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History 1963 Pontiac Tempest Lemans Super Duty at Mecum

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by jakespeed63, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. There are several things that really do it for me about these cars. The fact that Pontiac pulled out ALL the stops to build these, gets the ball rolling. The oddball transaxle arrangment is another. A "Bad-Boy" stance with that hood scoop adds extra bonus points. Last but not dear Gearhead Uncle Jerry, had a stock convertible version, that I regret-ably let slip through my fingers. He actually fabbed and installed a more conventional Firebird rear axle and SBC, but never finished the project. Sold it while I was going through a divorce, so had no chance of snagging it. :mad::mad::mad:

    In the Mecum Auction description, they state the rear mounted transmission is an automatic 4 speed??? Is this correct?? Did they install Hydro's in these?? or where they 4 speed sticks?? Either way, may have to go buy a lottery ticket, so I can bid on this bad ass beast.
  2. Sorry Fellas, just noticed the shifter sticking out of the floor.
    Damn this thing is HOT!!
  3. Yes, indeed -- If I recall properly, I believe this particular example has a conventional manual transmission and live rear axle, having been modified to that state back in 1963.

    The A/FX cars were originally equipped with a four-speed transaxle called the "Powershift," which was essentially a pair of two-speed automatic gearboxes assembled in unit with the rear axle.
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    from Florida

    I am calling my bank now. What do you think it will go for$$$$$
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  5. I'm thinking at least $250k clams.

    If memory serves me, One of these had a Turbo-nique rear axle.
  6. CRH
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    from Utah

    It went for like 223K BEFORE it was restored, and it was in shabby shape, too. This is the car that sold on Ebay and started at like 500 bucks...
  7. I'm figuring $825,000 USD. This sold for over $220K, as stated above, as a project. This might just make a record or two. Could it hit a million?
  8. So Beautiful!!!!
  9. GassersGarage
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    There was a wagon SD that had a trans axle.
  10. My mom and I shared a 63 Lemans GT while I was in high school.
    Ours was configured with a 326 4 bbl, dual exhaust, and a three speed rear trans axle. Bench seat.
    The little devil was fast,but handled like a VW! Oh yeah, no power steering, no power drum brakes. No A/C. In Texas! It only had one sun visor, on the driver's side. I fooled my future wife into believing the car was a special build from Pontiac and the single visor was to save weight.
    You couldn't rush the gearbox, the shifter felt like a spoon in a bowl of oatmeal. You had to feather the car away when you launched it, the whole rear end seemed to collapse down on itself. Needless to say traction was an issue.
    Nonetheless, I schooled quite a few cars around northeast Dallas with it.
  11. Troublemaker427
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    All of the '63 SD Tempest/Lemans cars were built with the transaxle rear. As stated this car was modified to a standard trans/rear set up early on so it was restored that way. I've read that a SD transaxle comes with the car.

    My buddy owns the SD wagon that still exists. It is the former Joe Denick car out of Philadelphia.

    I'm guessing this car will sell for between $500,000 & $650,000. Race cars just don't seem to bring top dollar at auction for some reason. The publicity this car got while on ebay will help it's selling amount but I don't see it going over $650,000....

    This car also has a new totally hand fabricated aluminum front end. The original front exists but the owner wanted stupid money for it.
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  12. There was a "cowl back" carcass needing full restoration that sold on Evil Bay a couple of years ago. It was supposedly found sitting in a garage minus the Super Duty engine, the tranny and its aluminum front sheetmetal (it did have an incorrect steel front).

    The car sold for over $250,000.00!

    Rumor had it that this was the car Mickey Thompson drove if I remember correctly.
  13. I was told Dana Mecum owns the wagon as well as a few other S.D.'s including one of the '63 Swiss Cheese Catalinas.
  14. Chrisbcritter
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    Friend of mine has one his grandfather bought new - a silver-beige base model Tempest coupe (not a LeMans) with a 326. Said it was pretty good at the stoplight drags over in Downey.
  15. That car is so expensive that even if we all pooled our money it still couldn't be bought !!
  16. USA Tires Sign Joe
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    USA Tires Sign Joe
    from Western NJ

    That is one tough looking stance.
  17. pdq67
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    Guy's, please talk to or look up Arnie Beswick about this.

    Arnie is the Poncho guy that raced his "Grocery Getter" car(s) up around Kahokia, MO way back in the '60's.

    And fwiw, my Buddy Jerry test drove a '63, possibly an early '64 with a 326/3-speed stick in it with the speedo cable D/S.

    Sucker ran like the wind. I want to say that it was a 280hp/2 bbl engine but it's been too long....

  18. Mr48chev
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    It's good to see that it was restored to it's as raced in it's hayday configuration and livery. I'll have to mark that time on my calender to watch it sell if the internet at home is working good enough to allow for it.
  19. The whole story of the Antlocer Tempest SD is a very interesting read...and the restoration process was very meticulous ($$$)... So, I'm wondering ..if the car was bought for $220/225 K , how much do you guess was spent on the restoration ???
    The auction should be very interesting..!!
  20. pwschuh
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    At least the same amount.
  21. TinShed
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    There is one of these about 10 miles from me in a private collection. They guy got it for cheap about 10 years ago and knows what he has. It is parked between a HEMI Savoy and a HEMI Road Runner.

    Wish they were all mine, I don't theink he owns a car under $200K
  22. Troublemaker427
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    Not anymore...
  23. Apparently the original/correct front end was located shortly after the ebay sale and the seller knew the story and commanded a high ransom.

    I saw the same winner score a SD engine from another racecar as well as the correct exhaust manifolds shortly after that.

    Judging from the cost of those parts he'd have to double the original purchase price of $223,500 to break even!
  24. I heard the same and I agree.

    I said as soon as I saw the Evil Bay purchase price that the guy that bought the car better have bought it out of love and not profit.
  25. This is that car, as stated earlier. Far as the Mickey Thompson connection, I couldn't tell you.
  26. Are you saying that the car going up for auction is the same car that sold on Evil Bay??? :confused:
  27. classiccarlover
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    I just wish I couldve seen the car in person when it was first for sale. I live about 2-2 1/2 hours from where it was sitting in michigan. I saw the whole writeup on it not long after it had sold for that 223K.
  28. JYPSEA
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    from Florida

    Called the bank they said if it was a pinto maybe i could bid. I will be at the auction to see it go through and drool at a distance.
  29. triumph 1
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    triumph 1

    I have always been a BIG pontiac fan and the SD cars are on the top of my favorites. That SD Tempest Wagon is Friggen Bad A$$!!!
  30. 62hotcat
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    saw this car in person top notch restoration. front sheetmetal was hand formed aluminum. owner of original nose wanted to was restored at scott tiemans supercar specialties in michigan.

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