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Projects 1956 Pontiac Gasser 389 swap

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by wvenfield, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. tofords
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    getPart-11.jpg getPart-12.jpg getPart-14.jpg 1959 389 Pont. and a 4 speed B&M hydro.
  2. 31hotrodguy
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  3. wvenfield
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    The garage the Pontiac is at has been busy. I don't like to go down and work when he is busy as then he doesn't get things done. LOL I am retiring next month and I'm trying to get a few things at home taken care of before then also. The back half of the wiring is done but wiring pics can be boring.

    I'll be down there tomorrow.
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  4. If am correct that car was in a magazine, did it have the 2x4 set up on it? I live in Perry and tried to track that car down I was interested in buying it...
    I am in the process of building a 56 860 also.
  5. Small world... I don’t live in Perry, but work there still. When I got the car, it only had a single four on it. And, yea, the guy I sold it to found the magazine article it was in. I knew it had been a race car, but it was in pretty sad shape when I got it. The owner had passed away and his son wanted rid of it. It had been sitting in a shed for years.

    I might have a few Pontiac parts laying around still if there is anything you might need. Mostly what I have laying around still is engine stuff. I used to really be into Pontiac’s.
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  6. That is awesome, I saved the article I will post it when I'm back on my PC. I would be interested in the motor stuff
    Cool story behind that car. I have the article I will post it next time I'm at my PC. My old farmer buddy knew the guy that had that car. For the day those cars were a pretty serious piece when massaged a little bit. I am interested in the parts you have, I will message you my phone number.

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