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1955 pontiac hydramatic

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by roaddevilray, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. I have a 55 pontiac hydramatic along with the 55 pontiac mill. My question is do I need to have a pilot bearing for this trans? It does have a bit of a shaft sticking out of the front like a manual trans but it has 30 bolts from the torus to the flywheel. I didn't notice if it had one when we broke it down.
  2. damagedduck
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    from Greeley Co

    i don't remember any of mine one.

    The repair book only mentions it for standard shift trannies
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  3. Yeah that's what I figured too.
  4. andy checchia
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    andy checchia
    from USA

    There is a roller bearing that goes into the crank for this transmission. Ames Engineering in New Hampshire sells it.


  5. 56sedandelivery
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    They do take a "standard transmission-like" pilot bearing. The only real difference is, it is exposed to trans fluid, while a standard shift trans is not (except for the old MOPAR auto-manual trans). Butch/56sedandelivery.
  6. d2_willys
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    from Kansas

    I have both the engine and trans, and ALL single and dual range hydros up to 56 (62 for trucks) (when the DC hydro replaced it) had the pilot bushing. Some used bearings, some used simple sintered bronze bushings. My Pontiac has a ball bearing installed in it.
  7. Thanks guys. Appreciate it.
  8. 55yak
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    Yes, pilot shaft does stick into pilot bearing of crank. Be sure and seal the flywheel to
    the crankshaft or you will have a leak. Use a good anarobic sealer. Also use something that doesn't harden like Hylomar on both sides of your torus gasket. If you
    want to do it right, check flywheel run-out 1st. Any more than .007 and you will have front pump leak after awhile. I know from experience. These slant pan hydros work great, but you have to be careful of leaks.-John

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