder how many
    guys would have just backed this up the driveway and let it sit again.
    Looking good.
  8. Fisher400
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    from East coast

    Love the truck. Early 60’s Ford trucks are fun. I had a black/red 66 custom cab short bed with a 390 (bored out to who knows what). 4 on the floor and a limited slip rear...sold it when I went to college for a Ford Focus(?) haha have fun with the truck!!

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  9. Fisher400
    Joined: Jan 27, 2020
    Posts: 179

    from East coast

    By the way, can you quick explain what you did to this paint job to get it to look this good? What products/ method did you use?

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  10. pigIRON63
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    Awesome daily!
  11. Been driving it around as my daily had a tree fall on it in my driveway and is in the body shop

    I had this seat out of another truck that I tried in the 64. I kind of like it, I’ll use it for now as the original seat was pretty shot.

    wheels/tires/caps next

    936F6184-A4B1-4F77-ABA7-E75334E7E079.jpeg B1A0656D-B3CF-4462-A930-A254D10C20BE.jpeg B51F2605-A8DC-4C85-9BE1-4C6A3681BC97.jpeg
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  12. I am no expert or detail guy, so there is probably a better method out there

    I have an electric buffer I use Meguires cleaner wax on with a wool pad, followed by number 2 and number 3 meguires on a foam pad. Ford used really good single stage paint and it comes back pretty easily. I spent 3-4 hours on this truck, it was just a quicky though. This next spring I will give it the works.
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  13. Chris, It seems like you have a knack for finding diamond in the rough Ford trucks and they always turn out nice. HRP
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  14. Sum54ford
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    from St. Louis

    It really looks better. You have a real knack for bringing life back into these Ford trucks. I had the same truck that I did quite a bit to a few years ago but I sold it to get my 51 Mercury. 38FD6694-9CA9-4804-8CE5-6EA15B645B42.jpeg
    I lowered mine and put in a 65 grill. It to was a 292 4 speed. I added headers and a 4 barrel and it was a real pleasure to drive. I still miss it! 41746EFD-7B15-470D-BF82-6F925D80BCDF.jpeg
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  15. The37Kid
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    Another great find! That is a nice 48 hour transformation. Bob
  16. Hotrod1959
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    Just needs wheels. Cragars?
  17. flatheadpete
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    from Burton, MI

    Man...I keep coming back to this....I know where there's one local. Could prolly be had cheap.
  18. Truck64
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    from Ioway

    Wow! Now do mine, wouldja? I have beer.
  19. 1952henry
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    Nice find. Your efforts paid off
  20. Painted some wheels, mounted fresh rubber, popped some NOS caps I got off eBay. Just needs a Texaco star on the door...Also scored a chrome bumper at the pick n pull (the original was bent)

    50C8A5D9-F660-4CCF-B4D0-749A4C1C4254.jpeg B85F3C3A-7442-4D4F-B7B1-FB1B0CE8B3F9.jpeg
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2020
  21. Forgot, we also used it a couple weeks back to get a Christmas tree...

    49D64987-3742-43FF-B46B-9F76560C2AA0.jpeg C0D2CB73-C42C-4C7C-9965-883E3E90C079.jpeg 8D8F9F74-AD78-42D8-9B3B-E70E43E689E6.jpeg
  22. That's a great-looking truck at in very good condition in my opinion
  23. triumph 1
    Joined: Feb 9, 2011
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    triumph 1

    Nice find a cool truck. The 48hr transformation is amazing! I would drive the wheels off that.

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  24. OK, I'm jealous.
    Nice job.
  25. flatheadpete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2003
    Posts: 10,470

    from Burton, MI

    That bumper really cleaned it up!
  26. Chris, there are not words to tell you how much I love your truck! It’s one of my favorite body styles and it’s in my color! My Mac toolbox at work is the same color. You have a great nack for finding those wonderful old Ford’s. Keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming.

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  27. Unique Rustorations
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    Unique Rustorations

    Funny how the post starts off with an apology about even posting it and it turns out to be one of the best of 2020 imo. Thanks for bringing us along! Regards, Randy

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  28. Tim
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    from KCMO

    Man those last sets of photos look right out of the brochure. Love watching your truck projects

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