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1958 Shasta Airflyte: Starla

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by Chris, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. im not sure any of you remember a thread I posted here a year or so ago about my wife Jamie’s Aloha trailer. It’s a 64 and she spent a lot of time and love on it and we’ve used it quite a bit. The problem is, the layout just wasn’t working. It has a fold out couch that goes across the passenger side. With it folded out into a bed, and the front dinette made into a bed, there was zero room inside the trailer for anything but sleeping. She had toyed with the idea of selling it and maybe buying a more modern trailer that was a little roomier. All summer she kind of “shopped” but no newer trailer really peaked her interest.

    Last week I was winding down and doing what I do nearly every night- checking out the local Facebook market place looking for stuff I don’t need. I saw an ad for a decent looking 58 Shasta and said “Jamie check this out”. Her eyes lit up and she said “see if they still have it!”. So I sent a message and found ourselves looking at it the next evening after work.

    The owners name was Starla. She is a self proclaimed “trailer junky” and had three vintage trailers. She needed to sell one and said the Shasta she was least attached to. She had purchased it the year before from the dry desert area of central WA, where it had not been licensed since 1963! We looked the trailer over and was delighted how this Shasta has a bed across the back. With it folded out there is still plenty of room to use the ice box, sink or counter. My wife made an offer and we bought it. Starla has spent a year cleaning and cleaning the old trailer up, re-shellacked the wood, and just tried to make it as nice as she could while leaving it’s original charm. The trailer is all original paint, wood, linoleum, etc. Jamie is in love with it and decided to name it “Starla” after the lady she bought it from. We set it up in our back yard Saturday and spent our 7 year anniversary in it as the kids could not wait to test it out.

    C29815A7-D6E7-4A15-8278-71A02175A9F7.jpeg 39D2EA30-52DB-4108-BF3D-92B3DD1FD545.jpeg C035F342-4564-460D-93AE-D9922B9A5008.jpeg 162648A7-730E-48C6-9980-324010BE377C.jpeg D1CFE0F7-E91F-4F87-A9DF-FA0DE15BF6D7.jpeg 185ACD4B-4DD3-4E66-A5C1-B06C4AD33967.jpeg 3FACF25C-D084-4FC2-A5E5-E7DE06C9E687.jpeg 50519E20-A675-4D0A-AD06-EB94527F3E12.jpeg 3A2FDE60-CFB2-426A-82B6-E3183D0496F8.jpeg 8D5038B4-F430-4168-9488-08E516E20F43.jpeg 84754AAF-8057-4C7C-B4C8-C837D6AA9149.jpeg D345C392-0E2D-4D89-9EE3-129F5C61CCD9.jpeg F64279C2-0F4A-41F4-931D-975B678F3DEE.jpeg 1C332519-520A-4588-A7ED-0960DE049133.jpeg D403A3E5-52D1-49F6-8FC8-9CB33352C6EF.jpeg 913E388E-8A65-4C5A-9928-490CFD468BAB.jpeg EFEB6546-CE68-4578-9785-DA9CBB33D28C.jpeg 9A03CC87-2206-456F-9672-CDE0064051B7.jpeg
  2. Looks good Chris, as you probably already know '58 was the first year for wings on the Shasta's.

    The Shasta's have a huge following among the people that love the canned ham style.

    My granddad took me camping in his '56 Shasta when I was a kid and when I wanted to share the camping experience with my grand children I had to have a Shasta, it took me several years and a second camper to find the right match.

    I finally found a '57 Shasta (last year for no wings) that suited out needs and we have had a ball with it, camping by ourselves, with the grand kids and have managed to attend one Ralley.

    Congratulations, it's a beauty. HRP



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  3. Boneyard51
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    My folks bought a new Shasta trailer in aboutb1955. We when camping it it a lot . Used it to move from Oxnard , Ca to Oktaha, Oklahoma in Oct of 1957. We lived it while the new house was being built. Used later at deer camp. My Dad sold it sometimes in the previous century. Wish I had it back, made a lot of memories in that trailer!

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  4. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

    I love the rust on the propane tanks, original patina is hard to restore or to simulate. Bravo on a great trailer. Now all you need is a plate of biscuits and gravy and you are set!
    biscuits & gravy.jpg
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  5. I actually did not know that, truth be told I know very little about these things. It's fun learning, however :)
  6. The tail lights have had the hot rod treatment and a little wild striping adds to the uniqueness, "Buckshot Berry" hints to the camper being used for hunting before we aquired it, there are a lot of little dents in the aluminum siding.

    And my last name is Berry. HRP



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  7. flatheadpete
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    from Burton, MI

    Very similar layout to my '58 Tour-A-Home. Cool camper for sure!
  8. Nice find! I sure hope your son doesn't wet the bed! Haha
  9. Why do you think they made the cot out of dense canvas? :D HRP
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  10. My son was so excited to lay in that thing...but the kids slept on the dinette converted to bed
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  11. catdad49
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    Wow, that's a Beauty! A bunch of Happy Campers.
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