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Projects 1949 Chevy Sports Coupe

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by displaced_kiwi, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. telekenfun
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    Hey Ricki, It's a happy New Year to you and all the HAMBers.
    You're already past the most difficult part of the exhaust system. Many stall out trying to get the headers pipes past the crossmember and all the linkage down there. From here back should be a breeze. May I suggest getting some pre-bent tail pipes from NAPA that will get you over the differential(what ever pieces look like they will fit), then start at the holes you've cut in your bumper for sections of straight pipe to provide perfect orientation and secure mounting. Then use whatever bends and short sections necessary to the connect to the tailpipes behind the differential. I'm guessing it will look killer. I bet it sounds great too, inline sixes with glass packs have a sound all their own!
    I have that wedge and roller assembly for you whenever you're ready for it. I can also get you pictures and diagrams of how I setup my kickdown linkage.
    As for your charging system, I've had much trouble with the 12volt systemI changed over in our 49 Buick as well. It's regulator was definitely the problem. I installed a new NAPA regulator in the beginning and it started malfunctioning right from the start. The contact on the cutoff relay was loose in the contact arm. Replaced it with another one just like it. That one had problems with the cutoff relay as well. I've had to adjust it's gap and spring tension repeatedly. I have it working fairly well now but occasionally it fails to pull the contacts closed to connect the armature of the generator to the cars electrical system ( no charging). Then I have to remove the cover, physically close the contacts and all is good until the next time. Then I may have caused the contacts to not open when the engine is stopped, thus causing the generator's armature to drain the battery(ampmeter shows discharge with ignition off). I'm looking for an old genuine Delco Remy 12 volt regulator from a mid 50s GM car, they were always very reliable, and will solve my problem, I'm sure. The US made after market stuff from the auto supply houses just aren't made and adjusted like Delco did it. The new stuff is mostly junk.
    Again, Best Regards and good luck with all your endeavors, KB.
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  2. Very nice! My old 52, 150 still had the 216/3 speed. 52chevy_1981.jpg
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