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Projects 1934 LaSalle old school convertible coupe build thread

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by F&J, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. F&J
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    Ok, Here is a huge possible problem in trying to figure out where the 34 Fleetwood rear body lower edge belongs, compred to a 35 Fisher rear body lower edge.

    The two bodies are different in one noticeable area; the 34 has a lower trunk lid for the spare tire, 35 does not. But that lower edge is way different heights on both cars pictured below. The only way I can attempt to guess the inches difference, is perhaps studying both rear views, and looking at their taillight mounts? What I mean is try to run that lower edge line mentally, to see where it lines up near the taillight areas, on both years?? I am not sure if that will help. Bear in mind that I still need to lower the 34 body line on my chassis by 3.125" that makes it all even more difficult for me to get a start. The bright red show-car is a 35 below, then the maroon one is a 34:
    35rear.jpg 35rear2.jpg DSCN0090.JPG
  2. F&J
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    Alrighty then...rapid fire posts today...for a damn good reason.. I saw where someone said a few days ago here, something like; "I am reading along here, and it is like I am there watching you think this out". Well, we have a very chilly rainy dreary day going on here, and you must realize that I cannot yet be fully rested up after so many weeks of a screwed up sleep I was darn near falling asleep when I struggled to type the last post about figuring out how to get started with body alignments. I went back to my quiet space on the porch with yet another coffe....I cannot allow myself a nap, as I MUST stay on a normal sleep cycle.

    I was there quite a spell, thinking about the dilemma, then I drifted off on how the very unusual and kinda amazing life that I, as well as my son, have experienced since my divorce in 2002. That led me to some sort of super relaxed state...and I then noticed I was not the least bit sleepy ...and... even though all my friends and my son, that saw this pile of rusted beat-up tin, said: "You can handle it no problem, we've seen you do far worse", and "you are good at it"...Well, I was still quite apprehensive about getting the "cowl-to-door-to quarter" alignment dead nuts! It simply HAS to be perfect in the door gaps, to ever have it right, as far as perfect hood fit and aligned to radiator shell gaps..... and just as importantly, keeping the correct rad shell height.

    Well, DING, I know exactly how to pull it off! This ain't my first friggin pony ride, dammit. ;) It all centers on that 1/8" thick steel plate that I called the "Pete Plate", the one that goes across the door opening down low on a channeled car. That ridged plate ties the A and B pillar together, and the total height of that tall plate, when welded to both posts, keeps the door gaps dead nuts! Now, with the door gap correct at the A pillar, then prop the quarter up dead nuts to the back edge of the doors then weld that B pillar to the plate. Then you have the 3 body sections per side, perfectly aligned. Set the firewall bottom edge at the 3.125" channel on top of frame, then raise/lower the entire body system "from the back" until not only the B pillar is 90 degrees vertical to the center flat part of the frame, but also be test fitting/altering anything near the tail, like frame rail tips, and even checking rear fender fit at that tail end.

    Those doorway plates must be made "too tall", as there is no easy way to know where the floor will exactly be at the start of this process. When the body is finally determined to be at the final placement, trim the tops of both doorway plates at what will be finished floor height, then add the plates that sit flat on top of each rail, then weld that 90 joint solid in the doorways. The rear body sill(s), is what I called earlier, the kick-ups. That is the 1/8" thick, 1.5" square tubing, that starts just behind the B's, then runs "inside the gap" of the outer body skin to the outsides of each chassis frame rail. Being that they run inside that gap, and not on top of the rails, the back end of body can be raised or lowered to find the correct spot for the final body mounting system. Likely this is very hard to follow if you've never done steel in a wood frame car, but pics will be taken along each step of this process.
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  3. F&J
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    I already quit for the day at 1:30PM. I am just too tired with this damp chilly weather, and that junkyard trip is coming up soon, so I want to be rested up better for that adventure.

    what I did do, was try to get some planning done for likely the most tedious part of the body setup....the fabrication demands of the A and B pillars. I went to the LaSalle area where most all the shiny small stuff is sorted out on the Dart hood. I grabbed some door latches, striker plate, door wedge male and female halves, etc. All of these parts sit into recesses in the A pillar or the latch face part of the suicide door. These recesses were once in a wood structure. In metal, you need to make small boxes to weld into whatever you build the pillar out of; like square or rectangular tubing, or just make up a pillar out of flat steel, cut and welded together.

    Here is the cowl showing the massive twin door wedge piece, and the striker above that. At the bottom in yellow, that is the former flat spot where the stock "Pete Plate' was. On the original car, that was only body sheetmetal to hide the side of the chassis/frame. I need to move that flat spot up 3.125" due to the new channeling. The flat is where the plate gets welded to, at a certain angle of the flat spot. Each part ;like striker and wedge pieces, must be super strong when you slam a door, and the striker point must also be adjustable, inwards and outwards.
    ^^^ in case you did not know, that outer face of the A pillar has no wood behind it now, and must be filled or reconstructed with steel. It now is an "empty"pillar being hidden by that outer skin piece.

    here is the front jamb edge of the suicide door: 100_0454.JPG

    below, the red circle is showing the curved in lower shape that the door skin once was. The white lines show that curved-under shape it had. At least that fron piece gives me some reference to the amount that is missing off of the door bottom. 100_0456.JPG

    Anyways, this work will be very tedious and slow...very slow progress, as it needs to be strong and needs to be very accurate, so my thread will slow to a crawl then. I found out a long time ago, that you should make duplicate pieces as you fab the first side of the car. That makes it seem a bit easier when you finally finish one side of the car, you already sort have started the other side. One car I did, I only made the pieces for the first side, and I lost time in that I had to try to re-measure the tiny pieces and their locations, from the first side. Not fun, and it is very time wasting doing it that way.

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  4. .... "time wasting" .... (^^above post^^).

    Reception here on my Texas antenna, sees you wasting zero time. Your progress at this stage is inspiringly overwhelming.

    You're traveling at indeed, warp speed. At your age, with other factors against you .... this thread makes me exceedingly and always embarrassed, me with no excuses.
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  5. HRK-hotrods
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    I'm with the kid... I feel ashamed and embarrassed at my lack of progress. Keep it up, you just might inspire me to get off of my ass...
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  6. F&J
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    Well guys, I have been sitting on my porch thinking about making a reply that was first spurred by "Kid's" post of 3+ hours ago... such a dilemma about going "too facebook-ish". But what the heck...

    I think I already said that when I hit 65 to the day, I vowed to run at "full un-control" and had a couple of tense events since...but I'll never lay down again...ever.... nor hide my feelings "like men are taught to do"

    Try this: yea those are my "pretty flowers" why can't I post that? Lol.


    I take pics of diagrams and old phots outdoors as they come out better. I wanted to show this pic that helped me so much "halfway though" the 8 days at "that" hospital. That pic was taken at the Ashford Ct cruise that I missed while incarcerated. My Son went alone, and one of the organizers insisted he park up at the "best spot" :)

    The picture shows one of the 3 mental health workers that came to see me...that is "crazy" Kevin, as I think he sometimes calls himself. He works at a southeastern CT branch of the same system, as a teacher for young adolescents. He lives in the tiniest old cabin I have ever been in, he has two stock A's and a late 30s? International 2 ton with his homemade "gypsy wagon" camper body. I need to go get some pics of his place! The guy taking that pic was one more co-worker, the head Pharmacist. He came to see me also, but at that moment I thought "we" were just "chatting strangers", and the topic of that show came up. He said he just went the day before, so I asked if he saw a teal 32?? He whipped out his phone and said "this one?" ...and man I was SO excited to see it and my son standing there behind Kevin! I must have said that I wished I could show that picture to everyone here... He went to do his restocking at the Med office and tracked me down in my room a half hour later, saying : "I have something for you" .."but it's a B/W copy.." I was so overwhelmed that he did that just for me, and being that it reminded me that I missed being home, I teared up a bit...and gave him a hug which is totally not allowed. I did not give a shit that video cameras are in every nook in the entire place!

    Guys, take each day as special, it is the only "real" thing. Today, not be worrying about the past or trying to make so serious plans for some unknown the DAY!... and you will find yourselves rockin on! like my kid!

    He did get back from Block Island at 5PM Sunday...carrying a carton of EGGS?? I said "you spend a weekend there and instead of lobster or bring eggs??" He was chuckling, then said "they always buy way too much food in case tons of friends show up!". Then he said Al asked on Sunday: "do you think you can make the tuna Tournament next week?"...I guess my son must have said he was not sure, as it was only right at that moment talking to me, he said" I'll have to take two more vacation days...but man, I should will be what everyone wishes they could do"'s going! Maybe I will get some pics to show.. He showed me a video he made from way up top on the tuna tower of a school of Dolphins racing and playing right along that 63', actually outrunning it while jumping out of the water! Awesome...grabbing life by the... :)

    By the way, that 39'is actually only 35' but the twin 275 HPs he said earlier, are really twin I asked what he did with the 35 all weekend? He said "we gave some rides"...then hesitated a bit, then said "gave rides to some local island girls".... LMAO

    also, not to gloom you all out, but that week during my stay, the week that my son was a week long guest at another friends rented house on Block Island for diving was even more stressful for him!! My sons long estranged mother kept trying to call, to say she wanted to see/talk in person. He got tired of why she would not say, so they made plans to meet up..and that was a day after he got home to here. She was just diagnosed with Leukemia, and it got a head start as she never got the right answers until two-three months in. He just recently said she called again to say she is now on chemo, but also on the list for marrow donor. Shit happens that we cannot live for the day, please!

    Anyways, point is, find something that really rocks your world, and let it will never ever regret it. Stuff will keep happening if you run wild! Have a great evening!
  7. F&J
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    Who's the sleepy head I overslept till 6:30...First dam time in two months waking up in daylight....then knowing Kenny never called to say we were going to the Tuesday-scheduled Mass boneyard trip.... damn, the roads are dry, no sun to bake us,,,Bang! the phone...Yea BABY!, Kenny says if you can go today, I will call him, and then call you back..'

    Just got that 2nd call! I'm gone. I took the camera too...Heading up the East side of The Quabbin Resevoir,,,Gods country up there, by gosh!

  8. Looking forward to the pictures. I haven't been to any yards in that area.

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  9. Hmmm, up by the that place is loaded with ticks Frank! Hope you have your Deet with you. will look forward to the pics.
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  10. F&J
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    George, I knew I screwed up on the "East Side of the Quabbin, as soon as I signed off. We were heading to the WEST side! Duh, the East side is nothing but the longest friggen road to nowhere...with NO GAS stations or signs of life!...that my son and I ever took back in 2002 while exploring New England. Better have a full tank on that side
    Screw the ticks, I am pretty good at fighting off Lyme with just my immune system...hell, they won't treat me, so I deal with it LOL. Hey Walt, I hooked up with that "biggest local Maple Syrup" guy tonight at our home...see the "new truck" part somewhere down this bizarre adventure day.

    Ok, guys, Half way up there, I asked Kenny if the oldtimer would mind me taking some pics. He instantly said "Geez, you better not!....matter of fact, don't even ask, as he's the type of guy that might throw us both the 'ell out of there! Then he says this guy has known to be tough to deal with, and as a very young man one time in that tiny town, he was hell-raisin and got thrown in some mickey mouse cell...went berserk, tore that cell all up, and was so strong then, that he spread the crappy jail bars and stormed out!! Hmmmn , I thought, sounds like MY type of guy! LMAO..

    Then a few miles later Kenny know? I'm not sure if the Olds inline is a six or an eight...I think I asked him on the phone lately, but I just don't remember if I did. I said I don't care, I need to get the F away from my LaSalle world for a cool day trip. Besides, we are going up there for you to buy that Model A! He said, "well, depends on what he wants for it". I said "you will buy it anyway, who the 'ell are you BS'ing" LOL

    We finally get way the heck up there, and wow, even trough the old fencing running along the old dirt road...the place is packed with cars and trucks! We drive through the gates and down to the first group of haphazard buildings, and there is Charlie coming out of a bay door...been waiting for us for a long spell.. I bailed out first while Kenny wanted to park out of the way. I damn well know how to get off on the right foot with anyone on this earth! I said loud enough, in case his hearing is not the best.."HI! I'm's MY turn to keep an eye on Kenny today! You know how he is" LOL. I shake his hand, and I know we are good to go...there is a super nice 50 Ford 2dr coupe, nose out, just inside that bay all decked out with deluxe bumper guards asnd doo dads...obviously his best vintage driver. Now you gotta let people know that YOU know THEIR stuff good: I said this must be a 50 as it has pushbutton door handles...then Charlie and Kenny both said at the same time :and that gas door type". I knew we were golden by then. Then I correctly model-named each of the 1920s Mack trucks he had! AB, AC ding!

    Charlie showed us the Model A huckster next I think, starts it up after a long story of where it came from, who did what to it,,,whatever, It started up good, and Charlie is messing with the spark and throttle controls...and I leaned in and said "It sounds like it needs more timing,'s laying down". He hits the advance lever all the way and says "no it's fine, these are cold blooded". (I shut up and just agreed)

    Fast forward...on the way home, we stop at a old time burger place Kenny likes, we sit there eating and Kenny says "That Ford engine sounded pretty good but it's "light" on timing" LMAO...Kenny knew it was off, just like I did!

    Backing up, Charlie did say that Olds inline WAS a six, but we need to go look at it anyways. On the way to that old rickety building, I pass by a "squarebody" GM pickup, in line with dozens of other early trucks...I see it has what looks like a cherry door, but the rocker panel is rotted to oblivion? I stop, open that door , check the underside seam...WTH? this door is like a one-year old condition? Can't be...not in New England! Go to the other side, same beyond belief! Hmmnnn I am going to buy these for my Son. Well, after looking at the motor and other crap, we pass by another shop that his Son Tom uses for the yard business. He is working on putting wheels back on some 100$ POS import? Anyways, he asked if we found what we were looking for, and I said no, but I see two chevy truck doors I really, REALLY want! He said" on that maroon one with silver bed, is what you must be talking?" Me: "I don't know, it was the one in front of some "Bison Farm" truck." He then says they will likely be more money that what I want to spend...I said nope, I WANT them! He said, Well they would be $400 pair but I;m holding them for a friend. I said I will gladly pay that right this minute if you can call him up to see if he is in, or out! He pondered a second and said something like this friend stalls around a lot, so "you have the cash right now, you get them". Ding! He also gave me an engine tour in the shop, 348 Chevy, 240? Red Ram hemi, you name it.

    Kennys still fence sitting before the door deal, wondering how much should offer on the A, so I said "stop F'ng around, buy the dam want it, you like buying chit, and you know he won't beat you up on price! By the time I got back in Charlies buildings, the deal was already settled! So, we will be going back soon with the Cummins Dodge and car trailer! And..dammit, I will get Charlie to let me take some friggin pics. I am 90% sure he will WANT me too, I can tell by him showing off some of his stuff from his entire 86 years of life! Even his Childhood Teddy Bear! No kidding, he has it in a box under his bench. His Mom made it during the depression. He won't admit it is something special, but that dam box was worn shiny from "someone" handling it a LOT. See, he shows it to everyone! I am positive! Also saw a dated professional 5x7 framed photograph with Art Deco boarder designs, with deco numeral date of 1936...there is a very young Charlie, standing near an old Rhode Island gas station with what looked like a fishing pole in hand. He said no, it was just a stick I was playing with. Such a cool pic. I spotted it in a room full of wall art, old gas pumps, old signs, and a Model A hotrod roadster cutdown he uses in parades!

    This is going way TOO long but nowhere near done. We get to Kennys, find a way to stuff both truck doors in my tiny VW wagon, then I rush home to beat my son, so I could show off those doors!
    ^^^ I took a 34-36 LaSalle bellhousing to Charlies, just in case. So here is it loaded back in my car. Yea, I have the wrong drivers seat cover, but it was free and it kinda works.. :)

    Oh, I took this Dodge pic at Kennys before we went North. How the heck does a seacoast NY squarebody Dodge NOT get rusted out beyond belief??? IDK...and it just came in from central NY? far far away from Long Island??? Kenny says he needs it for holding stove wood and will keep it backed up to his house door, then refill as needed. Bullshit! I WANT it for a plow truck for MY lot! I will find a way to swindle him out of it LOL. I sure will try, dammit.

    Ok Walt, this is the Maple Syrup connection"new truck" I mentioned up top. This is the guy you asked for the syrup advice a while back. My Kid has been thinking for a month now, if he should buy the 2008 fully loaded 4x4 Four door Diesel w/Allison from that Syrup guy. We both decided last night that he should "pass on it". My kid was a half hour late, then pulls in, sees those doors..says WTF...then smiling, says "I just bought that 4 door diesel truck, and he is delivering it in a half hour". I said really?.. no shit?.., I already told Kenny you were buying it! Lmao...He laughed too!
    ^^^The owner was still here when I took the pic. The arrow shows we were already putting the doors on my sons chevy because the old doors had the side glass removed when it was garaged, before my LaSalle stole that bay!

    After things calmed down, my son parked the GMC to learn some of the features, TV, remote everything, even the pedals adjust up/down. GPS, on board is all this chit :)

    Talked a long time with the owner, He paid 75k new! just bought a brand new, exact truck, and gave my son a sweet price (10k) as he knows my son will be hauling all his friends on dive and fishing trips! This guy is an ex-cop, retired, but does Big$ in syrup, K9 dog training, even commercial fishing, etc. He WAS the mentor to get his son and my son into diving/spearfishing some years back! He is going diving with his "also now a cop" son in the morning on Dads boat, as sons new boat has a DOA motor that needs warrantee work but is being stalled until October!! WTH, the season is over then!
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  11. F&J
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    One, the most important post today:

    I get home with the doors, go make a coffee to relax on my back steps waiting for my son..... I then see something out of place, way down at my shop door.

    Someone dragged an old discarded tarp to cover something at the doorway?

    ^^^ many friends drop off things, but I sure had NO clue who left this very random box of unrelated stuff?

    Well, after everything was over today, maybe right be for dark; I get a call....from...the C50 owner. It was he who dropped this stuff off that he got from helping an elderly couple clean out stuff so they can move to a smaller home. Anyways, he sounded either sober or darn close!! So, I let him have it but good, but in a very caring way...I said I was so angry that he was risking innocent lives, and one of many things I discussed, was how I finally figured out it was HE, not his wife and two teenaged girls...that wanted to keep the small farm going! He has been blaming all this being so over worked, and being underappreciated, on them! I know his woife and oldest daughter enough to have given me this hint. They are nice people. Anyways he took all my constant speak in good spirits, even saying "you are a good listener" (I was talking! not listening!)

    I said you really need to check yourself in at "my hospital" and gave so many reassurances of the professional care he will get. He said he is "ready", but wants some people to talk to him first, I think he is afraid?. Well. Kevin is ready to help, as he is a co-friend....and Kevins friend the pharmacist is THE guy that will be the ace in all of this. That guy has it going on! Don't have a clue if this will follow through beyond tonights talk, but this is a huge breakthrough with him admitting his blame in a lot of this sad situation, His wife has already said she is divorcing as soon as both girls end high school. There may be a way...maybe... to perhaps change that. Maybe.

    This is the last off topic post. Thanks for letting me post this. It may help others some day
  12. F&J
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    Morning update; I woke up at 4:10, so that is getting closer to optimum of 5AM, but man, I am so overtired. I look like crap when combing my hair after my first coffee. Yesterday when Kenny said on the way up, that he was not sure if the Olds engine was a six or eight, I was almost happy. I sure was looking for a good reason to completely stop all work here, as Joe G and I have been way too "into" the LaS mess since the first of May!

    I must have programmed my subconscious brain last night, to "rest", and that sure did happen. I am sitting outside here, doing absolutely nothing! I am wasted.
    ^^^yes, there is a coffee to the left, and here is my view:

    Ok, I could use some help with ID'ing that 1931 Model A huckster body manufacturer. It may also be called a fruit peddlers wagon, or something along that line. I tried looking up two names that Kenny called me with when we were putting those doors on! He gets all excited like a little kid when another oldie is coming in!

    He said Martin-Parry or ...dammit, I just zoned out on the other single named builder. Anyways, I looked in my truck books earlier, and did web searches and cannot find that exact one. Mainly, this is a super unusual, high quality body with pressed design, steel skinned front doors, over heavy wood door framing. I cannot ever recall a huckster that did not have totally wooden doors.

    I kept telling Charlie and Kenny, that this is a super rare one, but they kept sidestepping that for some reason. So, if anybody can come up with other truck body builders names or any clues, that would be of great help. Another thing that seems odd, at least to me, is that the sidemounted spare tire is on the driver side. That seems opposite of what would be more sensible? Tim's 34 Ford 1.5 ton I had here, has a passenger side mount, and then it is out of the drivers way?

    anyways, all I "must" do before 3PM tomorrow, is fix that tiny solder leak spot on the 32, then put the radiator shell back on, and hook back up the H/L wires. We are going to the Ashford cruise at 4:00-4:30Pm that day. Other than that, I simply don't give a toot about doing anything at all. :) ... just like "life" should be able afford; "that occasional event"!

    EDIT; Cantrell was the name I forgot, but I think those are more like woodie wagons? Not sure. More ID info: this cab side view, even though it is a 31, not a 28-29 truck, there is that same decorative panel behind the door like this yellow outline.
    That panel is also sheetmetal like the door skin it has. The cab is also like this picture, with it having a back wall behind the driver seat. Many hucksters were open back. This 31 huckster truck also has a manifold heater coming through the firewall, so it verifies that this truck was used in very cold climate. It must be local when it was new. IMO
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  13. toolnut
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  14. F&J
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    Thanks, Frank.....that is really closer than anything I saw so far. Then I went down that list of hucksters until I spotted another 28-29 that has one feature that is more like what the mystery 31 has:
    ^^^ see the wooden cross beam under the tail end? That is like the mystery 31, except the 31 has a diagonal strap metal brace up to the sideboard, instead of what looks like a vertical rod in the pic above? But, it might be the same company and maybe made a change or two by 1931? Thanks, we have something to show Kenny now. He does not have internet but I can show him on my laptop.

    He might show up today, as he is bringing his wife's Durango to a local transmission shop for a test today. It's not really too far from here. He, he, then if he shows up, he will see my sons new truck....Kenny sure does like trucks! If my son gets it registered in time, my son and one other friend want to go to that place to look at older trucks anyways, so all 4 of us can fit, and pull whichever trailer has the correct wire plug!...Kenny's or ours
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  15. F&J
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    Well, I finally gave up and took a nap early afternoon, then it was but a half hour later getting two calls that had me fully awake, so I decided to solder the 32 leak. I did that, then had the car out front of my shop to blow gun the water leaks that, dammit, it still had, but at the tubes up top!

    I stuffed some cavities with tight paper towel, he.he..added pepper :).. as there simply is nothing I can do at this point without the impending purchase of a new repro stocker 32 4 cylinder radiator from "Brassworks". I cannot, nor want to use a streetrod radiator. The Olds fan runs so close to the stock lower tank, that no other radiator will work....and I refuse to run a flex fan, etc.

    Then at 3:30PM my son calls leaving work; a co-worker just told him that the bigger Colchester CT show was rained out last time, and it was tonight. Son wanted to know if I had a chance to fix his car yet. I said I am just ready to put the grille shell and wiring back in, so get your azz here quick :)

    He was a half hour away, so it all timed out fine, he did the wiring and the hood, he then took a quick shower while the car was warming up, and then wanted to wash it. I already said I'm too tired to go, so go with Kyle and his Chevy truck....(his co-worker) Kyle is also a fresh water fishing buddy of my son, mostly prefers brook/river fishing, not ocean. He is the son of Terry the transmission shop owner I mentioned earlier today. Terry is the main guy I think, that started to Ashford show which I am going to tomorrow.

    Then Kyle shows he is getting out of his truck, a 77 C10 with a sweet sounding gear drive? motor with nice pipes.

    He said he had to put in 3-1/2 quarts of oil today! he says the motor must be "going away". Then we exchange some Q and A, and it ends up with him saying it never did this till a recent valve cover style swap! I said what kind? as we went through this with old M/T covers on my sons K10 in January. My sons was a estate truck that some old grampy really messed it up good. It was a Texas truck, original 75,000 mile 305, but the grandkids said he put a 350 with a "mild cam" in about 10 years before he passed away, but the truck sat 8-10 years unused before he died? WTH? This truck had 3 or 4 sets of used, but new, Accel the bed, in the cab and laying in the front fenderwells??? This engine NEVER ran. They had it so f'd up, wrong timing tab on a cheapie chrome timing cover, dist off one tooth, 5 lifters bled down, and after we finally got the broken starter patched, we could not keep the thing running! I pull the new carb (20 year ago new), the kids said it was a Holley! No, it says on the reman sticker; Remanufactured BY Holley, on a Quadrajet carb!. I get the carb off and sheeesh...the huge pipe plug fitting on the back for P/B is missing! Anyways, I still could not get why the truck was loaded with used oil fouled old plugs all over, if this 350 never ran. We knew it never did run when my son pulled the pan and saw new 30 over pistons, clean as new, no heat stains, new rod bearing in one cap I had him pull??? Well, I finally figured out why gramps yanked the "oil eating 305"...the truck had M/T covers from back when it was in Texas, also had headers from then. Well, the M/T has threaded holes under the PCV opening, but there was NO baffle!! The oil gets tossed right AT the valve, sucking oil like crazy!

    Well Kyle then says, dang, MINE are M/T too!! Ding,... go fix your covers, son :) awesome coincidence to help him out., eh?

    I said to both of them, "I just realized kids are now carrying the torch for us". Kyles Dad was supposed to take his highboy 33 Plymouth old style coupe tonight, but asked Kyle to take over for him, and hand out the Ashford flyers tonight...Terry was also too tired to go!

    Off they go, heading south on Rt 32,... Kyle stuffed it hard so I did not get the both of them in one pic. ...Sheeesssh, ...Kids :)
    Joe got a little rubber for the "old man", too. I am a little bummed tonight, ...I realized I should have gotten out more with a rod over the last 30 years, instead of building so much stuff....but screw it, I dig the Ashord show beyond words...and it's just up the road, north of here. All the old friends are there, and lots of new ones too. Rock on, my friends..
  16. F&J
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    Ha, they made it back just before dusk.....duh, the two co-workers that actually live in Colchester got the date wrong...there was no show tonight..

    I was sitting in that plastic chair that I put there this morning. I had just sat down to relax in the really nice weather this evening, right after turning the mid-shop lights on, so my son could drive in that bay later after dark. He pulled up near me and said "how the heck long have you been sitting there waiting for us to get home safe?" I said listen Azzhole, I just sat down to relax. We do this harassment quite regularly. :)

    I then saw another guy get out of the passenger side of the Chevy and it was a guy they call Cowboy, real name is Matt. He is also a gearhead into SBF Fords and is into 67-72 Ford F100 shortbeds 2wd. I said "where'd you find this guy? on the side of the road or what". They said he was hitchhiking which was a lie. They picked him up at his place to ride along tonight.

    And a nice dark time shot under our genuine power company street lamp:

    But after there was no show, they just went on a long scenic ride of many miles of back roads after first stopping for burgers at "Harrys" a famous, very old drive-in food place in Colchester. That town was where Connecticut Dragway was, a hotbed of racing established by the bodyman/customizer turned promoter, Frank Maratta Sr. He also started the Hartford Autorama , I believe. The track was sold years ago to Consumer Reports Magazine for testing new cars :(

    Here is a scenic shot taken at their friend Tim's family farmland. A nice view from the road just below their huge milking barn complex. This is just a tiny piece of their family lands.

    All three said the Ford had a slight noise in the drivers rear brake, so they pulled both drums , not seeing much, so I will just take a light cut on both drums in the AM, as we have an Aamco disc/drum machine in that bay. All of us are looking forward to the show tomorrow in Ashford.

    I will get some pics this time, no problem, as I don't have to ask first, like at Charlies place :)

    oh, and we made some plans to replace the Edmunds 2x2 intake/carb setup with my favorite setup here, a shaved 1957 J2 tri-power that was purchased new over the counter back in the day, by a dragracer that was named in the East Coast book called "Cool Cars/ Square Rollbars". He was listed as class winner at a Massachusetts airport drag meet, with his Olds powered 37 Chevy coupe back in the late 50s. He quit in 62 after travelling to M&H Tire up there, to buy his first set of drag slicks,..... and said after those were on, he started breaking way too many parts each time. :(

    Son says the car is wicked fast and that Chevy can't take him, but wants a smoother setup like progressive trips. Sounds like fun to me.
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    I woke up a 4:12AM today...fantastic! I was thinking on my porch with my first coffee..."I am back to my old NO, back to my YOUNG self! I then was rethinking two things that were said to me last night by the young'uns.

    First was my son saying that while at the burger place, a guy who said he had a "34 Vicky" checked out my sons 32 a long spell, and said "I knew it was a steel car, but now I can tell it is a really old build". My son said "no, it finally was finished last October by my Dad who only used old hotrod parts". Second and more important thing said to me last night as Cowboy Matt was the right in front of me while I was shutting down the shop and leaving through the front door; Matt said "you should bring that old rat-rod from the basrn to the show". Just a year ago that RR comment would hae set me off ion his azz real good, but I instantly knew these young guys are misguided by the modern BS fed by jackass TV shows and A-hole magazines. I said "that was was once chromed all over, and I cannot afford to redo it all, because it is so pitted".

    So, this morning I was rethinking an idiotic daydream I had when my Son and his friend Little (HUGE)Timmy took the 32 Ford to the central Mass airport Drag reunion. My son came home and said he has always wanted to do that stuff way more than attend a hardcore traditional rod/custom (static) show. That led me to my impossible dream of having the entire tribe of my Son and his friends, fix up that old Boston built hotrod and trailer it to the airport drags that are held in Mass. I just hate to know that old historic rod just sits up there totally ignored, and I simply don't have the time to restore it, and the car is at the bottom of my "to do" list.

    well, this morning I was thinking that if I can make room in the L part of my main/heated workbay, these two guys who were here last night WILL be able to build up that car just fine if I redo the old wood cab framing in steel. Both live very close to here, and all these guys are constantly showing up at friends shops to tinker with things during work week nights... so this may just happen.

    >>>>Hey, Joe G just drove in at 8:35 here, so I "got to go", but I will fill you in later!
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    came back in for a coffee :) so here is a link I'd like you all to read. This IS the original builder of my old hot rod! Talk about one heck of a life....and a quick search this morning seems like he is still with us at age 74! I will fill you in on more cool stuff about this guy, told to me by phone from his youngest son Karl from New Hampshire...including a fabulous cool story about his Dad, Mom, and their "first newborn"s vacation trip up north in the hotrod, so very long ago.... you all will love it
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    noon break, dumping some camera memory, etc. First I need to post some info for walt in Vermont on the Olds tail housing he needs measurements of: Fuzzy pic though..

    Ok, 8-1/4" to end of cast iron, and asbout 8-1/2" to end of seal. This housing is for all short tailshaft (aka Mainshaft) used on 51-up Olds Selector transmissions. It is also same length as 57-up BUT you cannot use these with those as they had a fatter shaft! So, use these tails on 51-56 short, NOT the Olds 98 which has a super long shaft!

    Next up, those three young men know their stuff! I ran the left rear drum on the Aamco!
    I was under intense pressure to finish the 32 when I worked on it EVERY day from July 5th 2016 till beginning of October, when it finally got the VIN verification, classic insurance, then could get it registered. I did cut corners! I knew myself all too well, I simply do not follow through AFTER a car gets plates! I am always into something else by then :) Well, all 3 said something WAS wrong, and they got it right. I will let them know at the show this afternoon! And, a week or so back when my son said my 66 truck leaked oil, and I insisted he must have parked over somebody elses leak spot...WRONG, he described exactly how it got under there then, checked it out like I SHOULD have done. I still need to get at that at some point. Again, these kids are good!

    Ok, My plan or wet-dream for the old Boston hotrod: These guys all will be able to come to my shop to rebuild the car....good have then run it at the ever increasing Airport Drag shows! I know they will have a blast...just like them there olden days dammit. Run what you brung! My son ALWAYs wanted to run the super hot 371 drag motor in the 32, but I kept telling him it will not work as a street engine! He was so upset when he thought I had sold it, but was confused when another (stock) 57 J2 engine w/trans was sold here a couple years back. Ok, that motor is in the rod right now, mainly as it is just a handy place to store it, rather than tying up space on the floor in one of the three buildings. I thought about running a 4 speed Hydramatic like this old rod had, but I will see if the gang wants to run one of my 37 Buick Roadmaster ones with the lare Olds gears and shafts...just like the 32 has now! The hydro is for a internal balance motor, and the 57 is external, so the hydro is kinda eliminated for that reason anyways!

    I can't wait to dump all this on them at the show! It should be epic to say the least :) We are going. despite threats of rain, the car can get wet...and it does have wipers....that work. too LOL...and a defroster in case it fogs up :cool:

    It will kinda suck that the car will NEED to be built in the "L" area of my work bay. The car was there for 6 months when I was working on it back when, so I know it does fit...just a little sketchy when I need to use the 4 foot brake and other stuff. But nice heated area, all the tools/welders/torches handy...

    But... I need to get over this little issue:

    I am ok with it...these guys do not drive drunk! They are all good guys, but "like a couple now and then", just like we did at their age when doing stuff with GOOD friends. Right?

    Man, all I need to do on the entire build is replace the wood framing with steel, and not only am I good at that, I am fast...and there is SO little in that small roadster pickup cab! Piece of cake I say, LMAO. The gang can easily and willingly handle the rest!

    Will it all work out? How would I know? is hidden in the future, but like I keep saying: "find something that rocks your world...and good things just keep happening"...and I also say "live the day, it is the only thing that is real" .

    here are some CUT/PASTES from back when I got the car off ebay for chump change...nobody knew what it was, or knew it was a 1930, NOT a 28 like in the ad, or what it once had for drivetrain, etc, nor the colorful past history near Boston. Read on below:

    Update on it's history, kind of....

    Late last night, I emailed the hamb pic of what the car looks like right now, to the friend who sold the car for the son of the original builder. This afternoon, the son called me and chatted for almost an hour right after his friend sent him that pic.

    He is the youngest of 5 siblings and the car was parked for good, way before he was born. He said his Dads family life and career took off in high gear, and the car and a Harley M/C were forgotten. But the son & friend did try to redo the car in their 20s, and had to give up for several reasons, but did restore his fathers old Harley that was painted the same colors as the Chevy was.

    He gave me so much info on the car, the car club, and much of his fathers "very colorful" life in the Boston area.

    He is sending the only 2 color slides in his possesion, very soon. He says what little he can see in the small slides without a projector, is that the car is either not finished, or under a redo. He says the frame looks blue, the motor is gold.

    He says he has seen better photographs of the finished car in his Mom's collection of old album pictures, and said he will try to find them for me. He said there is a pic at a show with "velvet ropes" around the car, so it was in an Autorama back then.

    He recalls seeing his fathers club jacket with the club name on the back, and his name embroidered on the front.

    I have had hamb PMs from a elderly Boston hot rodder some days ago. I did not have a name of the builder, or the club, but I told him of where the car was built, as "Boston or suburbs of Boston", "had a Harley, too", and what the builder did back then. I got a quick reply with him saying one guy that sounded familiar, and he gave the exact suburb town name that I found out today.

    Funny story; The son said his Mom remembers the car quite well. They took a trip on back roads with their first newborn baby in her lap, to New Hampshire. She said everyone liked the car at any place they stopped. She said there was part of the front floor missing, and the Olds was leaking oil..."and by the time we got there, my white dress had oil spots on it" :D

    One thing on details; those muffler slots were for Harley motorcycle mufflers. His Dad tod him that, when he was trying to help the son restore the Harley. The son said he wasn't much help, as he was not good at building bikes or rods without tech help from his friends. He was good at working with steel fab, torches and welders, as that was how he made a living then.

    I am stoked on the history so far. I like listening to old rodders, and talking with his son was almost was like talking with the Dad...(who is still alive)


    I will add a bunch more info as well as pics of where it sits now, at some point...but I need to go cut two drums, I did FINALLY locate the other drums I had from a 56 Olds rear just now, so one will surely be OK to cut. Then just a few minutes to put them on for the late afternoon show. Bye
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

    Hey Frank, your doing a good job feeding my A.D.D.! :D Boats, hucksters, 2-4-6 and straight and v-8 motors, c-10 and 50s, eastern block bike, milling machines and scrap yards, mercedes and dodge dart work benches, varies plow trucks, health and well being theory, a chevy roadster pickup, a crawler loader, beer, coffee and sleep habits and of course the 34/35 sedan, four door and convertible lasalles .......:cool:
    did i miss anything? :);)
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    in my best upscale, highly educated, vocal imitation: "Why yes, Ted, you missed the fact that my son has the new 4 door, 5 passenger tow vehicle"....................maybe I can get one of those seats when they go to the drags?

    Boy, the weather radar does not look so good right this moment, but.... hey it's New England, right? Just wait a minute, they always say.

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  22. Hnstray
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    from Quincy, IL

    This Thread has GOT to be some kind of "HAMB CLASSIC" :)

    What a tour of local color..........keep it coming, Frank!

  23. F&J
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    Member "got no idea" should have been following my LaS thread on AACA...I was running uncorked to put it mildly. I am not BSing when I keep saying I am where I was always supposed to a state of no-control since spring. I don't regret a dang thing...even the little incident that prompted a AACA moderator to call the State Police... sheezzz, I was just getting rid of some useless things that were causing clutter, and were nothing but BS... I friggen gathered up all the sorry azzed crap that keeps getting mailed to anyone close to retirement. SSI, retirement system propaganda, and all the bogus companies that send official looking crap hoping to sucker old people out of their money.... I f'n put all that stuff in my old truck wheel burning barrel and laced it with old LASALLE gas, and let er rip.

    No, I am NOT nuts at all, the whole system is just too big which leaves it terribly broken, and some people just cannot get simple health care answers or care. I still have zero treatment offered to me at this moment, despite many thousands of $ worth of cat scans, MRIs, full body X rays, 4 tubes of blood work each day...and NADA, nothing...go home my little crazy man, your insurance stay is over. Hey, I was not even sure I could get out...for the 4th of July...But I DID on the afternoon of the 3rd!... just in time for...Independence Day dammit. I survived! I prospered, and I made countless people smile at both places...but wait, it caused ME to smile even more..

    I was barely 26-28 hours into my stay at the Mental Health hospital when I was coming around the corner approaching the main area where all the totally hardcore, impressive M&F staff does their stuff....I hear two gals snickering..laughing about then says to the other: " You must have been talking to Frank" He, he, you can bet your tail they remember me.. It was an epic stay, and i'd not change it.

    Well it is raining here, I bet it will be a rain date show cancellation today, but I will wait for a call. I could call the Transmission shop, but why bother him as he might not know yet . However, I did get two drums cut nicely, but the first spare one was...bent! So, now I have two spare bent ones, but I may be able to straighten them for the drag car,.... I did get some other drums fixed up once before, especially rears with the thin steel plate centers.

    I had the chance to study what exactly needs to be moved and rearranged to get nice working room for the old hotrod while the drum cuts were on the final very slow cuts. It is doable with the strong gang of guys that are available. It should go very nicely, maybe a few hours someday, after we plan it out right. Looks like a decent sized area will be possible for sure!

    Time for a shower and another coffee.. ummm ...caffeine.. I need to get stoked up more today:eek:

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  24. 'Mo
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    This Deuce is about as pretty as I've ever seen.
    In fact, I don't know if I've seen a nicer blue on any car.

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    He, he...My Son and I mixed that color in a new clean 5 gallon bucket. We were given the entire contents from an Auto Parts Store PPG mixing system... All the toners, many different types of the metallic additives called "poly", clears, you name it, and we had SS Urethane, base coat clear coat, acrylic enamel as well as our choice of Acrylic Lacquer!

    I asked on hamb back then as to how much of the poly we could mix in, as I had full gallons of the stuff! I think it was said that some silver car colors from factory, were mostly made of poly, so we ended up adding a lot. That is what makes it glow on a dreary day! it gets a lot of looks and comments just by the color and the use of white things, like roof, boards interior and tires.

    The massive amount of poly made it too difficult to spray though. The lacquer dries so fast, even with new and expensive PPG thinner,(which is NOT the same as the stuff from the 70s or earlier) that the flakes to tend to lump up or get blown random in the overspray, so it left bumps at these drifting flakes. I redid it twice. It is very smooth but not shiny, and it looks like an old paint job. We like it the way it is :)
  26. Okie Pete
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    Okie Pete

    Frank , I wish I was there handing you cold beers and soaking up your stories. Thank you for taking the time to type and post pictures of your build and other projects.
  27. F&J
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    Make that coffee. No smiley face. I did find out one thing about myself at the "hospital". For maybe almost the last 20 years I never could even have half a beer without feeling like I hadn't slept in days! I always figured that was because I was so tired inside, and the beer let me know that. So, I never had another since, despite people calling me unsociable at holidays and whatnot, as I simply did not want to know that I was so overtired!

    Well, that was not true! The hospitals always "med you up" in cases like mine,. They had me nearly in a complete zombie coma, so they kept reducing it daily with no better results. Being that there are 3 shifts of people in every position there, as well as staff adjustments due to the holiday approaching with some senior people taking long vacations, two new Med Office people told me point blank: "Frank, you are BY FAR, the least medicated patient in the entire wing!"...and I still was out in left field! I could not drive a car nor think straight went I got out, I stopped the f'n evil meds a day or two later and it took almost 48 hours to sort of feel semi lucid! The medical system practices are based on "averages", I am NOT average, my system cannot tolerate ANY outside drugs or alcohol, and they just don't get it! Nor does my youngest sister who is freaking out that I had stopped taking them back then, saying "why don't you at least take them at night?" I said they tried that already, and I am still baked! She refuses to believe I am right, and "knows" the doctors are always right! They ain't ! 10-20 percent of patients there were completely messed up just like I was acting! 80+ percent were totally normal acting!

    Ok, late today was out in left field. My son shows up after work as I was getting a call from Kenny. Kenny seemed all stressed saying he went to see a guy he knows in Vernon Ct to get a early 50s chevy water pump, and that the guy wants to talk with me right away. He says this guy has LaSalles! and one is a straight 8 which means 34-36! Well, my son is trying to mention that the show was called off at noon, to get the word out in time, and I'm trying to understand why the heck Kenny never mentioned he knew a LaSalle guy so close by??

    So, I call right that instant like Kenny insisted. Nope, voice mail..then wait maybe 45 minutes for the call back., WTH, the guy is not from Vernon, he is almost in my backyard in Coventry! I don't know how Kenny got that wrong, as he was just at the guys house today. Anyways he is around 70 Kenny guessed, he also is a carpenter/woodworker that came with his tools once to fix up a wooden roof cab on one of Kennys Dodges.

    The guy (named Jim)knew the whole society of LaSalle gurus, owners, you name it, including the estate guy I worked at. Well I asked about that sexy maroon 34 convertible car again, as I was told it was owned for 20-30 years by him? Nope, he tried putting info together and said he must have bought it between 2002 and 2008! But I said there was a handyman there at the estate that said :"one of the cars" in the barn, was the one that the deceased owner saw around town when he was a very young man, but the owner never would sell it or talk about it. Jim said this could be the car as the owner told him that he DID have a chance to buy it finally, around 1955, but said he had to either buy their first house, or buy that car, and chose the house. Well, it was not just a house, it was a home, the one his young wife really wanted, and STILL owns today! He then tried for most of his adult life to get the car without success till that time frame! mentioned above, Pretty cool story in my mind. Jim also knew the WW2 connection as a Civil Defence patrol car, and mentioned a big antenna! I said I know where it was! It was a big hole drilled right throught the rear view mirror bracket at top of winshield, and I finally found that missing mirror in his home office, sitting with a few trinkets! I did put it back on before the car went back home :)
    You should be able to see the center hole in these pics....(I sure do like seeing/preserving personal history on vehicles):

    Anyways, Jim invited himself over to my place for sometime tomorrow LOL. I warned of the utter messes here, but he said "join the club", and that he "already had his tetanus shot" (seriously, he said that)

    And I did chat with my son, he says my idea of the drag car crew is likely not going to happen, for a bunch of reasons, but I still want my work area rearranged like I envisioned earlier today. If the car never gets to be that drag car, I can deal with it just fine. I am still stoked on the 3 LaSalles AND my Nash. BTW, Jim knew of my 1932 Nash too! Knew where I found it, and knew there was "a blog" on it somewhere online! Sheeesh!
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    Holy chit, what an intense day so far.. I knew Jim would be here early...I know from just that one call yesterday...he is a true hardcore LaS nut. and having another guy so close...well....I knew he'd be here soon.

    I was trying to make a 2nd coffee so I was not on my porch to see the driveway...I get a call, I pick up rather than screen the telemarket idiots, as I knew it was something else. "Hi Frank, where are you?" I had already started to the back door in case he was here. Sure enough, an old ass Dakota 2wd with someone in it. I said "I can't say where I am, but YOU are sitting in my lot" LOL, off to a good insane start .. Then as I get right out there, I said "glad to see from this old truck, you ain't no high-roller that don't know chit!" LOL he's already out with a handful of papers, showing me a long handwritten list from the Cad/LaS club, showing names and contact info of all the hardcore, hobbiest-only 34 convertible owners, not cars held by a random mixed collection. I see 3/4 down the list....I said "BEN"! ...that's the guy from Upstate NY? that maybe did the rough wood kit for the estate guy? He said no, he is in Nevada, I asked if he is still alive, as I found lots of names on scraps of paper from way back, not recent. He said Ben still shows in the roster in spring 2017. So, I will be contacting a lot of these guys in time. Better sooner than later as I think they might all be quite along in years!

    Damn, two? hours of "intense beyond words", showing stuff, he is digging through so much stuff, saying "I am not casing the joint, I just need to see what you have". We finally got near the 32 Ford, he says "Whoa what's this, a 32 hotrod" Well, that broke any fear that he was unhappy when he first saw what I was trying to build from the 35 chassis with rough 34 conv body. He opens up to say his lifelong friend that grew up also in Coventry still has his east coast style fenderless 32 coupe, no chop but channel, OLDS powered! Some off the wall dash swap, "got a 32 Heavy", you name it, all the right terms. Geebus! Even says the early Rocket with 4 speed Hydramatic went sour back then, they went to the Coventry town dump as young-uns, grabbed a 371 Olds out of a junked 57, souped it up with cam and 2x4, and the trans was stock Olds I instantly said "that is a selector...a bitch to do a shifter". He said "he got it all made from scratch"! I then asked "can I see it ??!!" He quickly, sharply said NO!...then pondered...said "maybe" in a quieter voice. Ha, Ha, I'm thinking, (not saying) you can bet your ass he will show us the car...I will borrow my sons 32, if that don't break the ice, he is in a f'ng coma !

    right that moment he gets a cell call...Jim says to that person "I will be here 10 minutes more, or so" I say pretty loudly. "yea right" :) then he said on the phone "this fellow has a lot of LaSalle parts", I said "Wow, another understatement" he, he.

    anyways, he and I just kept getting distracted as that 10 minutes waned away...I even said "you gotta get going, you got some sort of promise waiting?" He laughed as we were in total chaotic speak by then, off the freakin wall I tell you...busting on eachother on who knows what or why the F did you NOT know that? Awesome, a true NUT! I keep getting him closer to the door up front, he is still stopping at piles of stuff...I get him outside, he says "i am sure I will be back at times" I said "You will be here so damn much we will start dating!" He said "my wife won't like that" I said "she'll adapt" LMFAO!!!

    He's figured out how to get the head off of my good 34 engine! He is bringing his secret tools!! Ha, Ha...another long time great friend, dammit! He wants to help sort out all the parts better too! Rock on, my friends... I got to go shuffle bank shit to pay my 1/2 year taxes, and some pressing bills, and send out that tail housing to Walt in Vermont. Then I have no clue what is next today...just like I like...freaking clueless, don't care about nothing, "planning" :)
  29. F&J
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    Late day update: I sure had a tiring day. I had to calm the heck down from being too "manic" while dealing with Jims visit this morning. Manic is what my "head" Doctor said I was suffering from when he first met me. It is merely being too excited. He also quickly said there was "nothing wrong" in my head, like illness.

    Ok, so I did have to go to two banks, the post office and the gas station last. I swear I was gone 2 hours on these very local stops? I just cannot stop talking and having great fun with everybody I meet, and today was far beyond anything in the past. I will stop here with but one simple phrase a young African American young lady teller said to me. She is so "out there" with such a great mindset.... "We must always remember.."..... "life happens for us, not to us". I just had to write that down on her business card, as that is all I could find to do so. I told her, and the huge male branch manager, that I know a couple friends who need that message!

    Anyways, Jim said right up front today still at his truck, showing me a copy of a engine "interchange" from a very early Hollanders Manual, that I am in a bad spot if my LaS engines cannot be saved. So, I just got lucky to have a Mass wrecking yard owner answer his cellphone...after trying so many times this afternoon...Yes, my Son who really wants to go, and I, we CAN come there tomorrow morning to see how badly stuck the 32 Olds inline 8 is, in a cut-down doodlebug convertible. That car model with the optional 8 is stupid rare, but all that is left is a poor cowl and the windshield lower casting. It has no hood left over the engine, but the aircleaner is still on, and that design will not let any water splash into the carb top. Kenny says that is a good sign, unless the sparkplugs are rotted right off, letting water in the bores. I never looked to see that when I was there looking for a steering box donor this spring.

    Anyways, I have taken pics there many times before, including the 32 Ford I once stripped there, so I sure will take more...I just hope there are some left! There were oldies out in the fringe areas, and "up on the hill" that is why my Son wants to go, ...He does not recall what they were, back when he was 10-12 years old! His tastes have changed a bit since then...LOL I know there is a Henry J, a 61-62?Cad limo, a bunch of early 50s GMs at one time, One 56 Olds cutdown with a 324, I forget what else, but we will take a hike.
  30. F&J
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    You guys will be sad, but a phone call late yesterday, combined with my first intense visit from Jim, will bring this build thread to an end. Read on.

    That call was from a long time friend/customer. His call was about looking to see if I had time to modify a comfort issue on a 56 F100 that his 72 year old long time friend just purchased after my friend found the "exact truck" that the older fellow wanted at the Colchester show last week. His friend had to sell his Harley as he could no longer keep it balanced at a stop light! But he always wanted a 50s mild custom pickup, and decided that NOW is the time to find one.

    My friend was at that show alone, sees the 56 shortbed big window, black, and was really nice, but as my friend kinda hates modified stuff, and told me "it was not my taste", he instantly called the 72 year old guy to say "this is the one" I wanted to know what he meant by "modified:. Geez, it still has the straight six and column 3 speed! It is just lowered a tick with leafs removed, and "some shiy trinkets/" Come on, that is not a resto-mod streetrod! Sounds old school to me!

    Well the seller is 77 years old I think, read into that what we will as far as him needing or wanting to sell it?? I have no clue why. Anyways, my friend will call this afternoon to see if I am back from the wrecking yard, or Sunday as they will drive the Ford over here for a look to see if I can do the work. I made it a point to have him tell the 72 year old owner that "yes, I will look", and more importantly, "I am looking forward to seeing if I can help". This is important to me; letting fellow hobbyists know that there are people out there that can handle oddball tasks that a repair garage simply cannot get too involved with...and "what comes around, goes around".

    Jim has "come around". He is a very typical long time car restorer, now well on in life, has too many finished cars to ever want another, or room to store another, but "lives" to keep restoring cars. It keeps "us" young. And! He fell in love with LaSalle straight 8s back in 2002 when he worked at a upscale resto/sales place. His 36 Coupe was for sale there, then sold to a customer that cannot do his own maintenance/repairs. The coupe came in regularly, and Jim was the guy who always was the mechanic on that age of car. Just like I did, the more times he had the chance to work on it, then road test it, he fell for the LaS straight 8 car. He told me that he kept dropping hints to the owner, kept raising his offers, then finally bought it. He loves driving it, and just did a trip to a big show in upstate NY!

    Well, I am being a total ass if I don't seize this moment. I want to drive my 34, not work on it for years! Jim would not come here to help with the custom 35, but he'd be here like clockwork to get the 34 on the road, as he knows the 34's are truly special, and likely the best LaSalles ever made! Guys, he does wood! My car is stalled with the wood issue... I can do wood but I am NOT good at it. Not only wood, but Jim can handle ANYTHING else on that car. I know he would be thrilled to help a LOT to get that old girl back on the road...finally...after the last two elderly owners stopped due to >"death" ! I may feel 29, but I need to be realistic...unfortunately.

    So, The Cord is coming in about two weeks from now, a 5.5 hour one way trip for the owner from Central New Jersey. If the Cord engine is savable, I'm betting that this car will be the FIRST oldie that collector will ever register for the road. He has always wanted a 36/37Cord, and his collection of cars are all much older, so less "drivable" on todays roads. I hope the engine work goes OK, so my 34 won't go into another stall. Jim is already excited to see that Cord when it comes in, and I'd bet he will help! I need that primary work bay emptied, if my 34 can be finished enough to drive next year! I have no idea if this can happen, but I really!miss having a prewar car to DRIVE. I no longer want to just "build"...after all these decades!

    More to come on the decision, when I make the final call very soon. I'd then have to go back on the AACA thread, instead of here. Sorry about that, if it happens.
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