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Projects 1936 Ford Tudor to 3 Window Kustom Conversion "The Freeman 36"

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by sparkydeluxe, Aug 6, 2017.

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    Great Vision and Execution with your metal work on your project.
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    stoked to see this thread. good job buddy.
  3. Ravenwood
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    from Texas

    To my stubborn and outdated mind it seems that the elements of this project, collectively, define hot rodding. And more. There is too much to praise, so I'm bound to overlook something.
    The list begins: Courage. Ingenuity. Tenacity. Fortitude. Independence. Patience. Vision. Mind over (limited) matter. Sense of humor. Best of all, love of, and duty to, one's family.
    Winston Churchill addressed a graduating class with, "Never give up! Never give up!"
    By damn, Sir, you haven't. And you are a Freeman, indeed.
  4. banditomerc
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    This kind of build is so much more gratifying. .great job!
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  5. exterminator
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    My hat is off to anyone who can make a coupe out of a sedan or any other body style. Well done!
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  6. Lowbuckboz
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    Inspiring! Awesome, great job so far!
  7. Nice job! Looking forward to seeing it come together.
  8. Fedcospeed
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    Outstanding!! Really good inspiration here!
  9. quite impressive - watching and waiting... keep rock'n, I'd say you're doing great so far!
  10. Thor1
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    I just saw this thread for the first time. Like everyone else I am totally impressed. Your tenacity and perseverance to pursue your dream are really inspirational. Thank you for posting this. I too am going to subscribe to your thread and I look forward to seeing you move forward on your build.

  11. I've had my 36 tudor since 1984. A member of the family now.
    You are a true and inspiring artist. Your car looks great....................
    Keep us posted.

  12. Wow man thank you! All of these comments are incredibly appreciated but this one here needs to be folded up and placed in my pocket for a rough day. Really appreciate that!
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  13. A couple of updates on the build. Working one side at a time in the little shop I figured I would make all of my mistakes on the passenger side, and have an easier go of things on the driver...not at all the case. This side was a fighter giving me trouble wherever it could, but just like the passenger side the metal finally did what it was told and we're just about there (far from perfect). DSC_0019.jpg
  14. There were so many holes to be filled and patches to be made on the rear of this car. To be at a point where I'm not seeing through this thing like swiss cheese is incredibly gratifying. Again still SO far from perfect with miles to go, but if I were to call off the build and turn it into a hot tub it would take longer for the water to leak out now and that's something to be happy about. The patch job near the gas filler neck is not mine and needs a lot of reworking, and the door tops and bottom will take some considerable time, but I was lucky enough to come across a much cleaner pair of front fenders, so that will save quite a bit of bodywork overall.

    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
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  15. One last photo with the kiddos before she gets locked up into storage for the winter. Now that most of the cutting/grinding/welding is done I look forward to working on the next portion of the car with them. The family and I have decided to dodge the heavy snow this year and head west, so this winter I'll be without my little shop or tools which means she's on hold for the time. Hopefully this will allow me to return to the project like a bullet out of a gun, hungry to continue the process.

    Thank you so much to everyone for the kind words and encouragement!

    36 and the boys.jpg
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  16. Nice work dude! Wow!
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  17. jchav62
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    Cool stuff!!!!! Some good friends of mine did that same thing to a '71 Mach I Mustang... well 2 of them. Very impressive work...
  18. spurgeonforge
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  19. Cali4niaCruiser
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    Too friggin cool. Pure determination. Giving me ideas for my own 36 lust! Keep charging!!!
  20. 554coupe
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    from Australia

    You've done a sensational job mate . your metal fab skills are a bit better than mine . I'm not quite there with mine .
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  21. 554coupe
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    from Australia

  22. Great inspection for others, thanks guys for posting your projects. Thanks, BigO
  23. gary kessler 1932
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    gary kessler 1932

    36 three windows, r the nuts!! you did a great job!!!
  24. a boner
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    a boner

    image.png Fantastic.....the model car was too!
  25. Cragrat
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    Looking sweet,any updates
    Tempted to do a build thread of my 49 mercury I got with its roof cut off and then 'made' a roof last year

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