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Projects 1933 ? Ford steering sector, what is this?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Sumter DeGaris, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Sumter DeGaris
    Joined: Jul 28, 2016
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    Sumter DeGaris

    I've a 1933 Ford car that went thru some modifications in the 50's. One of these I recently discovered was the steering box that was replaced with a worm gear and roller set up from a another later model vehicle. After some research, I found out these conversions were common to improve steering performance as the cars horsepower and speed were being hopped up.

    The the steering sector and roller now need to be replaced due to wear and I'm not sure what part to ask for from what year or make car or where to start looking. Finding the roller and pin were easy enough to find but I also need to replace the steering sector because it has been bent. I thought just going back to original with the car but so much isn't original; engine, suspension, steering column, just to name a few, that it mean more to replace.

    I've been told the steering sector could have come from a Plymouth, Hudson or Nash or maybe a similar year 38-48 Ford car? Have found some info on this but nothing decisive. The pictures of steering sectors I've found online from vintage Ford parts suppliers and search engines match up closely with what I have. I thought one of these parts may have been shaved down to work but now I'll not sure. Here are pictures.

    Any help and insight sure would be appreciated. I will try to add some pictures of the sector and gear box in this post. Hope they help image2.jpeg image1.jpeg image1.jpeg .

  2. ClarkH
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    Sector looks to be F1 truck. UPDATE EDIT: Close but no cigar. As @Kedde notes below, the roller on your sector is canted in the reverse direction to that of an F1.
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  3. ClarkH
    Joined: Jul 21, 2010
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    I currently have an F1 box disassembled on my workbench for rebuild. Just walked out there and took a shot of the sector. [Edit: Roller is canted in oppostite direction to yours, so not a match after all.] F1sector.png
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  4. Kedde
    Joined: Feb 1, 2007
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    from Denmark

    It's a Gemmer box like Ford used, but it's not F1. The steering shaft comes out of the bottom on a F1, this is most likely a Hudson box. So you can not use a Ford sector shaft, because it's mirrored from the Hudson.

    Maybe Nealinca can help you, he rebuilds the Hudson boxes.

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  5. F&J
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    He did a thread on 37 Hudson boxes here years ago. If you can search his "threads started by", there were plenty of detailed pics to ID a Hudson box.

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  6. jimvette59
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    I have a Chevy pickup box that looks like that. See the area that attaches to the frame it has a bracket that the box is slid through.
  7. maybe two for Chevy.......
  8. NealinCA
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    It's a 37-39 Dodge/Plymouth box. NOS sector shafts are readily available on Ebay. Bearings and bushings are the same a Ford, as the boxes were all made by Gemmer. That box is considered a Gemmer II design, as it requires shims to adjust the worm to roller lash. The Nash and Hudson boxes of the same era were a Gemmer III design, like the 37-48 Ford, F1, etc that have the T-slot on the sector. This allows the adjuster screw to push or pull for adjustment, eliminating the need for shims. Hope that helps.


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