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1961 Galaxie/Fairlane/Starliner/Sunliner Borgeson 800115 Power Steering Conversion Gearbox install

Discussion in 'New to the H.A.M.B.? Introduce yourself here!' started by fairlane1961, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. fairlane1961
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    Hi, new member today; any folks out here with a fullsize '61 Ford that has converted to PS with the Borgeson 800115 Power Steering Conversion Gearbox. It looks like it will probably install ok but I see issues on other Ford examples in the 52-64 range with column angle, fitment, etc. I wasn't able to find anyone who has done this with a '61 fullsize Ford but if you have, I would really appreciate the insight you could provide from your experience with this PS steering box. Thanks, Jim
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  2. fordloverracing
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    Jim, I have done over a dozen of the changes on '57 thru '67 full size Fords, Mustangs and Mercury Cyclones and all I have had to do was modify the lower end of the steering column to match up to the rag joint. Feel free to holler at me if you need more info or help. Rick
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  3. fairlane1961
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    Thanks Rick. It's good to hear that the modifications have been pretty insignificant. I've attached a picture of mine (before any mods) but I'm sure you have seen this setup numerous times. Just attaching this for my reference here. Due to house projects I will not get to work on this until late summer at the earliest but when I do I will have the engine out, clutch linkage/zBar and inner/outer fenders removed. So access will be no problem. I do want to end up with a result that essentially has a factory look. I haven't researched it yet but I kinda dread taking my original steering wheel and column out; just don't want to damage the horn ring, wheel, etc when doing that. Maybe it's no big deal, I have to see. I figure you've done many...

    Anyway as in the picture I see that the collar above the rag joint is about 2 1/2" at the top from the rubber cover at the firewall and with the column angle, about 1 3/4" from the firewall on the underside. I understand that the Borgeson box is longer and that the original column needs to be cut (and end shaped). So the rag joint can only go approx 2" closer to the firewall than it is now before it becomes partially or entirely beyond the firewall. Do you recall approx how much the column is shortened (on like a 60-61 Ford or Merc). Might you have any pictures of the end result that shows where the rag joint ends up relative to the firewall? Also some people talk about the angle being off from the original; have you run into that on early 60's Fords? If so what did you do to resolve that?

    Don't spend a lot of time gathering info for me; once I get into it I can always reach back to you with a specific issue if I have one. Thanks again for the response and helpful info. ...Jim

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  4. skfordguy
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    I apologize for interrupting your conversation but I have a question for Rick. I am planning to install a Brogeson 80115 box in my 61 Galaxie along with the Ford cast iron long tube exhaust manifolds from 1962-63 .(fe engine) Somewhere along the way I have read there may be issues with this combination not working together. Do you have any experience with this combination of parts. Thanks Rob

  5. Rick, I also need some help, we managed to install the Borgenson box but there is no room to install the rag joint. The car is a 61 Fairlane with column shift. I am at a loss on how to modify the steering column end. Any help or info would be so much appreciated

    indomwe here on the HAMB

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