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Projects 1934 LaSalle old school convertible coupe build thread

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by F&J, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. tb33anda3rd
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

    better to fix the pump than try to move it out back with the might just back over something:D:cool:
  2. catdad49
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    Frank, IMG_1146.JPG thought you'd like this. My Uncle Al told me that he sold Auburn's for a while. Found this in some old family pics recently. How 'bout that!!
  3. F&J
    Joined: Apr 5, 2007
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    Ok now, Ted...I do believe you told me at the Fall-Out show, that you really REALLy liked when I um, er, maker a slight er, um, error in judgement...oh shit, my gut hurts already tying to one finger type my hidden thoughts...oh, it comes.. in time for the :gift giving season" that looms dead ahead ....owww.. it hurts...

    you know I got so, so very excited to go camping at farm shows next year, after seeing Kevin cooking beans and hotdogs at the Midway cruise on his model A motor...

    Ok, so I then went through my stockpile or shitpile? of possible camping accessories... ahem... Ok, I recalled a new, never used Christmas "gift" in the box, a elecro-comical, digitally induced, shishbang camping lamp!, made to look like old time Coleman white gas mantle camping lamp??? Ok, I gleefully put the new D cells that were also thoughtfully gifted separately with this lamp! I push the switch, with such anticipations of childhood daydreams of... illumination!!! WTH? no workee, I test each D cell, perfect..I test what else I thought I could test.....Pics below were all taken way back THEN, not tonight!...note the antique alcohol wick type lamps I got one years ago and long brass one at Woodstock estate! Why deal with archaic fluid & flames? Dangerous!!!

    ^^^^^.oh, Wait!!, it must be held rock steady!!, if I am to get.... A Precise! diagnosis!

    I decided to take a chance in using an old , unwanted, obsolete, wood working vice patented in '89... oh "not that old" you say.... well, I am embarrassed of my $5 poverty driven purchase, to admit it is 1889.. :( ..But!!, if I am so very careful? I will be just fine, I proclaimed!! Victory looms just ahead!!

    ^^^^ OK!!! I recall in my brain,,,, on FB!!! Catdad49 WARNED so strongly!! "Be Careful Frank!" as he cautioned my behaviors around such things as pretty women... I MUST be even MORE careful HERE, Carp !!!! We are talking CAMPING!!!

    Just a tiny bit more carefull, BE CAREFUL, FRANK! is fine.....I hear no creaking... I KNOW it will WORK!!!


    Ted, you shitstarter! I was getting so droopy eyed, heading to brush my 3 teeth to go to sleep so early tonight at 6:45pm ...Then I think, oh, maybe, just maybe, someone on hamb actually posted some reply...I doubt it, but just maybe someone cares for lonely old me... LOOK WHAT YOU PROVOKED!!, ted... (thanks! I needed it.) Now come rock me back to sleep with words of lullabys
  4. F&J
    Joined: Apr 5, 2007
    Posts: 11,623


    Ok, that was a silly post to just get some smiles..BUT...when searching for older pics like those I saw this older pic of the Cord front fender tail on the driver side!! Boy, I just love that look, just like I had said on the ill fated 35 custom daydream ...That must be what inspired Kurtis to do the same "no running boards" on his old custom boat tail 1934 LaSalle..

    Ok, 34 LaSalle was the ONLY year of that LaSalle fender tail shaped sort of like that, but it is somewhat muted by the running boards... I will look at the 34 Convertible tomorrow! I doubt I can lose the boards without a channel job... but I need to think this over good... Still would like to get going on the 34, but not end up with a stock looking 34 ! Thanks for hanging in there !

    EDIT Friday morning.... As I mentioned long ago on this thread, there is conflicting information on the exact year that Kurtis did that Custom 1934 LaSalle.... Most words I can find, put the year at 1935 as the build year, so if true....E.L.Cord copied a customizer! Wow, I wish that could be proved in the future, if it was!
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  5. F&J
    Joined: Apr 5, 2007
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    Ok, Good Morning,Hard Core Kustom guys.. I did that edit this early morn... I have said countless times as to the value of each of us on earth to have a "quiet space" to sort stuff out, AND I also constantly admit that I AM a guy that misses the obvious.. bear with me here on another rambling post!

    I went to see that "downsizing in life" old friend Bob P, yesterday. I worked with that Bob way back in the early 70s at 2 VW places, First was Ted Trudon VW, I was in the mechanics garage, Bob was 3 years younger, same HS class as my then GF, then to be wife. Ok, Bob was across the road at Trudon VW/Porsche BODY shop! Oh, he was a young newb like I was, but Bob came from brilliant parents, his Dad a high end engineer, and I do forget what the highly intelligent Mom did...Ok, Bob P. always had the need to customize things!...but he learned the tricks by watching a guy over there maybe a year or two older than I was...Pete M. Pete WAS already skilled and getting moreso as a "Advanced thinker" customizer! Wow, what these guys kept coming up with, ... with steel/welders, and most importantly, VISION.. (Pete & wife/kids moved down to Del/Mar peninsula, decades ago, after having/owning a custom van shop up here in CT.)

    Ok, I sit this morning running those guys through my head... I did find Pete's wife's fb site by chance, and saw that Pete is retired and still looks great & happy with grandkids I assumed the pics showed. Pete is as big as that Woodstock Moose is! Ok, but where did Pete get the taste of Vision? ha, ha, from Trudon's then body shop foreman, Gene. Gene had to be in his late 30s? Gene had the spare "free time" as foreman to.... LOL..go creative on the boss's dime! Gene took a brand new wrecked VW squareback and a one year old wrecked Fastback, (or vise versa on years), he talked the boss into a "shop truck"..he, he... He made a VW T3 pickup, and I had never seen such craftsmanship in my entire life. There were no traces that is was a custom! Not one tiny detail looked less that pure factory work!

    Ok, back on my 35 and 34 LaSalles... I now know for sure why I tried the 35 Custom. I wanted a channeled custom like that wicked awesome photoshop done on here by James D !! I also could not bear to see those rotted spare 34 convertible body parts be scrapped, and now, I just put it together.....I was misguided by "must not cut up MY 34" to make what I REALLY want! Ok, are you lost yet? Guys, I NEED to get Bob P here at my place when he can spare some "think time"! I need his wild uncontrolled ideas to flow for my 34!!! I will run through those "looks" I do, and do not like, of a stock 34 convertible! I swear, I may just "cut that bitch up but good!", but NOT without having Bob P there to do the blueprint in his wild uncontrolled brain!

    Will it get cut? I do not know....Bob P will make THAT call!

    I am 66 soon, I do not give a "flying F" about "hurting" a near "Classic" car. ... A classic is as defined by the Clasic Car Club of America. Oh, it should be on their list, as few know just how advanced the 34 LaS really was & is. The 35 was a downgraded ho hum car! All the mega$$ details $ bits were cheapened to the max due to GM "loosing their ass- profit-wise" by hiring that epic designer and letting HIM go wild! I will let Bob P go wild with MY 34 Las!

    Am I dreaming again? IDK !!! I will let you all know as soon as Bob P. can get here for a SERIOUS look over! I WILL get the 34 into the only heated workbay as soon as I can, then have him just stare at it. :) Oh, I think he will love being able to run so wild again, now that he is in such a tiny home/yard/ and one bay garage of his new life! He won't be here working with his hands, but he will be creating another wild car...I do hope!

    P/S, I did not take a pic of the only one car he now has to that tiny garage....wait for it.... a 1980 Black/silver ROLLS ROYCE!! oh shit, he gutted that bitch but good, all the stupid HVAC insanely cluttered crap that can't work right, wires, engine control B/S, all GONE...Bare RR engine is now looking great and will run great "in the raw.......".Brake work with stock new parts he said are $6,000 to $8,000, so I then said "you gonna Bob P" them?_ meaning cut that jackass crap off and use normal brakes? >>> Yep!. he said!
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  6. F&J
    Joined: Apr 5, 2007
    Posts: 11,623


    More elaboration as to what "I" want and NEED on MY 34! Ok, I need Bob's skills as to what can or cannot be done to get the looks I must have! I lack his visions as far as technical problem solvings..

    Here are some pics... I MUST keep the looks of the back end of the 34 TWIN trunk lids, and those epic one-year only Bi-Plane bumpers and the relationship of the way the bumper tubes come out of the rear panel... This seems to make the channeling of the James D photoshop as impossible to achieve..
    DSCN0093.JPG DSCN0090.JPG

    Ok, now look at the "nose" of the 34... I hated/really disliked, the tall mounted headlights...... right from the exact moment I first saw THIS 34 convertible way back inside the barn, it's nose was facing towards me... I recall thinking, "that is NOT my type of car".. !!!
    DSCN0095.JPG DSCN0089.JPG

    Ok, now I was just back out in my "quite space" thinking on how could Bob P. save that rear end design with a channeling like I tried to do on the ill-fated 35 custom...???

    Oh, I decided to add this post that moment, and I looked for these old pics... Oooops I went to another pic file location on my Laptop....DING... shit! ...there was the ONLY picture of "Rob from Tokyo Japan's" 35 LaSalle coupe...oh dang, that stock car is so sweet looking in this side-view-only picture that he sent me, as I was helping him get the much needed rear axle center gear section out to him!! See, I have been discussing lately with so many friends, about life seems to have some odd weird plan for us, with hidden signs along our journeys... I NEVER would have this pic to look at, if I never tried to help a fellow car nut! Getting that clumsy heavy part out to his other home in Las Vegas was a royal PITA! I made no profit for the time it took to get it shipped or the great help donated by "Harleycontracter" on hamb (my local friend Paul, the former UPS carrer guy as well as a home contractor that built the crate he knew wouyld be good to ship to Japan!)

    Look at this F'n photograph! NOT channeled.. lol..but has a sweet "lower-sleeker than the 34" look! Bear in mind that the 1935 <<< LaSalle had new one inch ;lowered suspension components! and wait for it.... I DO have those 1935 components!! LMAO.. and I sure will lower it more than above,.... I already told how I can mod the 35 lower A arms so easily, AND just add lowering blocks on the rear axle/springs!!

    I had done a "lowered headlight" mock up this early summer on the junk black rotted 34 LaS sedan that was then later cut up for parts! It looked soooo sweet, even my Son noticed I had done it!!! He said Oh YES! that is IT!

    Ok then, I will get Bob to look at all the saved pics I have on my Laptop, and James D's photoshop, and then get Bob to verify my thinking... Toss the running boards if it is even possible without channeling? and lower those damn headlights for sure, add those type of newer fender skirts, as the 34 skirts had a hubcap mounted on them !! IDK, but I hope Bob can sort out the issues...Have a great day... I may not do much rushing around today, trying to beat the FIRST snow storm tomorrow??? I think I mentioned that "1970 vintage cutie" in the "plaid flannel shirt" that even "smokes occasionally, like me" a while back?? I just happened to hear that she will be "around" a friends place today...he,he... I might just get the 32 Ford hotrod out and for a little visit? LMFAO!!! I AM "a crazy f'er" just like my son said mid summer... Nicest thing he ever has said to Dad since he was born!>>> "Come here, give me a hug you crazy F'er"... :) Bye, ..oh, and "Carp", ...NO!!, I will NOT "be careful" today if I go visitin' today!! LOL!! (my gut hurts again)
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017 at 7:19 AM
  7. Hnstray
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    from Quincy, IL


    Thanks for posting those photos of both LaSalles.....gorgeous automobiles they are!!

    Enjoy your day and I hope the Sweetie shows up as expected...:)

  8. F&J
    Joined: Apr 5, 2007
    Posts: 11,623


    lol, Ray, 9:445 here, sure looks like snow a comin' soon, to this old buzzard! Ok, I also found out in the epic ride through 2017....we can "try" to make plans, but really should know that "expectations often lead to dissapointments" (no twilight zone music here) ...Ok, I DID make the phone call this morning, to find out "hey, how many cuties will be there today?"...oh, oh, the 70 vintage one was there YESTERDAY, one day ahead of their plans!!! ok, then "what about the Brunette long haired goddess" I asked...oh, not till 6:30 pm...oh, I said, that is well past "oh-dark thirty"... "welp", no outdoor cutie pics, them smothering ME near the hotrod today....but do not feel sad and brokenhearted for poor old weathered Frank...he, he.. oh...I will chat at least 3 up when I run into each of them...perhaps even more... then, for the Christmas card to Hamb....oh , I cannot spoil the surprise gift, now can I ???... (enter that little shit-eatin grin here)... I am warming my hands up with (kidcambell71)>Jamie's choice of beverage (cofffffeee!!) down there in "Tejas" look it up, a complimentary word used by basdass flag wavin' Metal Detectorists down yonder..

    ok, I AM cleaning up outside, & indoors in the new project room...and getting things switched into areas, both in and outside, to handle the coming snow layers ....doing that all right now today! Busy little crazy man... that I am.. Have more great smiles since we last posted!!! :)
  9. F&J
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    good Morning it is...he, he.. A LOT happened yesterday, not only getting my entire lot and leaves ready for the "likely not gonna snow much a' tall" lol. I doubt it can do what they say on NWS weather site.... but if it does snow hard today, the Cord broken piston gets removed to show you guys the absolute worst piston design I have ever seen!

    If it does not snow or if we get just flurries, the last rear lawn gets sucked off, meaning leaves you dirty old men! and... er, um..

    Oh, and get a load of this, O'dark thirty last eve, crazy old Dad fixed roughly 9 years of poor parental skills, and hot dam, we will never be out of sync ever again! ...oh, and two trips to 12 valve daves, 2nd trip was prompted by what I found on the first trip to drop off stuff he had left here in front of my shop..It was then I find out he was moving into his newest home that night, totally unplanned by anyone! 2nd trip was to deliver his first ever housewarming gifts from "Moi". Lol....."me awfully busy yesterday" for a beat up old crazy man...LMFAO

    Ok, I have been up..awake... um, er, quite a while here at 6am eastern... watching weather radar on NWS, BUT I have also been fixated on many dozens of saved pics of the "ill fated 35 custom" details, as well as hard study of the Kurtis 34 Kustom details...Well, that cutting and mocking work on the 35 was NOT in vain, I will be channeling the 34! It cannot be avoided, to get the Kurtis "no running board" looks, but more pics of that Kurtis creation later in life when painted a lighter color, I see that the frame shows on side views, and I cannot have that, " that slight channel on the 35 ill fated custom" it is now needed on my 34!
    ls34kur3-vi.jpg ls34kurt-vi.jpg Willet-brown-1934-lasalle.jpg
    ^^^^Those aluminum? side steps ^^^ will not be used, I will follow the James D photoshop for a cleaner look without steps that really are not needed. Ok, This Kurtis 34 was not channeled, so is that why he added those chromed "filler?" strips under the fenders? I am not planning on using any strips at all, at this moment of thinking..

    The 36 grille will be used like planned on that 35 custom, and set into, or "behind actually", that 35 grille surround, just like I did on the 35 mockups.. As I said long ago, the 36 grille divider horizontal strips "spacings", lend themselves to getting the exact amount of channel needed, yet that 36 grill will not look altered. (too wordy to explain, but the 34/35 grille simply will not work) The "longer" hacked up 35 hood sides will be once again used! The last issue; I really need Bob P. here to study my plans for the rear bumper issue after it gets channeled. Bob now lives SO close to here, that it will be so easy to get him here as I need help on that and any issues that pop up, or just more ideas! I can't wait to get something hacked the 'ell up, but I must take tasks/life "as it flows" now!

    Ok the main point of this change in plans, a mild 34 custom to what I REALLY wanted of the 35 fail? Hey, it is simple, really.... I was trying to build what I wanted from "junk & useless car/or parts", but wished I could end up with a true 34 custom with the chromed low windshield and those 34 Bi-plane bumpers.... I finally woke up to the fact that I have NO obligations to be forced by anyone to make another stock 34 Convertible out of what honestly was a parts car project when I bought it. It is NOT a valuable car! it is rough body AND wood, so I am NOT destroying some historic artifact ( that purist restoration, number matching, thought pattern). "Cut 'em up!, screw 'em if they cry! " Ha, Ha...
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