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1930 Ford traditional hiboy roadster

Discussion in 'Cars For Sale' started by Uncle Bob, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. City: Maple Valley

    State: Washington
    Price: SOLD
    I’ve dreaded this day, but the time has come. It’s time to let the ol’ girl move on to the loving care of someone else. When I first saw this car I fell deep in love with her, even sold my hemi Dodge to make room. If she does for you what she did for me let’s hook you up.

    Built some 14 years ago in the style of a late ‘40s California hot rod by Keith Tardel. As you would expect from a Tardel it’s very faithful to the style and parts available from that era. The body is an original ’30 Henry roadster with few modifications. Some additional support has been added behind the seat to strengthen the body, the deck lid has been louvered modestly, and the windshield replaced with an old ’32 unit chopped sometime in the ‘40s or ‘50s. Otherwise it still utilizes the original fuel tank, firewall, door/hinges, and gauge cluster with added gauges. It is a trunk rather than rumble setup. The grille shell is a ’32 commercial with the ’34 trim ring, and has been filled and peaked. No hood, just as God intended. The paint is Delstar acrylic enamel.

    The '32 chassis was fabbed using ASC rails, an original Ford K member, model A front cross member, and a fabbed square tube rear cross member and is not boxed. The springs front and rear are old Ford transverse originals, no reversed eyes. The front axle is an old stretch dropped ’33-6 beam with split front bones and ’46-8 Ford brakes front and rear. The rear is a banjo with 3.78 gears with shortened torque tube/drive shaft. The steering is an F100 box/column. The tires are Firestone bias plys, 5.50 x 16 front, 7.50 x 16 rear on ’40 Ford wheels with ’42 caps and ribbed rings.

    The engine is a ’46-8 59ab built by Vern Tardel. It has a Merc 4” crank and bored for a total of 276 cu. In. It runs a Potvin 3/8 cam for one of the sweetest idles you’ll ever hear (You can hear it in the video posted below), and wicked throttle response, especially with the aluminum flywheel. The heads are the wonderful Weiand “cheater” heads, the ones that look like the factory Canadian heads but give more compression. The intake is also a Weiand, a high rise, with a pair of recent Uncle Max rebuilt large logo 97s topped by a repop Hexagon Tool air filter. The headers are stainless tube type from Red’s. The mufflers are short glass packs that bark at startup but are mellow to throaty the rest of the time. The starter and generator are now 12v. It’s got a Ford crab style distributor and runs on the stock mounted mechanical fuel pump, but there is an electric back up pump that I use for priming when the car has sat for extended periods (e.g. winter storage). The battery, a recent AGM style, and voltage regulator are mounted in the trunk. The headlights look to be from an old tractor, the tail ligts the classic ’39 Ford. There are no directional signals (that’s what your left arm is for). The transmission is the ’39 Ford three speed that you would expect in a car like this. For those who believe wives tales, not all flathead Fords overheat. This one has 160 degree thermostats, a mechanical fan, and a well built radiator, plus Vern knows how to clean out the insides of a block when he builds one. We use to keep this down in the desert near Vegas and have used it in very hot weather many times. Even stood in a “conga line” doing the creep and stop mambo in 95 degree heat for 45 minutes never topping 190 on the temp gauge. Did you notice the nifty overflow catch canteen?

    The interior is your basic style from the period, nothing flashy, just cleanly functional. The seat back has been thinned down for fitment (I’m 6 ft. with 32” inseam and fit fine), but is still comfy. There’s just enough give in the bottom cushion that my sight line is below the upper windshield frame. The ignition is mounted under the gauge cluster on a custom panel, and the original functioning fuel shutoff is in the stock Model A location. The speedo and fuel gauge are pretty accurate. The steering wheel is a Bell style, and the shift lever is topped by a swirled glass knob. There are “map” pockets in each kick panel for storage, and black loop carpet on the floor. The base carpet is in fine shape, but if you’re sharp eyed, you’ll see a bit of wear on the matching floor mat just under the chromed Ford spoon throttle pedal. It has a pair of aircraft/race car style seat belts. The brake and clutch pedals are ’39. No radio (really?) or heater and no top. This ain’t no sissy car……….you gotta have roadster attitude to get it. It has a two piece stayfast material tonneau cover in case you need weather protection, plus it looks racey. And for special enjoyment there’s a functional vintage, mechanical drive Stewart Warner tach. The mount on the engine for the drive mechanism is a genuine vintage cast iron bracket and gear head driven by the front of the crankshaft (very pricey to assemble these parts).

    This is a well built car that has done everything I ever expected of it. There are a couple squeaks and rattles even after going over it with the wrenches periodically, it’s an old hot rod, learn to love it. Your hair will get mussed, your girlfriend (or wife, only one will fit at a time) will get annoyed if she’s the princess type, your ears will be assailed with all sorts of sounds………………..that’s what is great about a car like this if you get it. It is not even close to being a trailer queen. There are rock chips in the paint which is nice but not perfect. It’s a driver!! It’s clean, and well maintained, but shows some use……….yeah, IT’S A DRIVER!! I’ve got a good Washington title, as a 1930 Ford roadster with serial number matching number stamped on frame, it’s currently licensed and insured. If the buyer lives in Washington he can have the YOM plate, otherwise I keep it. Cash or bank transfer is payment method and you probably don’t have much of anything I’d need or be interested in to trade. Sold as is where is, buyer responsible for shipping costs and arrangements. I’m looking to get $34k, US.

    I’m posting quite a few pictures that I think give a good representation of the car and its features. However if there are things you’d like to see I will try to accommodate you. That being said, sending me a message requesting “more pictures” is a waste of your time and mine. Be specific, I won’t try to guess what’s important to you. I’m easy to get along with (my wife’s comments excepted), but don’t tolerate vagueness well. You or your representative will be more than welcome to personally inspect the car.
    30 hiboy ex can bw a.jpg 30 hiboy 17.jpg 30 hiboy 18.jpg 30 hiboy 19.jpg 30 hiboy 20.jpg 30 hiboy 21.jpg 30 hiboy 22.jpg 30 hiboy 23.jpg 30 hiboy 12.jpg 30 hiboy 13.jpg 30 hiboy 14.jpg 30 hiboy 15.jpg
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  2. More pics. Fuel gauge has been overhauled since the dash pic was taken and no leaks. There is also an album in my profile page that shows more pictures, though similar to the ones posted here.
    30 hiboy 08.jpg 30 hiboy 09.jpg 30 hiboy 10.jpg 30 hiboy 11.jpg 002a.jpg 30 hiboy 24.jpg 30 hiboy 25.jpg 30 hiboy 26.jpg
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  3. A couple potential buyers requested a video. I'm an old fart so this is new stuff to me, but here goes....

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  4. This is SOLD Thanks all, especially HAMB.
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