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Features 1950's period correct hot rods.

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by oldebob, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. VA HAMB
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    My Mother in 1952 with her Brother's Cabriolet. The story was it came from CA and built by Eddie Myers in the mid 40's and sold to PGA legend Sam Snead and flown to Roanoke, VA on a plane. I've never been able to verify it. i would say it's more likely a very early Sam Barris car if anything? Snead was my Grandmother's brother and gave the car to my uncle in 46. It was sold in the 70's and restored back to original.

    FB.JPG IMG_0054ii.jpg
  2. Jet96
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    from WY

    ^^That's very cool!^^
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  3. chopo
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  4. LSGUN
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    from TX

  5. Six Ball
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    Six Ball
    from Nevada

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  6. 3340
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    Recent picture of my 50’s build 31 ford IMG_0142.JPG

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  7. jnaki
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    upload_2021-4-26_4-6-24.png 1958-59 So Cal car show goggle photo


    Having been asked if I saw plenty of custom cars when we were all young was a good question. Despite what the magazines show in their articles, the car clubs all over So Cal and elsewhere, full customs were not the hot rods or daily drivers of the day. The only fully customized car/truck, was a neighborhood modified truck that was considered a full custom show car, but was a daily driver for the owner. He parked it out in front of his storefront in our Westside of Long Beach neighborhood from the time we were little kids riding our bicycles past his store and truck on our way to a huge neighborhood park.

    On the streets of our neighborhood and for us elsewhere we went in Long Beach, we were stuck not seeing a lot of custom cars cruising the streets. Definitely there were no fenderless roadsters or coupes roaming around on a daily basis. The only time we saw custom cars or roadsters/coupes were those times at car shows. Then for some reason, out came a bunch of custom cars with fancy wheels, paint jobs and nice TJ white upholstery.

    We would see some of the cars in magazines, but most were driven to the shows for display. The 50 Ford Coupe was typical of the ones that could have been in car shows and being daily drivers. The accessories, and Appleton Spotlights were popular, even on some family sedans. (our dad had a single and double Appletons light on a couple of his Buick sedans. )

    We did have a friend that had a 50 Ford sedan, but he did not have the fancy Candy Apple paint or the highlighted Gold scallops. It had a nice shiny paint job and white walls with a full flipper hubcap or small ones with rings. Most teenagers had simple sedans for their daily drivers and certainly to get them to their afterschool jobs. If it could be afforded, a nice upholstery job and a great looking paint job were the two top items. Then the flipper hubcaps came in third.


    So, for all of you that have been reading stacks of 50s hot rod/custom car magazines from the 50s and early 1960s, that was an exclusive portion of cars selected from the editors and photographers of the day. They had their likes dislikes and the ones that were portrayed were considered in the top echelon of the so called neighborhood hot rods of the times.

    Not all of us were chino wearing, duck tailed, side burns, greasy car people as depicted by films, newspapers, and magazines. Some of us actually lived a life like the TV families and it was considered normal. We drove sedans, coupes and some trucks for our daily drivers.
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  8. Besty34
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    from U k


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  9. D.Conrad
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    1. 1940 Ford

    Very nice, looks like restored car with a nice rake.
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  10. Nobey
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  11. rotten ron
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    rotten ron

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  12. Thanks for the kind words. IMG_7839.JPG Got it registered today with this plate!
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  13. That's what I'm planning to do with my car. Period correct. I mean it already is period correct except for the battery and tray, also I have no money but when I get some I'm going double carb and high compression heads

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  14. Besty34
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    from U k

    Anymore 50’s style hot rods out there ?

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  15. 4ty
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    Can't wait to see it in person ! !
    Paul in CT
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  16. ne'erdowell
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    My old ‘30 IMG_0301.JPG

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  17. Aaron D.
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    Aaron D.

    This is my friend in 1957. The car was purchased for $175 on Christmas Eve 1956 partially assembled. Salem Oregon.

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  18. 50 Merc Man
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    50 Merc Man

  19. jnaki
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    In 2018, I took some photos of a very cool Ford 2 door hardtop. It had the look of a custom car we used to see daily, during our teenage years in So Cal. (except for the newish hubcaps) It was the style of a family car that then became a hot rod or cruiser with a few custom touches. Today, it would be classified as a mild custom.

    It was not a fancy paint job, but a cool, subtle color that went along with the style set out for businessmen and families. My wife liked the color as she saw a 1940 Ford convertible in the similar light grey color and wanted to purchase the convertible on the spot. (It was not for sale) For this particular Ford sedan, it has the makings of what memories are made of and from anyone’s history.


    While sitting in our daily driver waiting for a left turn light, my wife noticed a light grey sedan up ahead. The large cars in front of my line of sight was blocked. But, she said she could see an old hot rod. So, I took out my digital camera and started filming, with the hopes of seeing an “old hot rod.”
    April 2021

    Surprise, surprise, it was the old Ford sedan that I had taken photos back in 2018-2019, prior to the pandemic attacking all of us.

    Recently, we were in the same neighborhood and saw it parked. But, the odd thing was that at the weekly Cars and Coffee event, it looked like a different color in the lower half of the sedan. It may have been the overcast sky or coastal, dreary haze, that lingers for several hours every day during the summer months.

    At any rate, if it is a “color change”, it still looks as if it rolled out of a 1960 car dealer’s used car lot. Whitewalls and everything that the sedan had going for it, would have made a teenager shell out his/her well earned money for a first time purchase for high school or work.
    upload_2021-7-28_4-30-42.png 2021
  20. Mr. Mac
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    Mr. Mac

    My first real Hot Rod around 1963. ted's hot rod 1963 001.JPG

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