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History 1955-56 mercury's

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 53vicky, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. impala59
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    from vallejo,ca

  2. RZR32
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    from OH

    Hi there. Any idea where I can rear door vent window molding for a '55 Mercury Montclair 4 dr? Thanks.
  3. Yutan Flash
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    Yutan Flash
    from Gretna, NE

    Just got my copy of FoMoCo Times, the magazine for the Crown Victoria Association. CVA is now expanding to include '54-'56 Mercs as well as '54-'56 Ford pick'm'ups along with all '54-'56 full-size Fords. That means the Crown Vic crowd will be getting an education on Mercs in the very near future.
  4. 54ChoppedCustom
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  5. I really like the "lightning bolt" trim on the 56's. (And pretty much everything else about them.) :)
  6. 39 Deluxe
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    39 Deluxe

    This well preserved 56 Montclair showed up at the car show here this past summer. IMG_3373.JPG
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I'm a huge fan of the Monterey.....It just bugs me when everyone feels the need to add the Montclair Door Trim to everything.......Why? I find it much like tits on a boar.....Much of the time...."Less is More".....Centurion9
  8. You should know better by now........:(
  9. Rocket Scientist Chris
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    Rocket Scientist Chris

    I agree! No Montclair door trim on my '55 Monterey! :)


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  10. donno21
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  11. jnaki
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    When we moved to the last house (for us) in Long Beach, it was located near all of the hot rod shops (Maillard,Thompson.Clay Smith,etc.) just a few blocks from our house. But, in 1956, the girls that lived in the neighborhood took piano lessons at a house several doors away. The teacher drove a cool looking 1955 Mercury two door hardtop sedan. The color was this seafoam green with white inserts. upload_2016-12-1_4-46-14.png (from the internet)

    When she was teaching one of the girls, the other girls wanted to go for a drive in the car. I did not have a license, but knew how to start and drive the car. (My dad used to let me steer his big Buicks into the driveway all of the time. Once a car junkie, always a car junkie, even at an early age.) So, in order to impress these girls, I said I could take them for a spin around the block and be back in time for their piano lessons. At first, we found the keys to the Mercury. But, I thought the teacher suspected someone was taking her car and putting on miles, so she started to hide her keys. That was not a problem as we learned to start these old cars with aluminum foil or “tin foil” back in those days. We were really good even when the foil supply was low or non existent. We used the foil off of a Juicy Fruit Gum wrapper. There was no way to reverse the mileage, so we just went around the block a few times, to keep the miles low.

    The girls were a little weird as they wanted a sound that came out of th exhaust pipes that sounded like hot rods that they had seen in the neighborhood. So, I tried to recreate that sound, but the stock mufflers just would not make that rupp-rupp sound. Finally, I figured out that if I accelerated fast and then let off fast in low gear, that created a similar sound. The Mercury let out a blaaahhh sound. Not quite, but it made the girls happy. I was “king of the streets” knowing how to drive and make these muffler sounds. I am sure that the neighbors did not like the sound every week and it probably was not good for the car to accelerate in low gear and then let off the gas to slow down all around the neighborhood. We did put on some miles and never got caught driving around. The teacher never knew who drove her car around the neighborhood. The power of friends keeping secrets… pre teen escapades at its finest…


    When I was in the market to buy a car after I got my real driver’s license, I considered this Mercury hardtop as it had that cool look with all of the windows rolled down. Accessories were easy to get, but speed equipment was harder to find. My brother convinced me that Chevrolet cars were the easiest to work on and were faster than Mercury cars, especially at the drags.
  12. scott salwa
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    scott salwa

  13. scottie
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    heres my 55, chassis number states its a 55 but has 56 side trim , was told that the roof says its a 55 but i cant see a difference with 55 and 56 roofs, anyone know ?? 119505423_3688142621219856_7782114930443568556_n.jpg
  14. Ford used two different roof heights in '55; in the Ford line, the Crown Vic and convertible roofs were 2" lower than all other models. For the Merc, it was the Sun Valley and the 'vert. The 'plain' hardtops used the same front glass as the sedans. In '56 the lower roof was used on all hardtops. Compare vent window height, that's the easiest way to see it.
  15. Pistnbroke
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  16. This was my daily driver in the early ‘80’s.....Sold it for 850.00 in ‘84......

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