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Technical 1956-1958 Mopar Gauge Questions

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Michael Pressley, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Michael Pressley
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    Michael Pressley

    Hi, I've mostly just been a lurker here, but I've noticed this site seems to have the most knowledgeable members so I figure its a good bunch to ask.........I've been shopping for 1956 Dodge gauges for a custom panel I'm building for a project(49 Desoto club coupe). I'm finding 1950's Mopar fuel gauges seem to all list a different gauge for wagons...why? They look the same but have a different part number. My second question is about the gauge voltage....Did they use a 5 volt regulator like in the 60's? Between 55 and 56 were the switch over years from 6v to 12v the gauges look identical so is the 55 also 12v? If it were 6v then with the fact that it was designed for positive ground cause any problems? I also have a 57/58 Chrysler 300c 150mph speedometer with a very rough movement...Can I use parts from a standard 120mph speedometer? How were they calibrated?...through a different magnet?,....clock spring resistance?.....Gears within the mechanism? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. uncltank
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    Hi Michael,
    Try 'The Forward Look Network' they deal with years '55-'61 Mopars...
    A lot of knowledge on this site
    As for the fuel tank gauge being different, the fuel tank on my '57 wagon
    sets up in the left quarter panel. Not in the frame as sedans.
  3. Wagon's also carried more fuel - bigger tank
  4. Gotgas
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    from DFW USA

    Lots of questions.

    Wagons always used a different gas tank design so I would expect the gauge sender to be different for them. But not the gauge in the dashboard. Are you saying that is what's different?

    I can't help much with the '55 versus '56 stuff. I would tend to suggest not switching between 6 and 12v on the gauges, but I can't rule out that they might work just fine. Hook it up and see.

    I also have a '57 300C 150mph speedometer. I bought it as frozen-up junk, but it was a pretty simple matter of cleaning it and spraying some light lubricant around the mechanism. I got it working well enough to use it in my '57 non-300 Chrysler. The gauge face had a bunch of gray gunk/sealer on it that cleaned up with water, and it all polished out fine.



    I'm not sure there is all that much difference in the speedo mechanism between a C and a standard Chrysler. The "sweep" of the gauge is the same for both the 120- and 150-mph speedos, but of course it doesn't go as far to represent the same speed on the 150. Interestingly, the 150 starts at "0" while the 120 starts at "10"!

    I would bet that you could get an accurate speedometer by calibrating it with the correct speedometer driven gear:
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