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1954 dodge ram 1 ton

Discussion in 'New to the H.A.M.B.? Introduce yourself here!' started by rogerdodger5577, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Just got a 1954 dodge ram 1 ton a week ago and Im allready trying to figure out exactly what series it is and where I can get parts for this beast. Obviously someone removed the duelly rear end and replaced with a 1984 dodge ram rear. Im trying to decide what I should do about the tire and wheel situation. The original front wheels are terrible. The truck feels like it is going to fly off road at 45. I have been told that new tires and rims would fix that. However without changing the front end I will never find wheels to fit the truck that look any good. A LITTLE HELP PLEASE. thx
  2. 52RAM108
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    from 76564

    The data plate is either on the driver side firewall or the driver door jamb between the hinges. The model number for a '54 would be something like C-1-D-126. The '54 thru early '55 models had that unique cab that was an improvement over the Pilot House cabs, but then was modified significantly for late '55 and used on small trucks thru '60 and large trucks up thru '75. The giveaway is the A-pillar shape: if it appears raked back, it's the 54 cab; if it's near vertical with the windshield wrapped around, then it's a '56.

    As for the wheels, are they all beat up, or is the steering wobbly? There are adjustments to the steering gearbox that can be made that can make control much more precise when the components are in good shape. But if the steering is within specs and the rims are not salvageable, ya might have a problem with those 1-ton front wheels. If they are the originals, then replacement options are limited because of the lug bolt spacing combined with the size of the brake drums. Later 6-lug 16" rims from International (and Ford, I think) with drop center hoops may clear the drums in the front. On the stock 1-ton rear axle, the drums are larger and the stock lock-ring rims just clear, which means a drop center hoop may not fit. Some pics may be helpful :cool:
  3. MoparJoel
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    Welcome! Parts are going to be a Ebay or Craigslist finds. Almost nothing is reproduced for these trucks. What are your plans? Do you want to keep it a 1 ton? or try and hotrod it? (This is a Hotrod forum after all!). if you are going to hotrod it a early 90s Dakota frame swap would be the easiest giving you parts availability a Mopar power plant and wheel options. If you get really lucky you can still find 50s half ton frames to start with. I would love to see what a full size Ram dually axle looks like on that truck, because before 1961 these trucks were VERY narrow and a 61+ truck axle would hang way out of the body (especially if its a dually). If you have more questions or would like to show off your project you should head over to the 48-60 Dodge truck Thread, Kind of the Hang out for us 50s Mopar truck guys. Heres a link to go over there:

    Welcome again and Enjoy the HAMB! ;)
  4. If you use the Ford wheels on the front they will rub on the tie rod ends, the Ford wheels have about an inch more off set, the wheels up to 68 Dodge will fit, some of the early Dodge motor homes used a 16.5 wheel but are rare. I have a 68 D300 and found out the hard way on the tie rods.


  5. well, I now know that I have a 54 c serier 1 ton or a 3500 as we would call it today. It was originally a dually (which I am going to bring it back to),. It has an updated rear end off a 84 dodge ram. The front end is going to be hard to reproduce so my idea is to replace the hubs somehow to update to disc brakes and also give me a different bolting pattern. From there I hope to find stock heavy duty wheels in a polished aluminum
  6. I would love to be able to put a pic of the truck so you guys could see what im talking about but cannot for some reason.
  7. MoparJoel
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    I don't know how some people post pictures but I use a image hosting site like create and account and it keeps all my photos and i can use different sizes for different threads. Then just copy and past the link here. hope this helps some.
  8. well.....posting pics on this thing sucks so if you'll give me a email I will send you pics of the truck. Or go to you tube. type in 1954 dodge ram and look for one in maryville tenn. It's bright blue
  9. 392modela
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    posted with a box of crayons on the outhouse wall
  10. Ram Boy 54
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    Ram Boy 54

    Your troubles for fixing up your dodge are not in vain!! I have a 54 1 ton myself, it belonged to my great grand father, and I have been restoring it as close to original condition as possible. I know a few parts guys that you can order parts from if your interested. Let me know about your wheel situation because Im looking for a set for my truck.

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