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1957 Ford Supercharged

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ChevyGasser Madness, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. How rare is a 57 Supercharged Ford? Was the unit or were the cars available or were they prototypes? I know very little about them and am gathering knowledge, leaning on the 57 Ford Hambers. I'm told they were Paxton and are rare, school me up on these cool Fords.:):cool:.
  2. Gotgas
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    from DFW USA

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  3. There are a couple of guys with these setups on the Y Blocks Forever forum. Some parts are being reproduced, and it is possible to build a modern version of one using the current Paxton blowers. The originals are rare & expensive, though not exactly so rare as to be called prototypes. The general figure I've been told is around 450-500 actual cars, and it's anybody's guess as to the over-the-counter number sold.

    One thing to remember is that it's not just a bolt-on blower package...there was a specific cam, and cylinder heads, which have the same ports as the vaunted ECZ-G heads, but larger chambers to lower the compression.
  4. 50stude p/u
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    50stude p/u

    I know they used McCullochs which were paxtons with a variable ratio pulley, meaning that you could get the 5psi max from 2,900 to 5,100 rpm. Thats the VS-57s at least. Pretty sure thats what the fords of that time used. They might have used VS-58s.

    check out ebay. There are some manuals on there that can be helpful. was a great rescourse but it dissapeared.
    check this group out too.
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  5. actually available in 56-57. rated at 300 horse.Ford needed to sell 250 each year to be legal stockers for NASCAR. all most all were sold to known racers. the one I had, I sold the blower to a buddy (for 10 bucks and then bought him and I drinks till I was broke) traded the car with the factory dual quad set up (270 horse) for a 54 chev. told the guy to respect the heads. he told me later that he couldn't tell the difference,put one head on his 57 wagon and junked the other head along with the F-series 300 minus the 4 speed and 4.57 locker.
    these blowers were aluminum looked more like a mopar alternator than a Paxton
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  6. I can point you in the right direction.

    Already some of the information offered is incorrect.

    Send me a P.M. I"m local in Glen Burnie.

  7. Pir8Darryl
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    Maybe the rest of us would like to know as well......
  8. Deuce Daddy Don
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    Deuce Daddy Don

    I was fortunate to have driven one of these dealer demo's, the dealer was Theador Robbins in Newport Beach, Ca. & the demo was a 57 Ford 2 door Customline, a strictly basic model with no frills, but man, could that sucker come on with that Paxton blower unit & 3 on the tree!!---------Don
  9. go to the owner of the site has one and he offers repo parts for them is a good place for info

    as is y-blocksforever as allready mentioned
  10. tommy
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  11. are you talking about a T-Bird or any other 57 Ford.. I think that the T-birds were the only ones Supercharged from the factory, but the McCullough was a Dealer installed option as well so some ended up on other cars as well.. My Dads friend has a 56 with one that was installed at the dealer..
  12. Gotgas
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    from DFW USA

    Offered on both Ford passenger cars and Thunderbirds. F-code designates the engine code in the VIN. Factory installed.

    I'm fairly certain this was only for '57. I have never heard of any '56 Fords being factory or dealer supercharged before this thread.
  13. T-Time
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    from USA

    I know of one that wasn't.

    Bill Britt, a high school kid from a small rural town in Alabama (Aliceville? Carrollton?) bought one new in 1957. After blowing up the second or third engine, Ford refused to warrant any more of the engines for him! (This was a Fairlane, not a T-Bird, btw.)
  14. thanks, that's good to know.. i had only ever seen the birds with superchargers on them so i just assumed that was it.. i'll chat with my pops later and get the skinny on how that charger got on his friends ride.. he told me once that it was put on at the dealer but maybe there's more to the story..
  15. jroberts
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    The red and white '57 clone was at Autofair several years ago. I believe it was for sale. This is an interesting thread and timely for me. I just met a fellow in Indiana whose son is building a Model A coupe with a Y-block in it. He presently has three dueces on it, but has come across on of the early McCullochs and is toying with the idea of using it instead. I voted for the McCulloch!

    Didn't NASCAR ban the use of superchargers the next year ('58) because of the power the Fords gained from them?
  16. My friend bought one new in 57 it ran good but couldn't put my buddies 57 injected Chevy away.
  17. Thanks for all the information, I've got a good idea of what caliper of car Ford produced. Now I am trying to come up with value, considering a vintage drag car with history, still lettered up, plenty of "barn find dust", all together, I'd say about two weeks of TLC and this car could be brought to a level of when it was stored away.:cool::).
  18. 2002p51
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    Well, that and the injected Chevys too. NASCAR could see where this was headed and they cut it off at the knees.

    It was single four barrels only after that until later in the the sixties when they allowed dual quads on certain engines for one or two years. But that's a whole 'nother story. :)
  19. AnimalAin
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    A few of them were successful in Stock Eliminator racing through the 60s and 70s. I've only seen a few, and am not sure those were factory-assembled. Sure are neat, though.
  20. aceuh
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