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Hot Rods 1957 Ford T-Bird reaer oil seal

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Beep, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. How difficult is it to change out the rear oil seal in a 57 T-Bird? It sure looks like the oil pan will just fall out with no trouble. Has anyone done this before on a T-Bird?

    Also what do I need to do to change to Bird over to a PCV valve system?

    Thank ahead of time
  2. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    Birds are easier than the cars. It can be done in the car. Best place for info is the "YBlocksforever" web site.
    As for the PCV 62 valley cover has the correct fitting to do the job the best. I think you already have the side road draft tube/filter on the drivers side blocked and your draft tube is at the back. You could just remove it and find the 62 fitting. On top you can get a oil filler cap with a hose fitting from stant and run a hose under the air cleaner to a hole u drill. Photo is of the 62 valley cover I bought off e-bay for my 56. image.jpeg
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  3. rear main seal puller 001.JPG rear main seal puller 002.JPG rear main seal puller 003.JPG Pull the pan loosen all the main caps . remove rear main cap. Pull old seal out. Using a Chinese finger trap tool pull the seal in place while turning the crankshaft in the same directon. cut off seal a bit below the partng surface and tamp the edges. trim flush and install bottom half. pictures of the tool. Nicknamed A Sneaky Pete.
  4. Well, good luck.

    Bastards always leak no matter what you do.

    Drop the drag link to get the pan out easier. Follow the above directions and MOST IMPORTANT.


    USE 95 POUNDS AS YOUR TORQUE SPEC. Not the 120 that is in the Ford books.

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  5. Thanks guys. Hey OLD WOLF, where do I get a "sneaky pete" tool? I will be reinstalling one of the newer rubber seal kits if I do anything. I installed a PVC set up and the drip has now slowed to almost nothing. After three days, maybe or or two small drops on the floor. I may just leave well enough alone. I have the new seal kit and If I can get the sneaky pete thingy, i'll have what I need as a JIC
  6. sunbeam
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    My advice use the seal from Best gaskets and loosen the back 4 mains a turn or 2 while rolling the top half of the seal in.

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