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Hot Rods 1932 5w Road trip Retrieval!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Marshall Metal Shaping, Dec 10, 2017.

  1.’s what it looks like coming apart.
    IMG_1517146006.373291.jpg IMG_1517146042.114041.jpg
    What a bonus that most hardware is present and usable!
    I guess you can say the repairs have begun, as I made quarter corners.
    It was handy as another “hamber” required a set....

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  3. Long overdue update.
    No takers on the project, so some additions.
    Re barred a sorry looking insert.
    Started new quarter skins.
    Planning on piling everything up on the new floor pan

    0EA6B890-65F8-4691-A18B-FE92338721E8.jpeg 6D2D5C2E-A8E2-4FC4-9AF9-0E31A81F38E0.jpeg 33941570-F657-45E3-A918-C720CCDC7676.jpeg 408ED666-6A82-4F05-A38B-09C23FBE17E6.jpeg D3981EDF-941B-41F4-93B1-506B41591D54.jpeg
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  4. Between the first posts and now, I have been “collecting “.
    For some of you guys, some of this stuff was included in the ad for the project here on the Journal.

    5E95AAFF-7639-4DED-803E-20320DC11C89.png 6617CCD7-F75C-40E1-B476-6843385704DE.jpeg 1E8E0812-D881-4DB0-9AE8-7B44D1715A51.jpeg DF0ED7EA-F97B-4B9F-A9B9-D0DF83DCF7D8.jpeg A6C1446B-D00F-4FD2-A3FA-A33D7CFD39D1.jpeg 4E8A01F1-6D0D-4D21-A1CB-9577C1E191D5.jpeg
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  5. ....and thanks to a fellow” HAMBer” a way better pass door

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  6. The37Kid
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    Great project! I see some Harley bits in the photos is that another project? Bob
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  7. Hey Bob,
    Fender is off of a late 70’s FXE....
    Turned it into this. 2337526B-8092-4A3C-B304-EA1E07121672.jpeg
  8. 20200609_202915.jpg 20200609_202950.jpg 20200609_202955.jpg, some bits back from the metal laundry.
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  9. 6532921A-E284-4011-AF9C-55C26934118D.jpeg ED60891C-2462-41D5-A7E3-0323C1ACF062.jpeg C1451927-EA49-46BD-9251-761EA980875A.jpeg 9D9DC160-E7B1-4013-88EF-0B5A81FED29E.jpeg 92722159-442E-4B43-B104-EDF5DD50DF28.jpeg 1C93E87C-6D8A-48E5-9DE2-B1535FBC5D7B.jpeg
    Converting the 4 door doors to coupe.
    Wee bit of a chop at the rear....add a little length....
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  10. 59AB39ED-941E-4A60-98EB-4B2F28D462C4.jpeg 0A40967E-A669-43E9-9F3B-6FD4546A0981.jpeg
    Before n’ after of the grill insert.
    The band was so mangled I had to cut it in the centre and silver solder it back together.
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