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Projects 1957 F100 spring project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Chris, Mar 14, 2020.

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    from okc

    Lookin' good, glad to hear you're giving Sid some biz, he is a great guy.....
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  2. It was just ugly spray paint. The gas tank is visible behind the seat, I just couldn't live with ugly yellow. And yes, all the cool cars get to live inside the garage, while I work on the 57 outside :/
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  3. The hubcaps are a grayish-silver...I will probably go with something that contrast a little better...although that is a good looking color!
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  4. swervyjoe
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    The burgundy color on the front left wheel looks like a good match with the yellow to me.
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  5. The front of the truck wasn’t quite as low as I wanted, so I talked to Sid and he suggested Posie dual flex front springs. I ordered a pair, got them, painted and installed them. It lowered the truck another 1-1.5” which is right where I wanted it

    4B96A802-9D5E-46B8-AAEC-CA0E218E4CCC.jpeg 36B750F7-25D9-44C3-B5F2-EA13E0EF59E6.jpeg BF82D2BA-C930-4C2F-9981-E17E7CCE7900.jpeg

    I also have a friend who is a painter and currently out of work. I gave him the job of restoring a 59-60 custom cab steering wheel which I got back yesterday

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  6. alchemy
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    How about gold wheels and some stainless 48 caps? When the truck is done I'll be right out to pick it up. Thanks.
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  7. X2 for me as well.
    That 4 door in the background is damn cool too.
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  8. That sits nice , great work Chris !
  9. 302GMC
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    from Idaho

    Still open for wheel & tire suggestions ? 15'' Ford pickup front, 15'' Chrysler rear, both reversed & painted black. Baldies & '49 Ford beauty rings, black tires - 5.90s & 8.20s ...
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  10. Dan in Pasadena
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    Dan in Pasadena

    I'm gonna say it and get flamed for it, but I don't care. I like the wheels red. A brighter red than the one on driver's front now. Ribbed narrow rings and dog dish caps. NO whitewalls.

    The '57's are to me so much nicer looking than the quad headlight models, though I like those too as the below photo shows. Since yours is already a nice color maybe a similar two tone job to this turquoise one by BA54BBF6-2A98-4B8D-8FC1-905CD027257C_1_105_c.jpeg your buddy that needs a job? This wagon two tone gives an idea how your yellow truck might look. (Forgive the OT wheels)

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  11. I actually plan to two tone this truck eventually. The hood on it is a 58 (wrong side emblems) and is the only part of the truck that is not in great shape. In pics you can see some red primer on the front lower hood corners...that is a common area to crack and this one is no exception. A previous owner welded up the cracks and painted the primer on. I picked up a nice original 57 hood with no damage, and figured if I two toned it, it would kill 2 birds with one stone as I could never get the old yellow to match. Maybe that's next years project

  12. RmK57
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    I was going to say cracking from slamming the hood shut but with the 223 or y-block the hood would seldom be open.:rolleyes:
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  13. The Magic Ratchet
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    The Magic Ratchet

    Since these trucks rusted almost as soon as they were delivered (mine was first repaired when it was only 5 years old), I cannot stress how very, very, very fortunate you were to find a truck so rust free. Wow!!!
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  14. swervyjoe
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    I'm just hoping I have some money if and when you decide to sell it.
  15. brad2v
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    Ah, the HAMB, and wheel colors. I'm reluctant to chime in. I like the maroon of the left front. I once had a '63 Valiant in a similar shade of yeller. Omaha orange wheels, it looked fantastic to my eye. My neighbor however asked me why I painted 'em that color. I replied with "cuz it's my fuckin car".
  16. Have not had a lot of time to spend on the truck but did get a few things done. Pulled the heater and tore it down, got it blasted and repainted. Waiting for a new firewall pad to arrive that needs to go in before the heater does. Also got my gas tank reinstalled with cleaned and painted hardware. I still working through the virus shutdowns, if I get some time I’ll have my wife help me align it so that I can get the front suspension buttoned up

    Last edited: Mar 24, 2020
  17. Quick after work headliner install

  18. RmK57
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    Does this truck have a spot inside your shop or is it banished to the outdoors?
  19. Outside
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  20. Stayed home today to help my wife, who is now working from home, run interference on the kiddos. I still go to work, for now. So during nap time, I had her help me align it. Then I double checked the fasteners on the whole front end, topped off the steering box and greased the whole thing. Put some gas in it and drove it up and down the driveway making sure the trans shifted and aligned my steering wheel
    14E68729-3E4C-40C6-980F-6C6EAF3609C4.jpeg 105447C1-1DB5-49C3-8B4A-C88C96932874.jpeg

    this evening, polished all my dash bezels, door handles and knobs. Kind of amazing how dirty these things get. I have had the control cables hung up and soaking since I took them out a few weeks they work effortlessly
  21. Tryin some mock up

  22. Cowtown
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    Just Love the truck! I have had several of them. Give us a run down on the steering wheel. What paint did you use?
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  23. I like the rims yellow... The chrome Ford caps in the picture with red letters would look great.. Keep the updates coming Chris... be well to you and your family..
  24. AmishMike
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    Very nice truck with nice updates. Never liked gas tank in the cab. Most cars & drag racers always have firewalls between cab & gas tank for a reason.
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  25. sliceddeuce
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  26. RmK57
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    x2. Truck looks fantastic.
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  27. Just a single stage enamel
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  28. Caps are actually painted silver, that's how Ford did em. That's a very nice set of caps that match the trucks character
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  29. True, but I have a lot of trucks all with tanks in the cab and it doesn't bother me. Ford did tank in cab on trucks from the teens up through the mid 70's.

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