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Projects 1937 Plymouth Build Thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 56 Dodge Pickup, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. This is my first build thread I have enjoyed following several build threads on the HAMB and I really appreciate the inspiration. I Hope this thread inspires someone to build something cool Thanks for looking Jim
    Bringing my new toy home from the PO house View attachment 2823874 IMG_20150103_074009.jpg

    At home in my garage let the deconstruction begin View attachment 2823874 IMG_20150103_074009.jpg

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  2. Sorry about the double pics I hope to get better at this!! My plans are to do all the Metal work including fabricating new inner fenders and firewall that will be upcoming. Then installing a new interior replacing the glass and finally shooting some color , but that is a long way off. For right now I'm just happy to have a new project in the garage!! Jim
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  3. Is this car someones unfinished project? HRP
  4. Yes HRP I am taking it over and planning on going through the whole car Jim
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  5. I had to replace the original radiator I wanted to go with a cross flow but due to space limitations I went with a down flow from Champion Radiators for a 37 Chevy truck after some fab work it fit like a glove. Jim

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  6. Always liked the Plymouths, I'll be watching.
  7. The PO installed a steering box that was long so they cut a hole in the grill that was covered by a license plate I decided to make a blister that would incorporate a turn signal.
  8. The making of the blister IMG_2221.JPG IMG_2222.JPG IMG_2225.JPG
  9. The end result with the turn signal installed I think it came out nice
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  10. Thank you 1927 graham I will post more pics
  11. There was an engine plate installed on the car that was welded to the front cross member then bolted to the motor I didn't like that setup so I removed it and installed regular motor mounts from speedway IMG_2210.JPG
  12. 41 C28
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    41 C28

    Interested in your turn signal bubbles. Love 37 Plymouths, keep us posted.
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  14. Thanks I started with a couple of small pie pans for about 3 bucks formed them with a hammer and heal dolly. Then I used a trailer hitch ball to finish the dome shape, next I drilled a inch and 3/4 hole in the center and used the trailer ball as a dimple press in my vice with a two inch backing stock to form the inside radius. The two inch light sits almost flush with the top of the blister very inexpensive way to make blisters. Check out the metal shaping thread on page 35 Homemade 57 posted a set up fro the trailer hitch dimple die it works Great! Jim
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  16. Firepower71
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    from Atlanta

    love these cars, been stalking them online for awhile. on my short list of next car to purchase. looking forward to this thread
  17. junkers72
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    What GM sub was used on your Plymouth?
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  18. There is a S-10 front end it was on the car when I bought it seems to fit fine I plan on leaving it the previous owner did use a box channel frame so I am not sure how the S 10 would line up with a stock frame, but they are readily available at about any junk yard. Jim
  19. Thank you Fire power 71 I will keep on working I appreciate your interest. Jim
  20. junkers72
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    Thank you for the info. It didn't look too wide in the pics . Good luck with your project. Ernie
  21. ramrod36
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    from Upstate NY

    Hey Jimmer you know trhat I will be following the thread and build. You have a fun project and no doubt it will turn out good. See you Saturday.

  22. Thank you ramrod36 yes I will be at breakfast Saturday have not made much progress this week to much snow and really cold.... Jim
  23. The engine plate has been removed and the new motor mounts have been installed
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  24. OK now back to some fabrication I really did not like the hard edge on the grill opening I welded 5/16 brake line to the inside edge to give a smooth round look this is a subtle change that really improves the overall look IMO.

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  25. This makes the grill shell much smoother with the rounded edge a little all metal and finishing is all it needs
  26. After searching the web for a stock headlight bezal and comming up empty I decided to build my own much more fun! I started with an old bezal that I had. I cut it down to 3/4 inch then after some shrinking and hammer dolly work I had a nice fit I still have to clean up the edges but I am happy with the results.



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  27. Removed the plywood fire wall today there was a sheet metal skin over the plywood I will be fabricating a metal fire wall. soon

  28. Also removed the wire harness Spaghetti I will be rewiring the car IMG_2260.JPG
    All deconstruction complete ready for new fabrication IMG_2263.JPG
    another shot of the old fire wall IMG_2264.JPG
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  29. fabricating the new fire wall working on the layout.


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  30. After the beard rolling and trimming its looking good still needs some finishing but I am happy with the results compared to what I started with.

    New wheel tri bar spinners
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