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Projects 1951 Ford Country Squire, chrome reverse time. Thoughts & Ideas !

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rob-redm, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Thank you, more work ahead...brakes , etc
  2. 51woodie
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    Late to the party but that is one fine ride you are puttin' together. Really like that original wood patina. The yellow on the tail gate looks just like the base coat I use for maple wood grain. Maybe you could just wood grain the tail gate and not have to match the paint?
  3. F-head
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    hey Rob, that thing looks great, now you just hafta lower the ass end and put skirts on it.
    caddy sombrero's on the front
    oh wait, thats what i'm gonna do to my 50.
  4. LOL B ! Just need to wood grain the inserts of the rear tailgate down the road.. I had a name of guy who does local... heck if I can find it now...Hmmm skirts and caddy sombrero's on your 50 would look killer and drive the woodie purists crazy... Shooting for GG in Puyallup if possible.....
  5. not much to report, just getting some mechanicals taken care of at Thunfield Rod & Custom.. Front end drop, brakes, wheel bearings, hoses...some other small stuff , maybe GG in Puyallup...

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    Last edited: Jul 17, 2014
  6. Were getting there, Marshall & Gary at Thunfield Rod & Custom.. are working hard on the Woodie. Front drop uprights are in brakes almost done... Ordered some more parts tonight for turnsignals...
  7. F-head
    Joined: Oct 20, 2007
    Posts: 843


    Rob,looks great, I'd keep an eye on that Marshall guy though.
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  8. That's a good one ! LOL
  9. so the ole 51, took to the streets of T-town for the first time in 40 years... some small issues with charging system or starter /starter solenoid.. draining the battery... bought a new starter soleniod and voltage regulator... There over forty years old and have been sitting ..

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  10. so we are getting close, alignment, exhaust... finish front turnsignals... we just may make it to GG in Puyallup... Thunfield is really working hard on the ole Woodie... I would have never been able to get this car were it's at with out Bruce Bronson from Bronson's Boat Work in Gig Harbor( wood refinishing , custom made fuel tank, bringing the flathead back to life. Gary, Marshall, Josh, Chris with Thunfield Rod & Custom... Many Thank you's to all you guys....We are getting close , and I'm stoked !

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  11. hopefully exhaust today.. getting close
  12. Hang in there your getting close! :) HRP
  13. having some starter problems..small hickups.. hopefully we'll make it !
  14. we made it to Goodguys !
  15. Paul Windshield
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    Paul Windshield

    Saw it out there. Looking good.
  16. Thank you Paul !

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  17. round three in a few weeks, fix rear end leak, engine mounts, new updated Dennis Carpenter water pumps, have the radiator done... I'm curious if anyone have tried these new Dennis Carpenter pumps ?
  18. BTT , thoughts on the new Flathead water pumps Dennis C. is selling. I ordered a set last night... Would really like some feed back from anyone who has used them.
  19. Boones
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    from Kent, Wa
    1. Northwest HAMBers

    I was wondering if that was your woodie when I seen it. It was looking good.
  20. Rob, I just finally got back on here after a long hiatus and looked through all your pictures of the woodbox. Nice job pal. Way to stick it out and get it on the road. I love it. I have regained my stoke and should be getting something done on my coupe. Miss ya pal. Maybe it will make it to Tucson someday?
  21. It was alot of work, and I had alot of help to get it on the road...Thanks again to Bruce B. of Bronson's Boat Works nd Marshall W & Gary W.(and crew) of Thunfield. Had lots of fun and learned alot on how these cars are put together... Now for round three ! Thank you for all the great compliments on the Woodbox !
  22. did a little weatherstrip installing on Saturday... 63 year weatherstrips make for rattles... Doors done, upper lift hatch done. ran out of time to do the lower tailgait. Maybe get that done next weekend
  23. so new engine mounts on Friday...Rebuilt starter and generator installed.. Had the radiator cleaned out, and new Dennis C. water pumps... Installed correct lower radiator hoses... Fall will me wiring harness time... Anyone familiar with Class-Tech vintage wiring out of Bend, Or.... Sound like a greay guy.. quoted me good price on complete wiring harness for the woodie...may have to order it.. Never heard back from Shoebox Ford the 1-800 number is disconnected shop closed ?

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  24. I ordered a Class-Tech vintage wiring set out of Bend, Or.... Sound like a greay guy.. quoted me good price on complete wiring harness for the I ordered.. Never heard back from Shoebox Ford the 1-800 number is disconnected shop closed ? Looks like the pinion seal on the diff is now leaking , oh well time to fix that also.. Having a blast with Ole Patricia (aka ole redwood)
  25. Got the wiring harnesses for the woodie last Tuesday....Class-Tech, Chris Olson... sent the complete kit for the car... Great service...Just send me a check when you get harness kit... Thats the kind of vendor I like dealing with...NO BS, run into any problems call me... Got wiring grommets and speedo cable the other day... Pinion seal is shot, nothing like smelling gear oil in the garage from it leaking on the floor... So I'll limp it down to the shop to start these little projects when I get the green light... so no driving untill we have her fixed up.. The harness in the woodie is pretty frayed in places...Doubt I'll make the East vs West flathead event or poker run up north in the woodie...
  26. So ole redwood is in for the much needed wiring harness...was fun driving her down to the shop... Beautiful fall Saturday morning...just fun day...will post some pics if possible
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  27. Car looks great. HRP

  28. Looks great! First time I drove my 41 convertible I burnt the wiring up!!
  29. the wiring is pretty frayed in places... so money well spent...
  30. wiring is almost done

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