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History 1934 cabriolet from waay back

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by fourspeedwagon, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. I went up to Spokane this week to pick up the '41 Cabover that I had bought a couple weeks ago. Got to hang out with my Uncle George, who has a couple flatty Fords. His regular cruiser is a 53 Ford that he's had since around 1980(?). He traded a 40 pickup that he was working on plus some money. Pretty clean. The jewel of his garage though is a 1934 Cabriolet that is a pretty genuine old Hot Rod. He has a picture of it towing an A race car that was published in a book. The engine was built in 1955 for a roundy round car but never run because of the new overheads that took over. Dual high rise intake and an old Isky cam (with the hand written from Ed cam card). I don't recall at the moment what he called it but said the newer versions are called Jr.s, but his is the original high lift/duration cam that is an early dual pattern. I'm sure flatty folks know the profile.
    The rear dif is out of an old timer's car that had been wrecked.
    He has the full set of Cabriolet fenders hanging around but isn't a fenders guy so he told me he keeps them because they belong to the car and are bloody hard to find.
    K-H bent (he prefers to call them angle "they aren't bent- it's on purpose!) spoke wheels.
    Awesome car. Wish we would've gone around the block but it was raining...
    Thanks Uncle George!

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  2. BJR
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    Those are some very nice cars!!
  3. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    What the hell is this?
  4. Not a Flat Guy, but would there be a water passage there? Heater doesn’t sound very George.. idk?

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  5. I know that George knows the uncle of @Chris in Spokane- maybe he knows the car and could answer what that unidentified line is for?

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  6. What a neat Cab! Thanks for sharing. That A roadster it’s towing is perfection!
  7. Bubba1955
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    Otis Campbell had a '34 Cabriolet...[​IMG]
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  8. Cyclone Kevin
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    Cyclone Kevin
    Alliance Vendor

    And he drove it proud when sober ;).
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  9. Funny I know George well, we are in the V8 club together. I just saw him and Jackie at lake chelan a couple weeks ago.

    I've never seen a hoes coming off the head like that, but that only thing it could be is a heater hose. All that's in the heads is coolant
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  10. Kinky6
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    Maybe a coolant temp line, one gauge for each head?

    Bitchen' cabriolet, BTW, love it! K6

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