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Projects 1932 Cabriolet - The 'FlatCab' - A Real 'Barn Find' for Once

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Bored&Stroked, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. Couple Shots of 'Earl's Girls'

    As I said, Brian let me take the old girlie pictures off the walls. They were in various stages of acute decomposition - but that made them kind of cool. I think I'll make a sort of collage out of them at some point . . . let em 'watch over the car' once again.

    I asked Brian what Grandma Marie thought about the pictures . . . he said that she said that as long as they were out in the garage, it didn't bother her! Must not have, she left them there long after Earl met his maker.

    I kind of like Earl's Girls . . .

    Meet 'Sandra Smith', pretty dang cute if yah ask me! :D




    Now back to the engine - have been threatening to post more on it for a few weeks, just haven't had time to do that as of yet, but Stay Tuned!
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  2. It is not - it is obviously a hard top. They didn't have any pictures of Earl with the car, but I'm glad they had one with a 32!
  3. Didn't mean that an offensive way. Pretty cool! He must have been a 32 man! Too bad that the family couldn't tell you more about Earl. Very good story by the way. Congratulations!!

  4. groundpounder
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    Member Emeritus

    Great story..heck of a find!.....really enjoyed the story......I would agree with you...kinda sad you couldn't keep the garage with the car....they call that progress......
  5. Peanut 1959
    Joined: Oct 11, 2008
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    Peanut 1959

    If you start a new thread with your progress going forward, please let us know about it here (with a link) so we can follow it. Thanks!
  6. Panel Pete
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    Panel Pete

    Great write up about an amazing find! I'm with you on the garage, kinda sad they couldn't stay together after all those years. Any pictures of the exterior of it? Bet the developer woulda let it go cheap as it would have been one less building for him to have to remove.
  7. bartmcneill
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    from Ada, OK

    Great story, enjoyed the read.
  8. Thanks for the 3rd part of the story. Well written and informative. Very happy for you.
  9. Hamtown Al
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    Hamtown Al
    1. Virginia HAMB(ers)

    great story. thanks for sharing.

    please keep us posted on the progress.

  10. woodz
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    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. Very cool.
  11. Big Al
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    Big Al

    Thanks for the update, what a nice story.

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  12. None taken in the slightest - just an accurate observation. Now I only wish he had left TWO 32's in the garage, the other a 3 window. :D

    Thanks for the read.

  13. bowie
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    Thanks for sharing your neat '32 story. Looks like the car went to the right caretaker. Enjoy!
  14. NoSurf
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    Cool story!!!

    Good luck with it!
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    Well written...
  16. 3wLarry
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    from Owasso, Ok

    Welcome to the Hamb Deuce Club

    ...and I am profoundly shocked and offended at the sight of those pornographic pictures!


  17. hiboy32
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    from Omaha, NE

    Makes my day seeing you got some of the artifacts from the garage.

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  18. 1929rats
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    One of my favorite stories here on the hamb!!!!
  19. Thanks for the read folks - did my best to 'bring you there at the moment' . . . fun experience to have been a part of.

    Now back to getting the dang thing running, new brakes, new steering, new trans, new engine - and on the road!

  20. Yup, one of the best "find" threads ever.
    Thanks for sharing with us
  21. hotrod36
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    I've been waiting for part three for a while, and was anxious to read it. Thanks, very well written, the story with the pic's made me feel like i was there.
    All the best with the rebuild.
  22. Arthur
    Joined: Mar 8, 2005
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    from NC

    The car is unbelievable and I envy the hell out of you for being able to get it,but that old stove is about as cool as anything I have seen lately. I would have done my best to take that home with me,too.

    BTW,I scored on a channeled 32 5 window built in the east coast "altered gas coupe drag car" style of the 50's maybe 10 years ago for 5 grand,and it came with a completely rebuilt 350 and Turbo 350. The car was originally build sometime back in the early 50's,because the rear fenders were bobbed and welded to the quarters,and supposedly it originally had a flat head in it.

    None of that is particularly unusual. What was unusual is that the guy had been trying to sell the car for 5 grand for over a year,and everybody in the local hot rod club knew about it and how much he wanted for it. He had even put it in the local classifieds twice. A friend of mine saw it the second time and called me on the phone and asked "Hey! Want to buy a all steel 32 Ford coupe for 5 grand?".

    The car was about 25 miles away,and within a hour he and I were walking in the garage to look at it. I asked him how much he wanted,he said "5 grand",and I never even tried to offer him 4999.95 I paid him his money and took it home.

    The funny part is within a couple of weeks I had at least 3 members of the hot rod club in that city cuss me for buying "My car. I was going to buy it,but I was waiting for him to come down on the price.". None of these guys were people who had to borrow 5 grand to buy it,either. They could all afford to spend that kind of money pretty much any time they wanted. They just had to beat the guy down or it wouldn't have been any fun for them.

    You snooze,you lose,MoFo!
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  23. jerseyboy
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    Great find, and a great story! I didn't know hot rodders could write so well.

    The picture of the cab with the wood stove visible is the best!
  24. Peanut 1959
    Joined: Oct 11, 2008
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    Peanut 1959

    Just saw the write up in TRJ. Nice!
  25. In retrospect, should have made a deal on the stove - it was really cool and kind of belonged with the car. The auctioneer was going to take it to a store and sell it - probably could have bought it right then and there. The only problem is that I don't really have a use for it . . . but it would have been cool next to the car.

    Your car deal sounds awesome - funny how these things sometimes work out. I kind of believe there is a 'HotRod God' up in the sky . . . sometimes he puts these opportunities in front of us. Usually they show up when we least expect them - and for more money than we have at the time, or plan on spending. Sometimes, you just know your day is here - so you either go for it . . . or second guess your inaction the rest of your life.

    What is the worse that can happen? If you bought something for a fair price, you can always sell it later on if you're strapped for cash or in a situation where it needs to go. Just buy the best stuff you can afford - the rest will take care of itself.


  26. The folks at TRJ are cool dudes - appreciated the fact they carved out a little slice of the mag for this story. Thanks for the read!

  27. banjorear
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  28. coast40
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    You are right. He said "few photos of the car - and one of Earl and Marie", not implying the cab is in the pics. Marie's picture car is about a 32 Chevy 3w and Earl's picture car is a 32 Ford tudor or 4 door or other. Always cool to have family pics with cars.
    >Bored&Stroked-- great writing. Any updates? It's 4 months later, fer cryin' out loud!!!
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    Heart warming story:
  30. What if your buddy had not notified you about the sale?

    You were truly blessed that it all came together. "32 Karma"

    Thanks for sharing a great story!

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